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0006286The Dark ModModelspublic09.04.2023 14:52
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006286: handle_curved02_latch.pfb prefab has wrong rotate value
DescriptionThe prefab doors/door_related/handle_curved02_latch.pfb (see attached screenshot) has a rotate value on the 'latch' component of '-30 0 0'. This makes the latch move up when frobbing the door.

It looks like the kind of thing that should move down when opening a door (i.e. your thumb would press it down).

Changing the rotate spawnarg to '30 0 0' makes it move down.

It's a useful prefab, and I use it a lot. Every time I use it have to change the rotate values.
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09.04.2023 14:52


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image.png (98,112 bytes)   

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