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0000007DarkRadiantShader Systempublic03.12.2008 21:36
Reporterorbweaver Assigned Tomohij  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.2 
Summary0000007: Limited support for map expressions
DescriptionMap expressions such as "addnormals()" have limited support. These need to be implemented to the same level as Doom 3, and return the correct image by performing processing on the source images.
Additional InformationThis may be tricky because the ShaderSystem refers to textures by name only, which are looked up in the texture system which maps names of images to their Image object contents. There is some code relating to LoadImageCallbacks which seems to be geared for the purpose of combining images at the point of lookup, but this is ugly (loads of void* pointers) and needs improving.

Alternatively, the ShaderSystem could be modified so that shader objects actually contained the processed images rather than simply a name to be looked up in the texture system.
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parent of 0000253 closedgreebo Some bad shaders in rendered or textured mode 
related to 0000075 closedgreebo Prepare Shader System to use TextureConstructors and GLTextureManager 




01.02.2007 18:24

administrator   ~0000054

See discussion here:

@Orbweaver: I will assign this to me for the moment being, I can hand this over to you anytime, if you want.


18.06.2007 15:24

reporter   ~0000713

I implemented the MapExpressions more or less the way they are in Doom 3. With much much help of Greebo. Closing bug.

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