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0006262The Dark ModSound Systempublic16.06.2023 13:38
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.12Fixed in VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006262: Allow subtitles to display beyond sound duration
DescriptionSubtitles are implemented in such a way that they are displayed for all the sound samples playing inside the sound system.
As soon as sound ends, it gets deleted form the sound system, and there is no way to display subtitle for it.
Which is quite limiting, especially for very short and quick sounds like "Hey!".

So the idea is to not delete sound from sound system while its subtitles might still be playing.
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related to 0006264 resolvedstgatilov Subtitle improvements 




26.02.2023 19:13

administrator   ~0015957

Some preparational commits:
  r10279 Added idSoundSample::DurationIn44kHzSamples in addition to LengthIn44kHzSamples, fixed some usages.
  r10280 Small tweak (use DurationIn44kHzSamples).
  r10281 Some refactoring in idSoundEmitterLocal::CheckForCompletion (avoid copy/paste).
  r10282 Fixed bug that stereo samples take 2x time to "complete" and stop playing.
  r10283 Reworked idSoundChannel::GatherSubtitles to support extension of sound duration for subtitles.


26.02.2023 19:39

administrator   ~0015958

Committed the change in svn rev 10284.
It adds three cvars for now:
  tdm_subtitles_inlineDurationExtension = 0.2 seconds: increase inline subtitles duration
  tdm_subtitles_inlineDurationMinimum = 1 second: inline subtitles duration must be at least this
  tdm_subtitles_durationExtensionLimit = 5 seconds: extension of sound duration due to subtitles is capped by this

The default value of 200 milliseconds is the same as the one hardcoded in conversation system.
So now in a conversation with "wait until finished" talk sounds, subtitles exactly follow each other.


13.04.2023 17:14

administrator   ~0015998

Supported "-dx 1.23" or "-durationExtend 1.5" option on inline subtitles in svn rev 10358.
Geep requested a way to tweak this extension on per-subtitle basis, so here it is.


20.04.2023 18:29

reporter   ~0015999

Is this available yet as a dev release, e.g., in the 2.12dev 16792-10357? Along with minor data fixups requested in [6284] would be most helpful.


21.04.2023 16:21

administrator   ~0016000

Not yet.
But I'll release a new dev build this weekend for sure =)


01.05.2023 20:49

reporter   ~0016004

Nice to see -dx in action now. For anyone reading this, -dx overrides (instead of adds to) the default 0.20 seconds.

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