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0000911DarkRadiantGUIpublic01.08.2008 00:12
ReporterKomag Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.6 
Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.7 
Summary0000911: The "Size Info" for brushes shows too many numbers jumbled together, x this and y that and x,y this and that
DescriptionIn the orthoviews, when a brush is selected and "Show Size Info" is turned on, the X, Y, Z info is confused and there is too much of it.

Right now the width is on the bottom, but on the side is the width AND height, and on the top is the width AND height AND origin location. It can be seen in this pic:

Preferably we would see only the width on the bottom, only the height on the side, and only the origin location on the top. It can be seen in this pic:
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01.08.2008 00:12

reporter   ~0001474

It works perfectly now, very good

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