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0000905DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic30.06.2008 14:29
Reporterlrice648 Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.6 
Fixed in Version0.9.7 
Summary0000905: Crashes when attempting to split brush using clipper and shift+enter
DescriptionWas attempting to split roof brush with clipper and shift+enter (assuming that even works with the same buttons in DR as it does in D3 editor) Probably just my hell map.
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related to 0000881 closed Crashes when I attempt to create a brush by clicking on any of the grid views and program crashes 




29.06.2008 10:37

administrator   ~0001389

This doesn't seem to happen in my local build. I'll upload a new version from latest SVN and post a link in the public forums.

Could you try it out with that build again?


30.06.2008 00:47

reporter   ~0001396

I actually retried in the current build and it is working OK now, as well as the other problem I had had with not being able to create a brush by dragging in one of the grid views. I ignored it for a while and eventually accidentally tried expecting it to crash and it worked (the brush thing I mean, not the clipper).

I loaded a previous version (I've been saving an absurd number of backups) and it IS still happening in that version, I've tried with the new snapshot build and on many different brushes and it crashes every time. I'm uploading that exact map. If I'm the only one who's had this problem you could probably put it on a back burner, its working OK now in my current version of the map even in the old DR build.

Thanks for all your hard work.


30.06.2008 04:57

administrator   ~0001397

Hm, I tried that map you uploaded and I can drag new brushes in the orthoviews just fine. Weird, but it actually seems to be specific to your system/map/DarkRadiant combination.

Anyway, if the new build works, I think we can safely resolve this issue. :) Please close the issue if you can confirm this status.


30.06.2008 14:29

reporter   ~0001400

Problem seemed to have been specific to map at specific time and not a pervasive DR bug.

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