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0006554DarkRadiantGeneralpublic05.07.2024 08:24
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version11
Product Version3.9.0 
Summary0006554: Paintings face the wrong way in model chooser
DescriptionWhen choosing paintings in the model chooser, they face away from the mapper. This makes selecting skins for them very tedious as you have to rotate the model to see what the new skin looks like. On top of that, every time you select a new skin the model rotates back away from the mapper.

Apparently this is something to do with the origin of the model itself, so any solution would have to avoid changing that so existing missions would not get broken.
Steps To ReproduceOn any new map:

- right click and choose 'Create model...'
- choose models/darkmod/decorative/wall/painting01.lwo
- note the painting is facing away from the mapper
- rotate the model in the preview window so you can see the skin
- select a different skin
- note the model rotates back so it's facing away from you again and you need to rotate it again to see the new skin.
Additional InformationThis seems to affect all paintings except 'ornate_frame01.lwo'

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