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0006471The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic28.01.2024 08:07
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Summary0006471: Feature Request: Add ability to launch TDM on chosen monitor/display
DescriptionTDM seems to launch on the 'default' display (at least in Windows). This means that if you have a multi-monitor setup and your default display isn't your main gaming monitor, TDM won't launch in the desired display.

There are various 3rd party apps and workarounds that people have suggested and they may or may not work as desired. However, native support for this would be preferred and modern games have a configuration option to select which display to run the game on (e.g. Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, Dying Light 2 are just a few that I quickly looked at).

Also, DarkRadiant also has this as an option in Preferences -> Settings -> Multi-monitor
Steps To ReproduceIn a multi-monitor setup on Windows, do the following:

- Set another display other than your main gaming monitor to be your 'main' display in Windows
- Launch TDM. It will launch in the main display instead of your gaming monitor.

Additional InformationI've put Windows as the OS because that's what I use, but obviously support for Linux would be nice as well.
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duplicate of 0004430 assignedduzenko Allow TDM to run on non-primary monitors 




28.01.2024 08:07

developer   ~0016453

FWIW you can run TDM in a maximized window and drag it around as you want

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