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0006498The Dark ModDistributionpublic09.03.2024 11:53
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.12 
Target VersionTDM 2.13Fixed in VersionTDM 2.13 
Summary0006498: Store core missions uncompressed in assets SVN
DescriptionRight now missions like "Training Mission" of "Saint Lucia" are stored in assets SVN as pk4 file.
It makes it difficult to see what is changed between revisions.
Also it forces us to manually handle compressions rules in these files (i.e. don't compress video files).

Better store missions uncompressed, and package them the same way all the other assets are packaged.
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01.03.2024 22:14

developer   ~0016557

We might want the FMs to be turned into .pk4's on the players' end, to match how they receive non-official FMs. Maybe just like how we automatically create asset .pk4's from uncompressed SVN.


02.03.2024 00:29

developer   ~0016558

I wonder if it's worth the effort to create a separate folder for official FM's ( OMS ? ) and have a dedicated SVN to handle just that folder?

I guess doing that would invite requests by players to configure a custom FMS path the same way that Emulators allow you to choose where ROM files live.


02.03.2024 07:36

administrator   ~0016559

Of course core missions will be in pk4 files in a packaged release, just like they are now.
This difference will only be about how they exist in our SVN.
Automatically creating pk4 and zip files is exactly what our packager does to all files.


09.03.2024 11:52

administrator   ~0016565

List of changes in sources:
  r10666 Deleted some dead code.
  r10667 Major changed in packager to support packing core missions from unpacked assets.
And changes in assets:
  r17000 Readded New Job as unpacked set of files.
  r17001 Changes in manifest files to pack newjob from uncompressed files.
  r17003 Readded stlucia mission as set of unpacked assets, removed pk4 file.
  r17004 Readded Training Mission as a set of unpacked assets instead of single pk4.
  r17005 Updated manifest files to pack stlucia and training_mission from unpacked files too.

While packager did support making pk4 not in the root directory, there were several issues I had to solve:
1) By default it saved all directories, e.g. "fms/newjob/newjob.pk4::fms/newjob/darkmod.txt" instead of just "fms/newjob/newjob.pk4::darkmod.txt"
  I added CHDIR command in darkmod_maps.txt to fix that.
2) The INCLUDE/EXCLUDE commands had weird precedence/order/priority in darkmod_maps.txt.
  Now they apply strictly in order, i.e. the last command always wins.
3) The filters in darkmod_pk4s.txt applied to destination path.
  Pretty unconvenient, since all core missions are logically copied to root, merging with core assets.
  Now the filters apply to source path.

I updated manifest, and repacked everything with new packager afresh, and compared to the latest dev build.
Then verified that core assets have not changed (none of their data in differential package).
Then I unpacked contents if each mission into directory, and compared the directories using WinMerge: everything is identical.

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