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0006298The Dark ModAIpublic19.06.2023 00:21
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006298: CheckBlocked prevents slow-moving AIs from patrolling
DescriptionAIs with a very slow walking speed are slow enough that they trigger the "have I bumped into something" check. This prevents the spider_child and the tiny harmless spider from being able to follow patrol routes at all. See JoeBarnin's comment at for more detail.

This could easily be fixed by making the cutoff some small fraction of the AI's walking speed rather than a hard-coded "magic number".
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17.06.2023 00:39

reporter   ~0016021

I've also noticed that the patrolling behaviour works a bit better on my Linux machine than on Windows. I'm unsure why that would happen.


19.06.2023 00:21

reporter   ~0016025

Seems to be FPS-dependent. At 60 FPS the spider_children patrol properly. At 150+ they just wander in circles.

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