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0006299The Dark ModMap Editingpublic15.07.2023 10:45
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Product VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0006299: Don't permanently change the selected FM when launching a map test from DarkRadiant
DescriptionWasn't sure if to report this with TheDarkMod or DarkRadiant as the issue lies in between the two: Feel free to move accordingly.

When using the Game Connection menu in DR to launch a test session of the FM you're working on, it would be nice if the active FM wasn't be permanently changed but only modified temporarily. At the moment the (Re)start Game button will permanently deselect the FM you have chosen and edit your currentfm.txt: If you're working on your own map while playing someone else's FM, you need to manually find and select the mission you were playing whenever you take a break from mapping.

Before switching to the new game connection system, I'd use a custom shortcut which launched TDM with the parameter "+set fs_currentfm my_fm" to test my maps: This does exactly what I'm suggesting, overriding the selected FM only during that launch. Hopefully DarkRadiant can easily do the same thing instead.
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15.07.2023 10:45

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Unfortunately, it won't work when attaching to a running TDM instance.
So launching new TDM will change FM one way, attaching to existing instance will change it different way.
Wouldn't it just make more confusion in general?

I think if you both play and map TDM, you'll have much better life simply by having two separate TDM directories.
The clean copy is sorta required in the end to check that pk4 of your mission plays properly on a clean installation.

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