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0000684DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic02.10.2008 15:05
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.6 
Target Version0.9.8Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000684: Select All in Layer
DescriptionRequest for "Select All in Layer" functionality. Not sure if that would be best as a context menu, or on the layer dialog... probably the latter I guess.

This would effectively mimic the desperately-sought "grouping" functionality, separate from any game-engine specific groupings (e.g. func_static). Furthermore, by virtue of 'Add to' and 'Move to' functionality already in Layers, objects or parts of objects could even be multiply-grouped.

Priority: "ohhh please, please, please!" (this category doesn't exist)
Additional InformationI have an idea, make the layer names in the Layer Manager buttons. So if you have 4 layers such as Default, Trees, Carpets and Paths they'd all be buttons and when you clicked the the Trees button in the Layout Manager, it would select everything in that layer.
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26.07.2008 09:32

developer   ~0001473

If this feature should be implemented, please do also introduce a keyboard shortcut for it.


12.09.2008 14:03

reporter   ~0001564

I'm not sure how a keyboard shortcut would be possible in this case - a separate shortcut for each layer? But the author can use as many layers as he wants (I think), and that's a lot of shortcuts anyway. I'm thinking just one more column of buttons in the Layers window would do the trick nicely, or have the layer names as buttons themselves as AluminumHaste suggested


13.09.2008 13:42

updater   ~0001567

Please also add buttons 'hide all and UNhide all' so the user can then UNcheck one so only that one shows but also restore all the rest easily afterwards.


18.09.2008 11:32

administrator   ~0001581

This is implemented with a button, as AluminumHaste suggested. However, there are no keyboard shortcuts for this operations yet (should be a separate request).

@Fidcal: I'm not sure what you mean by that sentence, but I assume you are referring to a "Show all Layers" / "Hide all Layers" feature?


18.09.2008 21:15

reporter   ~0001586

Last edited: 18.09.2008 21:18

It mostly works good but is buggy when trying to deselect all. The popup says "hold SHIFT to deselect", but just hitting SHIFT once seems to permanently toggle SHIFT on (same with CTRL and ALT), and only pressing ESC cancels that.

So one can click the layer name to select all brushes in that layer, hit SHIFT (and let go), click the layer name again to deselect, but now cannot select them all again, or in any other layer either, until hitting ESC to clear the SHIFT key.



18.09.2008 21:22

reporter   ~0001588

I believe that's the same thing I was about to report. Just to be sure: I click the button to select all in layer, the shift click it to de-select, and then select all functionality is busted. If I hit ESC, it'll now work again. Also works to manually select something first.


18.09.2008 21:32

administrator   ~0001590

Last edited: 18.09.2008 21:33

I noticed the SHIFT issue myself - this is a GTK problem, I believe, but I'll try to fix that somehow.

Can somebody open a new issue report about this?



19.09.2008 06:50

updater   ~0001594

I mean 'check all' and 'UNcheck all' buttons. Example: I have a complex set of cabinets I'm developing with cupboards and drawers and have 20 groups (DR=layers) set up. I want to work on one drawer so I have to UNcheck all the other 19 to hide them. Instead I'd like to 'UNcheck all' then select the drawer group on its own. Afterwards I'd want 'check all' meaning 'show all' again.


19.09.2008 15:55

reporter   ~0001603

Added 1147 as per request. Leaving this one open for now pending ongoing clarification between greebo and Fidcal.


20.09.2008 09:13

administrator   ~0001610

Yes, the buttons are implemented as requested in feature 0000685. This can be closed.

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