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0000702DarkRadiantShader Systempublic10.12.2008 14:37
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.6 
Target Version0.9.9Fixed in Version0.9.9 
Summary0000702: Possible memory leak in material loading and flushing
Description1. start DR fresh
2. take a memory reading (I'm using task manager; 'mem usage' column)
3. open the Media tab. Take a memory reading.
4. for the folder darkmod/stone/brick, RMB -> Load in Textures View. Take a memory reading.
5. open the Textures tab. Take a memory reading.
6. 'Flush and Reload Shaders'

Repeat steps 2-6.

As the steps are repeated, the memory requirements creep ever upward. At first I thought perhaps this is correct, and DR (or the OS) is caching more of the information for possible future use, but it just kept climbing, even after more than half a dozen refreshes. So, perhaps there's a leak in there somewhere. Here are sample results I've just gotten (steps 2-5 memory readings separated by arrows):


shutdown, restart DR

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07.12.2008 18:18

administrator   ~0002210

I think I found the memory leak in the meantime. The ~RGBAImage() destructor called delete instead of delete[], which caused almost the entire image memory being leaked.

I found this during the DDS refactoring process, so expect this to be fixed once I merge the changes back into trunk.


09.12.2008 13:49

administrator   ~0002212

This should be fixed in versions 0.9.9pre1 and above.


09.12.2008 14:00

administrator   ~0002213

Ok, stand by. There is still something weird going on. Following the above steps, I can still see a 10 MB increase each time I press Flush & Reload Shaders and open the media tab. It seems to be unrelated to the actual shaders, as just re-populating the Media Browser seems to be worth 10 MB of memory.


09.12.2008 15:08

administrator   ~0002214

Yes - the GTK pixbuf loading was used excessively by the MediaBrowser's populator class, causing a 10 MB memory usage increase each time. That and increased loading times, both of which are fixed in source now.


10.12.2008 14:37

reporter   ~0002221

Fixed. :)

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