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0000989DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic13.03.2009 12:32
Reportertels Assigned Togreebo  
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Target Version0.9.8Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000989: Creating func_statics does put the origin not at center of selection
Description* When you select some brushes and try to create a func_static, the origin of the func_static seems to be created where the center of the "last, maximum selection area" was, not what the "current selection" is. Like when you select two brushes, and then deselect one, then create func_static, the origin will be at the center of these two brushes, not at the center of the currently selected brush.
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duplicate of 0001134 closedgreebo Shift-drag box to group select, then deselect large brush on side, convert to func_static, center is OFF 




15.08.2008 12:01

reporter   ~0001490

Was using this editor on an engine still in development, so not 100% sure, but I think this centre alignment problem may be behind the texture alignment issues. The textures appear 100% fine in darkradiant on the func_static but then when compiled the textures are all ofset.


15.08.2008 14:07

administrator   ~0001491

Hm, interesting. I need to check again, but I'm almost entirely sure that I took care of the texture alignment of func_statics. People mapping for The Dark Mod would surely have noticed such an error by now, almost all are working with func_statics.

Maybe the engine you're working with (xreal?) interpret the texture matrix from a different origin. IIRC, the texture matrix in D3 is interpreted at the final world coordinates of the func_static, whereas the geometry needs to be saved relatively to the entity's origin. That's why DarkRadiant is moving the child primitives of func_statics towards the origin with texture lock OFF before saving.

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