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0006264The Dark ModSound Systempublic02.03.2023 20:51
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Target VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006264: Subtitle improvements
DescriptionThis would be master-issue for various improvements of subtitles system.
Additional InformationThis is a good thread about the topic:
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related to 0006262 feedbackstgatilov Allow subtitles to display beyond sound duration 




26.02.2023 22:56

administrator   ~0015959

r10285: Improved subtitles system in several ways
  1) Fixed some weird handling of looping sounds in idSoundChannel::GatherSubtitles.
    Verbosity can be different for leadin and loop, also we should fetch subtitles from loop sample when it is playing.
  2) Now more information is returned for subtitle: + sound emitter, sound sample, verbosity,
  3) Better algorithm for assignment of subtitles to slots.
    First of all, high-level subtitles are always displayed in case of overflow, they are never dropped due to many low-level subtitles.
    Second, I fixed the bug that subtitle could be moved (even without overflow) if some new subtitles was added to the list of matches.
    Also, now the algorithm uses the new grouping info (sample and emitter) for better reusage of slots.
r10286: Set number of slots to 3 as it is in GUI.
  If we pretend we have more slots that there really are, then slots assignment rules can't do the best assignment in case of overflow.


02.03.2023 20:51

administrator   ~0015960

Two major commits: rev 10288 and rev 16779.

Now there is direction cue and volume cue.
Volume is probably wrong and probably not that important: it is shown by opacity of line cues.
The direction is shown by the line cues: they are arranged in virtual 5.1 speakers setup, and width of a line depends on portion of sound in a speaker.

There is also debug text, show under cvar tdm_subtitles_debug.

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