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0006548The Dark ModGUIpublic27.06.2024 22:15
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Summary0006548: Frobbed readables stretched and distorted on widescreen resolutions
DescriptionIve attached 2 screenshots, taken ay 3440*1440(21-9) and 1280*1024(5-4), note how the readable is distored on widescreen.

Imho I would prefer readables to be smaller and not be streatched when playing in widescreen, and what might also be usefull is a adittional slider to adjust the size of readables like we can with other gui elements.
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duplicate of 0005282 acknowledged Readables look stretched in widescreen modes 




27.06.2024 22:14

developer   ~0016780

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You are in luck! A fix is on the way:

Tracker: 5282

Closing as a duplicate

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