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0006470The Dark ModSaving/Loadingpublic03.07.2024 09:48
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Summary0006470: Activating an atdm:playertools_savegame crashes TDM on Linux
DescriptionWhen I activate an atdm:playertools_savegame inventory item, TDM crashes.

There have been 2 in-mission similar situations.
* A night in Altham used to have an autosave function, until somewhere in Beta. On Linux systems this crashed the system.
* Hazard Pay on Expert mode has Save-rooms, where you can save the game by activating an inventory-item to an entity. If you do this on a Linux sytem, the game crashes.

Tested on TDM 2.12 beta 04
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to console.
2. Type: spawn atdm:playertools_savegame
3. The item is invisible (for some reason), so you have to walk around clicking everywhere to pick it up (not difficult).
4. After picking it up, activate it. Now TDM crashes.

On a Windows (10) system a save is made.
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03.07.2024 09:48

reporter   ~0016786

Could an on-Linux dev take a look at this?

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