Released 26/05/2010
  • 0002050: [GUI] I18N (greebo)
  • 0002188: [Scripting] Warnings in Console about duplicate commands (greebo)
  • 0002195: [General] Filters are loaded from all .game files instead of just the current one (greebo)
  • 0002197: [Objectives] Add support for COMP_READABLE_* objective components (greebo)
  • 0002201: [Map Editing] Nudge Manipulator should be usable when Clipper is enabled (greebo)
  •        0002199: [Map Editing] Duplication problem with Clipper on (greebo)
  • 0002222: [Selection System] Click-selecting func_statics sometimes selects items behind them (greebo)
  • 0002200: [Map Editing] New patches should behave like new brushes with regards to layers (greebo)
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