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0006392The Dark ModMappingpublic02.05.2024 09:02
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Summary0006392: Add objectives to Training Mission
DescriptionIn Training Mission, after the introductory message, on the Objectives page, the player is informed that "There are no formal objectives..."

The purpose of the Training Mission differs significantly from other missions in its primary purpose: It aims to train and teach a new player as fast and efficiently as possible.

There are several ways in which set objectives would be more helpful than restricting for a new player:
* Introducing objects/movements/challenges/obstacles/adversaries in the most natural order, easiest first, will help player complete Training Mission as fast as possible and move on to missions with higher stakes and more story.
* Indicating that there are more things to discover in the Training Mission. A player (yes, I) may otherwise miss large portions that the Training Mission has to offer. When all objectives have been completed, player will know that they are definately ready to move on to the next mission.
* They learn about how objectives themselves work: That they can update during a mission, what they sound like and look like when they are achieved, how they can be consulted during a mission.

A seasoned player may forget that for a new player there are a lot of things to learn. And though the degrees of freedom may be one of TDM's great strongpoints, not knowing where to start can seem daunting. Players are of course still free to preform any task in whatever order they choose (and not look at the objectives at all), but they shouldn't get stuck in a room because they lack an object from another room or be lost because they're new to the game.

Listing objectives in order of difficulty and the path of least resistance may lower threshold further for new players, help guide new players to retrieve objects they need for other rooms, and minimize backtracking.

There may not be many (if even any) strict dependancies, but at least some indicate that there is an optimal order:
* Gamma & Brightness (do the setup early so the rest of the experience is as enjoyable as possible)
* Stealth & Shadows has boxes (requires mantle, and optimal lighting settings)
* Melee has boxes under the stairs (requires mantle and manipulation to get prize)
* Stealth & Shadows suggests using bow for moss arrows and noisemaker arrows
* Jumping & Climbing needs bow skills for rope arrows

Proposed change:
* Add objectives, approximately one for each room (rooms listed in clockwise order):
** (4) "Pick the lock of the safe in room Keys & Lockpicks"
** (7) "Get the rope arrows in room Jumping & Climbing" objective updates to "Switch the lever below the elevator shaft in room Jumping & Climbing"
** (1) "Read the book in room Gamma & Brightness"
** (5) "Remove the candlestick in the box in room Objects & Handling"
** (6) "Get the vase from the pedestal in room Objects & Handling"
** (9) "Knock out a real guard with the blackjack in room Stealth & Shadows"
** (10) "Get the blackjack from room Stealth & Shadows"
** (11) "Unlock the last door in room Stealth & Shadows"
** (8) "Defeat two opponents in room Melee"
** (2) "Hit all four targets in Archery"
** (3) "Get the purse from the guard in Archery"
** optional additional objectives:
*** get x of 10 potions in the map
*** get x % of all gold in the map
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02.01.2024 16:37

reporter   ~0016315

As for "Indicating that there are more things to discover", I didn't enter the top window in room Jumping & Climbing until after finishing both A New Job and Tears of St. Lucia. I was surprised to see how much more there was to discover there.

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