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0006289The Dark ModModelspublic22.11.2023 18:27
ReporterBikerdude Assigned ToDragofer  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H2)
Product VersionSVN 
Target VersionTDM 2.12Fixed in VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006289: Please added the following covered models to TDM 2.12
DescriptionModels/darkmod/furniture/covered -

- beds/kingsized_bed_cover.lwo
- cabinets/cabinate1_small_covered.lwo
- cabinets/cabinet1_covered.lwo
- cabinets/cabinet1_curio_covered.lwo
- cabinets/wardrobe_midshelves1_covered.lwo
- seating/dchair2_covered.lwo
- seating/leather_chair_covered_001.lwo
- shelves/bookshelf02_covered.lwo
- tables/desk3_cover.lwo
- tables/endtable_round01_covered.lwo
- tables/rtable1_cloth.lwo

The issue now is all the stock covered models are only in the root of the "models/darkmod/furniture/covered" folder unlike all the new ones I created. May I suggest that for the few missions that have the stock models, you could simple edit the map files after moving the models the relevent sub folders.
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related to 0004004 resolvedDragofer Covered models 




30.04.2023 11:57


covered_models.pk4 (1,196,291 bytes)


01.05.2023 02:35

developer   ~0016003

Rev 16803

I will let Dragofer decide whether the asset re-org and FM fixes are worth the upheaval


12.11.2023 20:26

developer   ~0016173

Last edited: 12.11.2023 20:27

In order to consolidate the two different approaches, I'd much prefer going with the folderless approach:
1) No need to repackage existing maps, with the risk of unupdated players seeing missing assets in the interim.
2) Most of the folders only have 1-3 items, so there's no real need to replicate the furniture subfolders. It also looks disorienting to me to have the same set of subfolder names in view twice as soon as you open the covered folder.

Did a check of the assets and found some issues:
A) kingsized_bed_cover.lwo lacks the bed model
B) the floor part of desk3_cover.lwo has parts that go beneath floor level, giving it a splotchy appearance. That part is also very smooth, as if it had molten rather than being cloth.
C) would be good if they had the same skins as the original models
a.jpg (198,182 bytes)   
a.jpg (198,182 bytes)   
b2.png (511,750 bytes)
b1.jpg (261,260 bytes)   
b1.jpg (261,260 bytes)   


14.11.2023 11:56

reporter   ~0016175

Completed tasks 2, & A-C, also added the following variations to the set -

- kingsized_bed_compartment.lwo (this has the secret compartment that was made for SLL)
- desk3_covered (this is the bare desk and the cover) (1,675,844 bytes)


22.11.2023 18:14

developer   ~0016181

Rev 16848
Vetting and reorganisation of additional covered furniture assets made by Bikerdude for Seeking Lady Leicester.
- moved covered models into the root of the covered folder
- removed small version of cabinet1 since its sheet had both doubled faces and a twosided, and it's easy to resize models via the editor
- removed cover-only models. If we have such models we should try to have some generic drapes instead, otherwise I don't see much value in this kind of duplication.
- merged old and new versions of the covered skin so that all covered models are included

A notable difference is that the existing covered models have shadow meshes underneath their sheets. The question is whether the missing shadows on the new covered models' sheets are noticeable.


22.11.2023 18:27

developer   ~0016183

The uploaded .pk4 also contained a bunch of non-covered models, i.e. rescaled versions of existing furniture. I guess that's something for a separate ticket.

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