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0006322The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic29.09.2023 20:34
ReporterBikerdude Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10 (21H2)
Summary0006322: Can we get the following spawnargs added to TDM?
DescriptionPlease add these as hidden spawnargs to make it easier for mappers to turn lights into VL lights without having to remember the spawnargs or thier settings etc.


"volumetric_light" "0" (1 to enable, 0 to disable)
"volumetric_dust" "0.000" (Strength of effect, reduce if too bright, default is 0.002).
"volumetric_noshadows" "0" (How volumetric light handles shadows - 0: respected, 1: ignored, -1: respected if not possible, then ignored).
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29.09.2023 18:45

administrator   ~0016086

Do you mean editor spawnargs on some basic light entityDef?


29.09.2023 19:30

developer   ~0016087

Last edited: 29.09.2023 19:32

I don't think there is anything on the TDM side that makes spawnargs visible vs invisible in DarkRadiant
I think select-able spawnargs are hard-coded in DR

Probably need to close this and open a ticket under the DarkRadiant project


29.09.2023 20:34

administrator   ~0016088

DarkRadiant shows the editor spawnards that the game has in entityDefs (inherited from base class at least).
I think adding the appropriate editor spawnargs will make it show in DR.

On the other hand, it won't affect the Light Editor --- there properties are hardcoded I suppose.

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