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0006257The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic27.08.2023 20:47
ReporterDaft Mugi Assigned ToDaft Mugi  
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Target VersionTDM 2.12Fixed in VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006257: Add auto-search bodies option
DescriptionThief has an auto-search bodies feature.

Some players find it annoying to manipulate a body each time to loot it.

I did a poll on the DromEd Discord server and as of this writing 2 out of 9 players use the Thief auto-search bodies feature.

So, I propose adding this feature, so more Thief players have a better time.
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Daft Mugi

Daft Mugi

15.02.2023 21:32

developer   ~0015944

Patch adds "tdm_autosearch_bodies" cvar.



11.03.2023 12:55

administrator   ~0015966

Last edited: 11.03.2023 12:56

One question which was raised in discussion: if all the items are collected simultaneously, how will the player know what he has collected?
This is not a stopper for having a cvar of course, but I guess it is a problem if we want to add a setting in main menu.

Some options are:
1) We have notification about collected item, but only about one.
Perhaps extend it to 3 slots, and make them fade separately... would be something like displaying subtitles, I guess.
2) Collect one item at a time when player clicks with this setting.
That's the easiest way, but I guess players might get confused about it.
3) Separate page in inventory grid, which lists when every item was collected/lost.
I don't like it to be honest...
Daft Mugi

Daft Mugi

11.03.2023 18:33

developer   ~0015967

Yes, that is a concern. I like option 1.

In practice, it's rare to loot a body that will cause confusion.
None of the bodies I used during testing had an issue, meaning the final messaging was clear about important items, such as keys and readables.
If a body has a key and an arrow, or if it has a key and a readable, that might cause the player to miss what's picked up.
I guess a test map will need to be created for those scenarios.

2) Collect one item at a time when player clicks with this setting.
This would not be auto searching. ;)
3) Separate page in inventory grid, which lists when every item was collected/lost.
Yeah, I don't like this option either.

I'll add an option 4 to the discussion.
4) Sort items so that readables and keys get looted last.
That's good for the key/arrow scenario but not the key/readable scenario.

The question is if it is worth the effort to make it clearer for this rare scenario.
Again, I don't know of a scenario like this in a released mission, so a test map will likely be needed.
Also, Thief has the same problem, so players who want it the same will get the same unclear messaging. =)
But, I agree that we should make it clearer if we can.

And, perhaps, the messaging isn't related to this feature.
For example, when using the multiloot feature, multiple kinds of items can be picked up without clear messaging.
There's also a bug with multiloot:

So, it seems that picking up multiple items in short succession or all at once -- and its messaging -- needs to be fixed separately and is not related to this feature.
Daft Mugi

Daft Mugi

11.03.2023 19:02

developer   ~0015968

Do we fix messaging separately from this feature, since multiloot also needs clearer messaging?


12.03.2023 16:03

administrator   ~0015970

Committed as revs 10294 and 10295.

I also added a way to loot one item at a time.
To be honest, I think it is better than auto-loot at this moment.
It still saves player from all the trouble of joggling the body and moving mouse around everything.
But it forces player to click several times, taking just a bit more time and probably producing noise (I won't call body looting silent operation).

Showing several item pickup messages at once can be done as another issue.
It is probably too complicated for the feature which is not the default.
And I'm not sure everyone would agree to remove the whole body looting thing and replace it with "one button to get everything".
Daft Mugi

Daft Mugi

27.08.2023 20:46

developer   ~0016054

Added to menu settings (assets rev 16824).

Committed rev 10439. Partially reverted rev 10295.
* Made 'tdm_autosearch_bodies' cvar a bool. When 1, gets all attachments with a single frob.
* Removed the option to get one attachment per frob.

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