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0000800The Dark ModCodingpublic08.10.2017 17:38
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Summary0000800: Player reflection should be disabled when in water
DescriptionThe player reflection is all distorted when the player is in water because the *inside* of the mesh gets reflected as well. Best idea was to just disable it when player is in water.
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08.10.2017 17:34

developer   ~0009422

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From the lightgem code:

    // Make sure the player model is hidden in the lightgem renders
    renderEntity_t* prent = player->GetRenderEntity();
    const int pdef = player->GetModelDefHandle();
    const int playerid = prent->suppressSurfaceInViewID;
    const int psid = prent->suppressShadowInViewID;
    prent->suppressShadowInViewID = DARKMOD_LG_VIEWID;
    prent->suppressSurfaceInViewID = DARKMOD_LG_VIEWID;

    // And the player's head
    renderEntity_t* hrent = player->GetHeadEntity()->GetRenderEntity();
    const int hdef = player->GetHeadEntity()->GetModelDefHandle();
    const int headid = hrent->suppressSurfaceInViewID;
    const int hsid = hrent->suppressShadowInViewID;
    hrent->suppressShadowInViewID = DARKMOD_LG_VIEWID;
hrent->suppressSurfaceInViewID = DARKMOD_LG_VIEWID;

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