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0006335DarkRadiantGUIpublic11.11.2023 15:31
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version3.8.0 
Summary0006335: Feature request: allow a way to easily see all properties of attached entities
DescriptionI would like a way to quickly and easily view all the properties (inherited or otherwise) of an attached entity. For example, the attached light entity on a combined light entity.

At first it looked like the easiest way to do this would be to enable the 'Show Definition...' button for any field that names an entity (e.g. 'def_attach'). At the moment, that only seems to work for the 'classname' field.

Then it occurred to me that even if that worked, it would only show the contents of the .def file. Any inherited properties wouldn't be visible and I would have to go track down the entity and all its superclasses myself.

'Show Definition' might still be useful though if you want to see exactly how the entity has been defined (base class, etc). So really what's needed is to display the attached entity in something like the entity tab itself with 'inherited properties' ticked. Maybe a pop-up?

So I think this is really 2 things:

- Allow 'Show Definition...' to work for any field that names an entity, not just 'classname'
- Some way to show all properties of an attached entity via a pop up or new tab (suggestions welcome)
Steps To ReproduceAdd a combined light entity to a map.
Select it, and click the 'entity' tab.
Select the def_attach field and then click 'Show Definition...'

nothing happens. Ideally it would show the entity definition of whatever the attached light entity is (e.g. light_torchflame_small)

Also test with an AI entity. Some fields like 'def_head' don't even show the 'Show Definition' button. However 'def_projectile' does.
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