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0006325The Dark ModGeneralpublic17.11.2023 22:45
Reportercvlw Assigned ToDragofer  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows 10 Home 
Fixed in VersionTDM 2.12 
Summary0006325: Text entity - should include necessary args by default; have to manually create
DescriptionThe info\text entity creates without necessary args forcing manual creation of args.
These are not showing even if "show inherited properties" is selected.

 - text : this is the reason for creating a Text entity and should not be missing by default. I request it be present with default text, too, so it is easy to search in the .map text.
 - force : include this but default to 0
 - playerOriented - include this but default to 0
Steps To ReproduceCreate an info\text entity in a map in Dark Radiant.
Attempt to set the Text arg in the entity properties, notice it is missing.
Lament and weep that it is missing. Or manually create the text arg without drama. I dunno.... you do you!
Also notice that force and playerOriented would be useful if present but defaulted to 0.
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07.10.2023 17:30


TextMissingArgs001.jpg (38,228 bytes)   
TextMissingArgs001.jpg (38,228 bytes)   


11.10.2023 19:14

developer   ~0016125

While this is not an unreasonable request, note that we currently don't create "default spawnargs" for ANY entity created via the Entity Chooser, beyond the classname/name/origin which are required for all entities. DarkRadiant has no way to know what the purpose of an arbitrary entity class is, and what spawnargs might be useful to set by default, so in order to implement this we would need a mechanism for this information to be provided by the game data. Some new "editor_whatever" spawnargs might be suitable for this purpose, e.g. "editor_defaultprop text" "Initial text".


28.10.2023 04:36

administrator   ~0016150

Actually, there's a TDM spawnarg which is respected by DarkRadiant: it's "editor_setKeyValue", but it has to be added to the entityDef to work:
grafik.png (51,608 bytes)   
grafik.png (51,608 bytes)   


01.11.2023 20:06

developer   ~0016159

Oh that is useful. I guess this issue needs to be migrated to the Dark Mod subproject then (if that's even possible in Mantis), so the necessary spawnargs can be added to the entityDef.


17.11.2023 22:45

developer   ~0016178

Rev 16845
Added missing default spawnargs as described in the bug report. Used editor_setKeyValue for "text" so that it prominently shows up in the entity inspector as soon as the entity created, while the other 2 spawnargs are shown only under inherited properties with a default value of 0 (this is what getBool in the code should default to if a spawnarg is missing, as has been the case until now).

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