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0000090The Dark ModAIpublic24.03.2011 17:19
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Summary0000090: Sound propagation right through closed doors
DescriptionMaybe this is a tweaking matter, but I suppose there's a possibility it's just broken. I wasn't sure if this falls under AI, soundprop, or both, so adjust accordingly.

I had two rooms in a test map, separated by a door (and portal), with a citywatch in each. I noticed that often, when I'd alert one guard, the other would come rushing in. So I put up a second wall, and a second closed door (and portal) between them. Even with two doors and a hallway between them, alerting one guard brings the other running in.
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related to 0000048 new Stim Response through walls 




05.11.2007 07:00

viewer   ~0000821

How far are you alerting the guard? If they alert up to the combat state, they give off their own yell for assistance, and guards nearby will come in. The volume of that yell for assistance might be too loud for gameplay purposes right now; it's quite possible that it goes through two doors and a hallway.


05.11.2007 09:44

administrator   ~0000822

The yelling is handled via an AI communication stim, which has a given constant radius. The AI communication stims are not yet using the soundprop system, this is a task assigned to Nyarlathotep (though I don't know if he ever gets around to do it, so I might just do it along the way).


29.06.2008 09:27

administrator   ~0001387

I wanted to give this a bump. During my refactor I might have fixed an issue with sound loss values not being updated on door close.

Please re-check some time.


29.06.2008 14:44

reporter   ~0001391

I will try to check this out today. One question due to the nature of last two feedbacks, and time between them: do communication stims now use soundprop?

I'm trying to figure out if the last feedback indicates a fix to an old system (simple radius), or if it is a later fix for the new, official system (stims using soundprop).


29.06.2008 15:24

administrator   ~0001393

No, communication stims are not propagated via the sound system, they are still radius-based.

Hm, re-reading the last few comments, I think I might have misinterpreted the issue.

My work on the FrobMover will in fact not stop the other AI from running across the map, as the stims are not bound to soundprop yet. What I might have fixed is the sound loss as perceived by the player, but I guess that's not what the issue is here.

So, let's just forget what I said. :)


29.06.2008 16:44

reporter   ~0001395

Okay; when I entered it, I wasn't aware of the radius and lack of soundprop, so that helped confuse the issue. This entry (aside from the stim design issue) is possibly a non-issue. I guess it's best we simply wait/revisit this when stims are updated. I'll link these two up.


21.03.2011 13:01

administrator   ~0003775

I cannot confirm this based on my testing last month. Doors definitely blocked yells from AI.


24.03.2011 17:18

administrator   ~0003780

Since this hasn't been updated since the release and there have been no complaints, I'm going to close it.

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