0006274: [Map Editing] Empty rotation when cloning an entity using editor_rotatable and an angle key (greebo)
0006261: [Map Editing] Three-way merge produces duplicate primitives when a func_static is moved (greebo)
0006260: [Renderer] Renderer crash during three-way map merge (greebo)
3 issues View Issues
Released 03/02/2023
0006198: [GUI] Model Selector widgets are cut off and flicker constantly on Linux (orbweaver)
0006226: [General] DarkRadiant will not start without Dark Mod plugins (orbweaver)
0006238: [GUI] Mission selection list in Game setup is not alphabetically sorted (orbweaver)
0006249: [Map Editing] GenericEntityNode not calculating the direction correctly with "editor_rotatable" (greebo)
0006248: [Renderer] RenderableArrow not drawing the tip correctly for arbitrary rotations (greebo)
0006212: [Shader System] Support new frob-related material keywords (greebo)
0006216: [GUI] Light Inspector crashes on Linux (orbweaver)
0006185: [Renderer] Models glitch out when filtering then showing them (greebo)
0006176: [GUI] Skin Editor: models not centered well in preview (greebo)
0006183: [GUI] Silence sound shader button (greebo)
0006180: [GUI] "Copy Resource Path" includes top level folders (greebo)
0006201: [GUI] Add Reload Definitions button to Model Chooser (greebo)
0006181: [GUI] Skin Editor: internal test skins are shown if Material Editor was open previously (greebo)
0006189: [Saving and loading] Changing Game/Project doesn't update loaded assets correctly (greebo)
0006199: [GUI] Model Chooser: initially hidden materials aren't revealed when enabling them (greebo)
0006195: [General] Choosing AI entity class 'atdm:townsfolk_commoner_update' causes crash (greebo)
0006178: [General] Sporadic assertion failure on shutdown due to LocalBitmapArtProvider destruction (orbweaver)
0006187: [GUI] Prefab Selector spams infinite error dialogs on Linux (orbweaver)
0005827: [GUI] Better distinction between inherited and regular spawnargs (orbweaver)
19 issues View Issues
Released 22/11/2022
0006162: [GUI] Skin Editor (greebo)
0006174: [Saving and loading] Hitting escape while autosaving crashes to desktop (greebo)
0006173: [Map Editing] Def parsing problem in tdm_playertools_lockpicks.def (greebo)
0006166: [GUI] DR hangs if selecting a lot of entities with entity list open (greebo)
0006172: [GUI] Script Window usability improvements (greebo)
0006171: [GUI] Float Property Editor's entry box is sticking around after selecting a float key (greebo)
0006169: [Map Editing] Spline entities without model spawnarg are unselectable (greebo)
0006163: [GUI] Entity window resets interior sizing forcing resize each time it is opened (greebo)
0006168: [GUI] Spline curves should not be created with a model spawnarg (greebo)
0006167: [GUI] Newly appended curve control vertices aren't shown at first (greebo)
0006161: [General] Light entities are zoomed out in preview window (greebo)
0005700: [GUI] Entity inspector spawnarg fields not always updated by UI windows such as Model Chooser (greebo)
12 issues View Issues
Released 12/11/2022
0006158: [GUI] ModelDefs are now shown in T-pose (greebo)
0006159: [Scripting] Add Radiant.findEntityByName script method (greebo)
0006145: [Map Editing] Selection Focus (greebo)
0006157: [GUI] Patch vertices are the wrong colour (greebo)
0004764: [GUI] Media Browser shows a thumbnail preview when selecting folders (greebo)
0006156: [GUI] Conversation Editor: double-click opens selected conversation (greebo)
0006151: [General] Shader Clipboard source gets cleared on 'copy shader' operation (greebo)
0006154: [Map Editing] Nodes of hidden layers are still visible after loading the map (greebo)
0006152: [General] Feature Request: Option to disable drag select in camera view (greebo)
0006146: [GUI] Can't close properties window (greebo)
0006147: [Renderer] Merge Action rendering is broken (greebo)
0006144: [GUI] After using ToggleMainControl_Camera, the center panel is grey after restart (greebo)
0006143: [GUI] When using ToggleMainControl_Camera, arrow keys cannot be used to move the viewer (greebo)
0006140: [GUI] ESC key should clear the resource tree view filter text (greebo)
0006128: [GUI] New layers function: popup getting in the way (greebo)
0006142: [GUI] Property Panel not remembering undocked/closed tabs (greebo)
0006141: [GUI] Texture Tool not updating during manipulation (greebo)
0006009: [GUI] Orthoview ignores filters for surfaces in models (greebo)
0005281: [Saving and loading] Feature: remember layer visibilities (greebo)
0006104: [Selection System] Blue dot when selecting one face removed (greebo)
20 issues View Issues
Released 28/10/2022
0006131: [GUI] More customisable window layouts (greebo)
0005979: [GUI] Transformation dialog and Inspector windows should restore themselves after a restart (greebo)
0006138: [General] Show/hide Light Volumes for combined entities inconsistent (greebo)
0006136: [GUI] Currently applied particleDef not selected in Particle Selector (greebo)
0006139: [GUI] Update to wxWidgets 3.2.1 (greebo)
0006137: [GUI] Layer visibility checkbox not reacting to double-clicks (greebo)
0006130: [GUI] Cannot toggle visibility of layers (greebo)
0006112: [GUI] Clarify distinction between Shadow render mode and other render modes (orbweaver)
0006129: [GUI] Drag-and-dropping layers is not working in Linux (greebo)
9 issues View Issues
Released 09/10/2022
0006110: [Map Editing] Readable Editor displays "shader not found" in view (greebo)
0006120: [Map Editing] Undoing snap to grid with prefabs causes crash (greebo)
0006098: [Documentation] Include doc in building instructions (orbweaver)
0006111: [GUI] Decal textures causes DR to crash - (textures/darkmod/decals/dirt/long_drip_pattern01) (greebo)
0006114: [GUI] Skin chooser inspected: tick box force closes window (greebo)
0006107: [GUI] Allow Layers to be arranged into a Tree (greebo)
0006115: [Map Editing] Selecting and deselecting a filtered child brush through layers leaves the brush selected (greebo)
0006116: [GUI] Material editor re-sorts stages on pasting image map resulting in wrong material stages list and wrong selected stage (greebo)
0006108: [General] Crash on start if engine path is choosen (Doom 3) (greebo)
0006101: [Compilation/Build] Upstream Flatpak files (jonri)
10 issues View Issues
Released 23/09/2022
0006106: [Renderer] Lighting Mode Renderer draws hidden lights (greebo)
0006094: [Saving and loading] Loading map results in "Real Hard DarkRadiant Failure" exception (greebo)
0006105: [General] Crash when trying to set default mouse or keyboard bindings (greebo)
0006095: [GUI] Remove menu options which are not applicable to current game (orbweaver)
0005537: [GUI] FX Chooser (greebo)
0006093: [Design/Coding] Unit Tests intermittently get stuck on Github runner (greebo)
0006097: [Design/Coding] xmlutil thread safety problems (greebo)
0000410: [GUI] Grey-out menu entries that are not applicable (orbweaver)
0006092: [Design/Coding] FX Declaration Parsing Support (greebo)
0006081: [Renderer] Some materials aren't displayed correctly (greebo)
0006041: [Renderer] Renderer doesn't take "translucent" keyword into account (greebo)
0005386: [GUI] Orthoview in 2.9pre2 very laggy compared to 2.8
12 issues View Issues
Released 03/09/2022
0005739: [GUI] Feature: Show entityDefs related to selected models in Model Chooser (greebo)
0006039: [Renderer] Material Editor: additional preview object in textures/glass/ materials (greebo)
0006082: [Renderer] Implement sorting of Interaction Stages (greebo)
0006080: [General] Every attempt to load a texture will trigger a SIGSEGV signal caught: 11 (greebo)
0006075: [Design/Coding] Update to wxWidgets 3.2.0 (greebo)
0005693: [GUI] Recognise type of "set x on y" spawnargs (greebo)
0005663: [Map Editing] Welding 2 large patches together causes one to disappear (greebo)
0005539: [Models] OBJ files: loader supports usemtl keywords directly referencing material names (without .mtl file) (greebo)
0002350: [Renderer] BlendLight (shadow) textures don't show (greebo)
9 issues View Issues
Released 21/08/2022
0006012: [GUI] Model exporter: export origin choice should use a radio button (greebo)
0006053: [GUI] Material Editor: blend add stages are rendered separately in preview in lighting mode (greebo)
0006054: [GUI] Material Editor: image browser's "cancel" button rewrites the material source text (greebo)
0006031: [GUI] Material Editor: allow to delete materials (greebo)
0006048: [GUI] Material Editor: allow to change preview background (greebo)
0006063: [GUI] Sound Chooser doesn't preselect shader if it's at the top of a folder (greebo)
0005997: [Models] 'Export selected as Collision Model' doesn't auto-create path folder and throws error (greebo)
0006013: [GUI] Model exporter: manually enter export origin (greebo)
0006014: [GUI] Model exporter: only 1 entity's model is reloaded (greebo)
0006011: [GUI] Model exporter: "Use entity origin as export origin" still uses map origin (greebo)
0006015: [GUI] Model exporter: rename "Center Objects around Origin" (greebo)
0006065: [Renderer] DR doesn't consider wildcards in skins (greebo)
0006064: [GUI] Skin Chooser doesn't preselect non-matching skins (greebo)
0006062: [Map Editing] Moving speakers deletes distance spawnargs if they're the same as in shader (greebo)
0005988: [Map Editing] Unable to select func_emitter with particle attached (greebo)
0006066: [GUI] Let Map Info show materials used by models (greebo)
0006000: [Renderer] Particle Editor Preview lacks vertex colours in lighting mode (greebo)
0006061: [GUI] Particle effects still visable when hidden via layers or filter (greebo)
0006030: [GUI] Material Editor: does not save manual edits to source text (greebo)
0005503: [Shader System] Reload Images (greebo)
0006071: [GUI] Material Editor: New Material is locked if the default unnamed name is already in use (greebo)
0006073: [General] Renaming Declarations causes problems when saving it later (greebo)
0006055: [GUI] Material Editor: should show .mtr the material is defined in (greebo)
0006069: [GUI] Material Editor: after "Reload Images", image previews are only updated when selecting a different material (greebo)
0006070: [Design/Coding] DeclarationManager needs to react to FM/Project setup changes (greebo)
0006050: [GUI] Material Editor: suboptimal preview for cubeMap materials (greebo)
0006042: [GUI] Material Editor: preview object doesn't have smooth shading (greebo)
0006022: [Design/Coding] Refactor/Extend Favourite Management (greebo)
0006043: [Renderer] Material Editor: preview doesn't take "scale" into account in Textured Mode (greebo)
0006059: [GUI] Material Editor: test frob highlight button not working (greebo)
0006045: [GUI] Material Editor: doesn't remember settings from previous session (greebo)
0006046: [GUI] Material editor: image thumbnails use "scale" keyword from previously selected material (greebo)
0006057: [GUI] Light Texture Preview should display editor images if present (greebo)
0006056: [GUI] Material Editor: frob highlight stage not updated correctly when changing diffusemap (greebo)
0006049: [GUI] Material Editor: using Escape to close ignores unsaved changes (greebo)
0006051: [GUI] Material Editor: Global Settings should be preselected (greebo)
0006052: [GUI] Material Editor: some declaration text is lost while editing (greebo)
0006047: [GUI] Material Editor: clicking "cancel" when selecting a light classname clears the classname field (greebo)
0006034: [GUI] Material Editor: new materials always sorted last (greebo)
0006033: [GUI] Material Editor: filter for image browser (greebo)
0006037: [GUI] Material Editor: can't unlock editing on materials in "Other Materials" folder (greebo)
0006029: [GUI] Material Editor: tries to save materials in DarkRadiant folder if no FM is installed (greebo)
0006040: [GUI] Material Editor: preview renders shadows for noshadows materials (greebo)
0006036: [Models] Entities referring to modelDefs should use the "idle" pose where possible (greebo)
0005743: [GUI] Feature: "show definition" for more asset types (greebo)
0006035: [Map Editing] Models are reset to origin after reloadDecls (greebo)
0005504: [Shader System] Reload Defs is not sufficient for reloading modelDefs (greebo)
0006021: [GUI] Add "Show Definition" to all ResourceTreeView instances (greebo)
0006027: [Shader System] Move ShaderExpression tests to Unit Test module (greebo)
0006023: [Scripting] Python Interface for IDeclarationManager (greebo)
0005977: [Design/Coding] Improve Declaration Block Parsing (greebo)
0004910: [General] DR does not parse materials in def files (greebo)
0006007: [Sound System] 'Reload Sounds' doesn't load new FM sound shader definitions (greebo)
0006002: [GUI] Remove comments about particle generator in .prt files (greebo)
0006003: [GUI] "Reload Defs" doesn't remove entities that have been commented out (greebo)
0005981: [GUI] Insignificant digits displayed in Surface Inspector shift/scale/rotate values (greebo)
0005982: [GUI] Modifier Hint Popup can crash when hitting Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys during shutdown (greebo)
0005727: [GUI] Skin Chooser: show in which .skin file the skin is defined (greebo)
0005805: [GUI] Texture Tool free scale (greebo)
0005972: [General] Feature request: leave player start entity selected after placement (greebo)
60 issues View Issues
Released 15/06/2022
0005968: [General] 3.0.0pre7: origin of player start entity misaligned (greebo)
0005831: [GUI] Texture search dosent work (greebo)
0005811: [Renderer] Texture dithering in Cameraview in 2.14 (greebo)
0005431: [GUI] Windows not properly repainted after resize (greebo)
0005907: [GUI] Allow way to hide some entities in Create Entity list (orbweaver)
0005878: [GUI] Free Rotation not working anymore, can only rotate along 3 axes (greebo)
0005964: [GUI] Cannot manipulate func_emitter after creation (greebo)
0005949: [General] DR crash with combination of mouse buttons pressed (greebo)
0005950: [Renderer] Visibility checks are slowing down front-end render pass (greebo)
0005951: [Renderer] "Hide Deselected" is slowed when there's a lot of patches present in the scene (greebo)
0005952: [Design/Coding] Extract interface from ObjectRenderer (greebo)
0005953: [Renderer] Wireframe object drawing order is changing between sessions (greebo)
0005955: [Map Editing] Player start entity is invisible in 3.0.0pre5 (greebo)
0005959: [Renderer] Geometry Corruption / weird diagonal lines messing up the view (greebo)
0005960: [General] Crash in MD5 model viewer (greebo)
0005963: [Renderer] More Geometry Corruption in Camera View (Lighting Mode) (greebo)
0005965: [GUI] Resizing light entites via light_radius in property inspector broken (greebo)
0005966: [GUI] Light entity radious colour changes as you pan the camera around. (greebo)
0005969: [GUI] Cannot snap selected patch vertices to grid (greebo)
0000219: [Renderer] Realtime shadow mode (greebo)
0005911: [Design/Coding] Unify Declaration Parsers (greebo)
0005792: [GUI] Zoom in orthoview Broken (greebo)
0005761: [Map Editing] Cut functionality to complement copy and paste (greebo)
0005787: [GUI] Add "Create Particle" to right-click orthoview drop-down menu (greebo)
0005893: [Renderer] Entity-to-light mapping structures for lighting mode rendering (greebo)
0005920: [Design/Coding] Update solution and build dependencies to Visual Studio 2022 (greebo)
0005925: [GUI] Objective GUI doesn't display properly in some places (greebo)
0005927: [Design/Coding] Save user settings by application version (greebo)
0005757: [GUI] Ability to center 3D camera on selected entity (greebo)
0005822: [GUI] Feature Request: Improve UI for worldspawn-to-entity conversion (greebo)
0005905: [Saving and loading] Feature Request: Safeguard against Loss of Layering (greebo)
0005910: [GUI] Entity Inspector: classname field should always be read-only, to force use of the "Choose entity class" button (greebo)
0005931: [Map Editing] 3D view patch selection box not attached (3.0.0 pre1) (greebo)
0005932: [Renderer] ForceShadows materials are not casting shadows (greebo)
0005933: [Renderer] Moving brushes doesn't update the scene in lit render mode (greebo)
0005934: [Renderer] Selection overlay is z-fighting on patches (greebo)
0005935: [General] Reload Defs takes longer every time (orbweaver)
0005936: [Renderer] Ambient lights don't render properly in lighting preview mode (greebo)
0005937: [GUI] Sound radius spheres don't always update (greebo)
0005938: [Renderer] Additive blend stages over black diffusemap are z-fighting (greebo)
0005939: [GUI] "Texture tool" Free rotation not showing anymore (3.0.0) (greebo)
0005940: [Renderer] Light diamond frequently disappears on colour change until it's moved again (greebo)
0005941: [Renderer] Selected Skin not showing in ModelSelector (greebo)
0005942: [Map Editing] Missing brushes when opening alphalabs1 from vanilla Doom 3 PK4s (greebo)
0005943: [Renderer] Brush manipulation is laggy in huge maps (greebo)
0005945: [Renderer] Light diamonds should be transparent again (greebo)
0005946: [Renderer] Speaker radii should be transparent (greebo)
0005947: [Map Editing] Git Sync Exception: too many redirects or authentication replays (greebo)
0005948: [Renderer] Manipulation Vertex Dots are hard to see (greebo)
0005840: [General] DR crashes when syncing with remote Git repository (greebo)
0005846: [Map Editing] Rotating a func_static result to random stretch textures (greebo)
0005848: [GUI] MD5 Animation Viewer: show current frame & total frames (greebo)
0005849: [GUI] MD5 Animation Viewer: jump to frame (greebo)
0005864: [GUI] Map -> Edit Package Info (darkmod.txt)... crashes DarkRadiant (greebo)
0005829: [GUI] Entity inspector shows inherited spawnargs of previous selection (greebo)
0005853: [Shader System] DR overwrite order for defs is different from TDM's (greebo)
0005858: [Map Editing] "Replace Selection with exported Model" sets classname to "func_static". (greebo)
0005873: [GUI] Entity inspector should recognise spawnargs beginning with "sprS_" as def spawnargs (greebo)
0005897: [GUI] [Mouse Bindings] X/Y and Camera View bindings don't save properly (greebo)
0005908: [Renderer] Fix Material Preview rendering (greebo)
0005909: [Renderer] Revisit Interaction Shader to get closer to the TDM looks (greebo)
0005912: [Renderer] Move GL draw calls to central location (greebo)
0005916: [Renderer] Vertex colours do not show on models in lighting mode (greebo)
0005919: [Saving and loading] Crash on loading certain maps (greebo)
0005923: [Renderer] TargetLineNodes are updating their geometry every frame (greebo)
0005924: [Renderer] Renderer to operate on single-precision floats (greebo)
0005584: [Renderer] Move openGL render calls to Backend (greebo)
0005825: [General] Absolute paths for snapshots (greebo)
0005826: [GUI] Entity inspector considers inherited colors black (greebo)
0005841: [GUI] Dockable window layout doesn't save new floating XY views (greebo)
0005844: [GUI] "Choose skin..." button on custom model spawnargs shows skins for main model spawnarg (greebo)
0005847: [General] Switching visibility of Github repo from public to private causes crash (greebo)
0005836: [Map Editing] Changing multiple lights between omni/projected resets colours to black (orbweaver)
0005872: [GUI] Option to filter skins out of search results in the Choose Model dialogue (orbweaver)
0005884: [GUI] Model chooser radio box selection issue: (orbweaver)
0005885: [GUI] ReloadDefs moves def_attached light crystals to entity origin (orbweaver)
0005901: [Map Editing] .lin files can't be opened if different case than .map name (orbweaver)
0005902: [GUI] Right click conteaxt menu (orbweaver)
78 issues View Issues
Released 27/11/2021
0005613: [GUI] Show shared keyvalues when multiple entities are selected (greebo)
0005705: [Map Editing] "Replace Selection with exported Model" should preserve spawnargs (greebo)
0005706: [GUI] Surface Inspector's minimum width is too large (greebo)
0005746: [Map Editing] Texture Tool Improvements (greebo)
0005801: [GUI] Applying a skin to a model entity no longer works under 2.14pre1 (greebo)
0005807: [GUI] Texture Tool crashes when creating a new brush (greebo)
0005808: [Saving and loading] Crash when saving map or prefab without a file extension (greebo)
0005810: [GUI] Objective components not correctly renumbered after removing a component (greebo)
0005813: [GUI] Spawnarg types and tooltips not reliably inherited in entityDefs (greebo)
0005814: [GUI] Spawnarg type icon not shown for inherited properties (greebo)
0005824: [GUI] 2.14pre2: Spawnarg field should not be changed when selection has "differing values" (greebo)
0005799: [GUI] Texture Tool: dragged vertices snap to grid even though it's switched off (greebo)
0005547: [GUI] Bring texture coordinates closer to 0,0 (greebo)
       0005773: [Map Editing] Improve Texture Locked brush transformations (greebo)
0005128: [Map Editing] Texture Tools: rotate function (greebo)
0005408: [Design/Coding] All scene graphs connect to the same undo system, causing interference (greebo)
0005745: [GUI] Search function: don't start searching while still typing (greebo)
0005753: [GUI] XY view zoom around cursor (duzenko)
0005775: [Map Editing] Surface Inspector: Option to change horizontal and vertical scale values proportionally (greebo)
0005783: [Map Editing] EntityInspector allows to set an entity's name to an empty value (greebo)
0005785: [Map Editing] Patch Texture Rotation should take aspect ratio into account (greebo)
0005788: [GUI] Merge "Create player start" and "Move player start" options (greebo)
0005790: [GUI] Remove Floating Layout (orbweaver)
0005791: [GUI] MediaBrowser toolbar: clear filter text when texture is selected through MMB or Texture Browser (greebo)
0005794: [Documentation] 2.14pre1: User Guide (Local) doesn't work (greebo)
0005800: [GUI] Choose a sound behavour changed under 2.14pre1 (greebo)
0005797: [GUI] "Texture tool" grid cannot decrease under 1 (greebo)
0005731: [GUI] Texture Tool: UI contrast (greebo)
0005732: [GUI] Texture Tool: intercept keystrokes for grid resizing & snap to grid (greebo)
0005750: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Grid lines are getting too dense when zooming out a lot (greebo)
0002272: [Map Editing] Prevent Texture Tool "face jump" on rescaling textures (greebo)
0004584: [GUI] Drag-select while in texture tool window gets stuck. (greebo)
0005588: [Design/Coding] Separate UI-related and core module interface headers (greebo)
0005633: [Map Editing] Apply textures to surfaces using "normalized" scaling. (greebo)
0005710: [Saving and loading] Q3 Legacy BrushDef parser sometime produce some wrong texture rotation (greebo)
0005723: [GUI] modelDefs folder starts expanded after changing selection (greebo)
0005728: [GUI] Skin Chooser: show materials on the model (greebo)
0005733: [GUI] Texture Tool: use aspect ratio of material (greebo)
0005734: [GUI] Surface Inspector vertical shift / vertical scale arrows (greebo)
0005735: [GUI] Move modifier hints out of the status bar (greebo)
0005736: [Renderer] Particle Editor: wireframe does not render (greebo)
0005738: [GUI] Texture Browser Filter: match multiple words (using 'AND' logic) (greebo)
0005740: [Map Editing] Step-rotating textures through the Surface Inspector should be using the center as pivot (greebo)
0005747: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: drag operation doesn't capture the mouse (greebo)
0005748: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Constrain operations to axes by holding down Shift (greebo)
0005749: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Select items by clicking the UV space they cover (greebo)
0005752: [GUI] Double click on list elements should auto-close dialogs (duzenko)
0005767: [Map Editing] Flip Texture: Prevent huge face UV coordinate translations (greebo)
0005768: [Map Editing] Adjust Surface Inspector Shift/Scale/Rotation boxes to comply with the new texturing algorithms (greebo)
0005770: [Map Editing] Some brushes change shape or disappear when rotated or duplicated (greebo)
0005771: [Map Editing] Improve pasting textures to angled faces sharing an edge (greebo)
0005774: [Map Editing] Surface Inspector: Add buttons to harmonise Horizontal and Vertical scale values (greebo)
0005776: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Add Manipulation Panel to shift/scale/rotate selection (greebo)
0005778: [Compilation/Build] Solution / Build Dependencies Update (greebo)
0005780: [Design/Coding] Remove IDialogManager references from Map module (greebo)
0005659: [Models] Feature: automatically reload exported models (greebo)
0005687: [GUI] "Replace Selection with exported Model" assigns result to Default layer (greebo)
0005702: [GUI] Fit Texture fields do not allow values below 1.0 (orbweaver)
0005704: [Saving and loading] Brushes colour schemes not saving (orbweaver)
0005707: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: "Details" text doesn't use full width of window (greebo)
0005708: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: can't center orthoview/camera on changed entities (greebo)
0005709: [GUI] Merge Maps UI remains if DR is closed while a merge is in progress (greebo)
0005712: [Models] add IQM format support into lib/picomodel (greebo)
0005713: [Saving and loading] PatchDefExporter: do not write trailing white space after shader name (greebo)
0005717: [Models] LWO2 Model Exporter doesn't write vertex colours (greebo)
0005721: [GUI] Model Conversion UI (greebo)
0005722: [Models] Add FBX model importer (greebo)
0005725: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: can't hide changed entities/primitives (greebo)
0005729: [Saving and loading] Autosave filename unhelpfully overwrites 'save copy as' filename (greebo)
0005711: [Saving and loading] Change Quake3 map exporter to write "legacy" brush syntax (greebo)
0005741: [GUI] Model Exporter: warn if Output Format and extension in File Path don't match (greebo)
0005754: [GUI] Ctrl-S does not work when focus is on inputs (duzenko)
72 issues View Issues
Released 09/08/2021
0005644: [General] Non uniform light volume scaling not working (greebo)
0005675: [Saving and loading] Auto-save is slow when animation or particle viewer is playing (greebo)
0005679: [GUI] Show axis when 'R'otating entities (greebo)
0005686: [Renderer] BC5 normal maps cannot be loaded (orbweaver)
0005692: [GUI] ModelSelector: add ability to rescan folders without having to reload all models (greebo)
0005662: [General] Version Control Integration (greebo)
0005682: [GUI] Problems with particle preview (greebo)
0005697: [GUI] Cannot view or copy from built-in Filters (greebo)
0005603: [GUI] Ability to choose from several different pointfiles (orbweaver)
0005604: [Compilation/Build] wxgtk dependency renamed in Arch Linux (greebo)
0005621: [GUI] A way to display editor_usage in the Entity Inspector window (greebo)
0005623: [Map Editing] Differential Map Merge (greebo)
       0005622: [Map Editing] Map Comparison/Diffing (greebo)
0005628: [Models] Some ASE models do not load (greebo)
0005629: [Map Editing] "Shift textures randomly" shifts all selected faces by the same amount (greebo)
0005632: [Map Editing] Restore non-uniform scaling for texture browser. (greebo)
0005634: [Map Editing] Paste material-header to surface from clipboard with hotkey. (greebo)
0005635: [Map Editing] Selection by coords. (greebo)
0005638: [Map Editing] Support Selection Groups when merging Maps (greebo)
0005639: [Map Editing] Support Layers when merging Maps (greebo)
0005640: [Documentation] Document Layer Script Interface (greebo)
0005642: [GUI] Entity & Speaker windows don't remember their size (greebo)
0005107: [GUI] 'Change game/project' fails to save if a decent-sized .map was loaded (greebo)
0005557: [GUI] “Choose entity...” button for all def_ spawnargs (greebo)
0005561: [GUI] Refresh entity inspector when reloading defs (greebo)
0005637: [Map Editing] Increase maximum zoom level of 2D views (greebo)
0005641: [Renderer] Non power of 2 textures show up black in (orbweaver)
0005643: [Map Editing] Three-Way Map Merge (greebo)
0005649: [GUI] CTRL + MMB in orthoview: place camera at height of most recent selection (greebo)
0005650: [GUI] Add "Show Material Definition" to ShaderSelector tree views (greebo)
0005651: [Map Editing] Crash when using Reloading Defs after placing an Entity (greebo)
0005652: [Map Editing] Reload Defs is messing up the entityDefs (greebo)
0005655: [GUI] Create Entity window no longer remembers the previous item (greebo)
0005658: [Models] Model exporter: no model is exported if folder path doesn't exist yet (greebo)
0005660: [Saving and loading] Map Loading Performance Improvements (greebo)
0005667: [GUI] Improve workflow for adjusting light brightnesses (orbweaver)
0005681: [GUI] Copying a particle in the Particle Editor creates an ___editor list entry which can lead to crashes (greebo)
0005684: [GUI] Aspect ratio preserving Fit Texture option (orbweaver)
0005555: [Map Editing] Crash when activating GameConnection Feature "update entities on every change" (greebo)
0005608: [GUI] Path entites rotate 15 degrees, each time when dragged. (greebo)
0005607: [General] Crash when selecting an MD5 model in "Create Model..." menu (greebo)
0005609: [General] Model previewer not displaying ASE or LWO models (greebo)
0005620: [Map Editing] Prefabs importing miles away (greebo)
0005602: [General] Crash when activating the Material Editor in Doom3 game config (greebo)
44 issues View Issues
Released 01/05/2021
0004644: [Models] Use of BITMAP field in ASE differs from TDM (greebo)
0005534: [GUI] Opening the Create Entity dialog a second time will present an empty tree view (greebo)
0000289: [GUI] ESC to close dialogs with Cancel (orbweaver)
0005546: [Renderer] Attached light radii are the wrong colour if "Override light volume colour" is active (orbweaver)
0005556: [Saving and loading] Add missing image dimension reads to Quake 3 legacy brush parser (greebo)
0000108: [Renderer] Ambients don't light sides facing away (orbweaver)
0000426: [General] Suggest same origin clone manager tool (jonri)
0005541: [GUI] Customisable GUI layout (orbweaver)
0005552: [Shader System] Better support for stage transform keywords in idTech4 materials (greebo)
0002132: [GUI] 3D grid feature (greebo)
0005566: [Renderer] Material stages with alpha test are incorrectly rendered as translucent (greebo)
0005571: [Renderer] Table lookup evaluation is not producing the same results as in the engine (greebo)
0005572: [GUI] Material Editor (greebo)
       0005532: [GUI] Material Editor: Ground Work (greebo)
       0005565: [GUI] Material Editor: Save/Export Handling (greebo)
       0005567: [Renderer] Material Editor: Basic Mode GUI (greebo)
       0005568: [GUI] Material Editor: Image Picker to select files from VFS (greebo)
       0005570: [GUI] Material Editor: ability to choose the preview's light entityDef (greebo)
0005576: [Models] ASE importer needs to handle shared vertices with different normals (greebo)
0005578: [GUI] LayerControl::_updateActive not initialised (greebo)
0005581: [Renderer] Regression: only one light is interacting with brushes in lighting preview (greebo)
0005585: [Scripting] Extend MaterialManager scripting interfaces by editing methods (greebo)
0005586: [GUI] Crash at shutdown when Dockable layout is active (greebo)
0005590: [Models] ASE import failure loading models/darkmod/nature/flowers/flowers_patch_01.ase (greebo)
0005589: [GUI] Material Editor: Add Reload Images button to reload the textures of the selected shader (greebo)
0004791: [GUI] Copy model/entity/prefab paths to clipboard (greebo)
0004735: [Map Editing] Can't select one-sided models in certain 2D views (greebo)
0004846: [GUI] Rotation widget does not re-center on selected object (greebo)
0005266: [Map Editing] Twosided models can only be selected from one side (greebo)
0005465: [GUI] Brushes with no visible surface towards orthoview "camera" are invisible in orthoview (greebo)
0005530: [GUI] "Toggle 16x16 grid" function in the Particle Editor broken (greebo)
0000994: [Map Editing] Show attached (light) entities (orbweaver)
0005527: [Design/Coding] UI Manager cleanup (greebo)
0005524: [GUI] Add portal_sky filter to default filters (greebo)
0001709: [GUI] Show light_radius on 'other' entities (orbweaver)
0005267: [Map Editing] Duplicating model and moving with Alt-arrow results in pivot on original model when trying to rotate afterwards (greebo)
0005518: [Map Editing] Newly added or imported items don't use the location of previously selected item (greebo)
0005460: [Map Editing] Newly drawn brushes don't use height of previous selection with "Show Size Info" switched off (greebo)
38 issues View Issues
Released 29/01/2021
0005455: [GUI] Prefab Chooser preview: improvements to initial view (greebo)
0005388: [GUI] Skin Chooser starts with expanded All Skins root folder (greebo)
0005456: [Map Editing] Imported prefabs should be created at cursor (greebo)
0005498: [General] Crash when selecting caulk in Texture Browser, saving, loading map (greebo)
0005506: [GUI] Crash when trying to scroll the list in the favourites tab (wxGTK) (greebo)
0005474: [GUI] Default scale & natural function producing stretched results (greebo)
0005484: [Map Editing] Projected lights don't rotate around their origin anymore (greebo)
0003250: [Map Editing] Extend Search-Feature of browsers (greebo)
0004900: [General] Material parser doesn't recognise materials with no whitespace between name and block (greebo)
0005127: [Map Editing] Managing favorite resources (entities, textures,...) (greebo)
0005469: [Design/Coding] Crash in master on startup (greebo)
0005471: [Map Editing] Collapsing a brush while undoing cannot be undone (greebo)
0005475: [GUI] Missing textures don't appear in the media pane (greebo)
0005482: [GUI] List model definitions in Model Chooser (greebo)
0005491: [GUI] Initial GUI improvements to game connection plugin (orbweaver)
0005493: [GUI] TreeModel column accessed before initialization (greebo)
0005501: [GUI] Request for ai_see added to lights menu (greebo)
0005507: [Objectives] Freeze when trying to edit an objective component (greebo)
0005508: [Saving and loading] Crash in master when loading a map (greebo)
0005511: [GUI] TreeView search box can overlap with the search result (greebo)
0005454: [GUI] Script dialogs don't scale when window is resized (jonri)
21 issues View Issues
Released 26/12/2020
0005097: [GUI] Layer toggle controls can get out of sync (showing wrong icons) (greebo)
0005124: [Design/Coding] DR slow/laggy to move light sources around - on large maps (orbweaver)
0005444: [GUI] Brushes with no visible surface towards orthoview "camera" are unselectable in orthoview (greebo)
0005443: [GUI] Size display of lights doesn't change when modifying "light_radius" (greebo)
0005451: [Saving and loading] Layer operations do not mark the map as unsaved (greebo)
0005457: [GUI] Grid size not shown at startup (greebo)
0005108: [Saving and loading] Allow DR to open .maps that are inside .pk4s (greebo)
0005424: [Map Editing] Up/down strafe movement not working in camera free look mode (greebo)
0005426: [Compilation/Build] Can't build Radiant on current arch due to pybind breaking change (greebo)
0005429: [Design/Coding] EntityClassManager vs. VirtualFileSystem initialisation order might prevent .def file parsing (greebo)
0005430: [GUI] World geometry is blue and cannot be changed when no worldspawn entityDef is defined (greebo)
0005309: [Renderer] Creating a model entity creates a "phantom light" near the world origin (orbweaver)
0005364: [GUI] Better visual representation of light entities in views (orbweaver)
0005382: [Map Editing] Merge patch connect patches (greebo)
0005425: [Saving and loading] Automatic map saving can crash DarkRadiant (greebo)
0005436: [GUI] Feature request: User control of font size of "size" numbers on ortho screen (greebo)
0005440: [General] Overwriting protection of newer files: alert the player when the file has been modified on disk before saving (greebo)
0005442: [Scripting] Expose LayerManager interface to Python scripts (greebo)
0005448: [Map Editing] Loading 16 bit PNG is crashing DarkRadiant, and greyscale PNGs are not loaded correctly (greebo)
0005452: [Scripting] Upgrade pybind11 dependencies (greebo)
0005406: [Objectives] Provide list of all named map entities when editing the "Name of single Entity" objective specifier (greebo)
0005461: [GUI] Sound and prefab choosers should start with folders expanded (greebo)
22 issues View Issues
Released 19/11/2020
0005420: [Map Editing] Crash when "Load last map at startup" is activated (greebo)
0005422: [Saving and loading] DR freezes when saving from the "Exit DarkRadiant" dialogue (greebo)
2 issues View Issues
Released 18/11/2020
0005387: [Design/Coding] segfault when applying a new material to a brush (greebo)
0005115: [Models] Export patches: .lwo loses smooth shading (greebo)
0005342: [GUI] Feature: display which file an entity or soundshader is defined in (greebo)
0005116: [Models] Export patches: .ase has too many verts (greebo)
0005290: [GUI] 'Delete property' is greyed out when multiple properties are selected (greebo)
0005180: [Design/Coding] Simplify Commands and Event registration (greebo)
0005231: [Design/Coding] Extract Radiant core such that it can be instantiated from outside the main executable (greebo)
0005248: [GUI] Difficulty editor doesn't show classnames when typing instead of selecting them from the dropdown list (greebo)
0005269: [General] Escaped EOLN in entity spawnarg is turned into real EOLN (greebo)
0005275: [Shader System] DarkRadiant will not show DDS textures that are stored uncompressed (non-DXT) (orbweaver)
0005276: [GUI] Render mode icons are difficult to distinguish in certain environments (orbweaver)
0005277: [GUI] Improve usability of class selection in Difficulty editor (orbweaver)
0005278: [General] Config files should go under ".config" (orbweaver)
0005288: [GUI] Exit search field in child window by pressing escape (greebo)
0005289: [Saving and loading] Particle editor creates .prt files incorrectly (greebo)
0005336: [Map Editing] Crash when using CSG Merge on brushes that are entities (greebo)
0005337: [GUI] Crash in PrefabChooser dialog when using type-search while a prefab is loaded (greebo)
0005343: [Design/Coding] Unit Test Infrastructure Phase 2 (greebo)
0005344: [Map Editing] Change CSG Merge such that only brushes sharing the same parent entity get merged (greebo)
0005347: [Map Editing] Crash if pressing backspace while drawing a brush (greebo)
0005348: [GUI] Clipper cursor persists when switching out of clipper mode (greebo)
0005200: [Design/Coding] Unit testing infrastructure (greebo)
0005235: [GUI] Highlight a model in orthoview and its selected in 'map info' inspector (greebo)
0005263: [Map Editing] "Model Scaler" doesn't handle model duplication correctly (or perhaps consistently) (greebo)
0005306: [General] Add a 'Reload Sounds' options to the menu (greebo)
0005310: [General] Add a way to teleport to coordinates (via Console Command or Python) (greebo)
0005338: [Design/Coding] Split Camera code into model and UI (greebo)
0005345: [Sound System] Feature: Display Estimated Duration of Sound Clip (greebo)
0005346: [Map Editing] TDM Game Connection Plugin (stgatilov)
0005356: [Map Editing] Moving a clipper point always sets position on one axis back to 0 (greebo)
0005357: [GUI] Add search function in Skin Chooser (greebo)
0005358: [GUI] Skin listing issues in Skin Chooser (greebo)
0005361: [Design/Coding] Unit testing infrastructure (Linux) (greebo)
0005366: [Compilation/Build] Binaries are installed differently by Automake in openSUSE and requires lib->lib64 symlink (greebo)
0005367: [Compilation/Build] Need better Python detection in configure.ac (greebo)
0005368: [Compilation/Build] Console warning in Linux when loading libradiantcore.so: undefined symbol: RegisterModule (greebo)
0005370: [General] Cubic clip button doesn't toggle. (greebo)
0005373: [Compilation/Build] segfault when selecting a material in the media/textures list (greebo)
0005374: [Saving and loading] Ctrl+C attempts to save the map, then crashes DarkRadiant (greebo)
0005375: [Compilation/Build] Build failure in Mageia 8 (greebo)
0005379: [Design/Coding] Log file not created in Windows (greebo)
0005381: [Map Editing] Linux: Can't copy / paste items, no clipboard module attached (greebo)
0005383: [Models] Reported Polycount for LWO models is one too high (greebo)
0005392: [GUI] Lost some keyboard shortcuts - 2.9pre2 (greebo)
0005371: [Map Editing] [Surface Inspector] Fit Texture does not work if either Horiz. or Vert. scale are set to 0 (greebo)
0005380: [Map Editing] DR2.9 beta Select Group Parts not working (greebo)
0005391: [GUI] On/off Selection issue with layers window (greebo)
0005393: [GUI] DR 2.9pre2 wont load from recently opened maps list (greebo)
0005397: [General] DarkRadiant crashes when using Map - Find Brush (greebo)
0005399: [General] Conversation Editor won't add new actors, entity names are seen as null (greebo)
0005401: [GUI] DR not always remembering window size and position between sessions (greebo)
0005402: [GUI] Model browser renders 3D previews for past models, overlaps current selection (greebo)
0005405: [General] Darkradiant occasionally freezes when browsing sounds (greebo)
0005407: [Map Editing] Entity Inspector always shows "Primitve 0" for any selected worldspawn primitive (greebo)
0005410: [General] Filtered textures aren't edited when modifying textures on the whole brush, no obvious way to tell which textures are locked (greebo)
0005412: [General] Undo / redo system records cycling through textures (previewing) in the Surface Inspector shader browser (greebo)
0005413: [Design/Coding] DarkRadiant doesn't compile against wxGTK 3.1.4 (greebo)
0005243: [GUI] DR lockup/freeze while cleaning up brushes using subtract/cutting tools. (greebo)
0005246: [Map Editing] Texture Tool / UV Tool grid size (greebo)
0005264: [Map Editing] Add `monster_player_clip_wood` to list of filtered clip textures (greebo)
60 issues View Issues
Released 02/05/2020
0005193: [GUI] Removing a Stim/Response entry can break the remaining entries (greebo)
0005132: [Map Editing] Undo after thickening a cylinder cap along vertex normals causes crash (greebo)
0005122: [Selection System] Feature: Selection by Filter (greebo)
0005090: [Selection System] Preserve grouping information when copy-pasting between multiple open instances of DR (greebo)
0005131: [Compilation/Build] Python 3.8 does not get linked (greebo)
0005135: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: crashes on brush surfaces with texture scale 0 (greebo)
0005149: [Map Editing] Readable Editor Crash (greebo)
0005154: [GUI] Edit Objectives dialog doesn't adjust its height when selecting a component (greebo)
0005155: [GUI] Model chooser doesn't list .md3 models (greebo)
0005173: [Map Editing] ConnectNamespacedWalker Warning when cloning selection containing links and targets (greebo)
0005196: [Map Editing] All spawnargs with the same value as the "name" spawnarg iterate when the entity is cloned (greebo)
0005203: [Design/Coding] Let DR look for either 32-bit or 64-bit TDM .exe's (greebo)
0005089: [Selection System] Preserve grouping information in prefabs (greebo)
0005134: [Map Editing] 'Reload models' reveals hidden models (greebo)
0005140: [GUI] ToggleFullScreenCamera does not toggle the full screen camera (greebo)
0005147: [GUI] 'Show help' etc. checkboxes in entity inspector aren't remembered by DR (greebo)
0005148: [GUI] 'Show help' tooltip text updates incorrectly (greebo)
0005151: [GUI] Targeting projected lights: let the line point to the light source instead of the light volume's midpoint (greebo)
0005159: [GUI] Search function missing in head chooser and vocal set chooser (greebo)
0005166: [Map Editing] Fixed Subdivisions higher than 32 (greebo)
0005168: [Map Editing] Autosaves don't save last camera angle & position (greebo)
0005174: [Design/Coding] Loading error caused by non-Latin character in filename (greebo)
0005175: [Saving and loading] Add Portable Map Format storing map and additional data in one single file (greebo)
0005176: [GUI] Let DR remember the shader in ShaderClipboard after closing (greebo)
0005188: [Shader System] DR can't find materials whose names start with table (greebo)
0005199: [Map Editing] It's possible to delete the classname spawnarg through the context menu (greebo)
0005207: [GUI] Add 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons to conversations list (greebo)
0005209: [GUI] Modal dialogs can be too easily closed without saving settings (orbweaver)
0005210: [GUI] Difficulty dialog shows string table entries instead of difficulty names (orbweaver)
0005211: [GUI] Add an interface for editing difficulty names (orbweaver)
0005214: [GUI] Changing classname ties entity's visibility to 'Default' layer (greebo)
0005219: [GUI] Add option to show "Other Materials" in Texture Browser (greebo)
0005220: [Map Editing] Resized Models lose their scale in auto-saved maps (greebo)
0005222: [GUI] Make it easier to collapse all folders (greebo)
0005226: [GUI] Feature: "Select Parent Entities" (greebo)
0005227: [GUI] Automatically recognise more spawnarg types (greebo)
0005229: [Saving and loading] Layers information gets duplicated in consecutive save operations (greebo)
37 issues View Issues
Released 14/01/2020
0005092: [GUI] Buttons to change spawnargs can affect entities that aren't currently selected (greebo)
0004874: [Compilation/Build] Compile error with gcc-7 (and gcc-8) (greebo)
0004880: [Models] Bad normals produced by .ASE exporter (greebo)
0004873: [Design/Coding] Game/Project Setup should show recently used custom paths in the mission drop down list (greebo)
0004889: [Models] A method to deprecate models without breaking existing maps: (orbweaver)
0005071: [Compilation/Build] Upgrade VC++ projects to VS2019 (greebo)
0005073: [Documentation] Deploy user guide to www.darkradiant.net (greebo)
0005021: [General] DR gets unhandled exception on start up. (orbweaver)
0005077: [Compilation/Build] Compilation fails in Ubuntu 19.10 (greebo)
0005078: [Design/Coding] Search feature in TreeView controls seems to be broken (greebo)
0005081: [Compilation/Build] Update Xcode project (greebo)
0005082: [GUI] Layers window: first click after opening isn't registered properly (greebo)
0005086: [GUI] In DR 2.7.0 pre2: S/R interface issues with adding stims or responses (greebo)
0005087: [GUI] Connecting lines to targeted entities don't show up if 'Default' layer was hidden (greebo)
0005091: [GUI] Add "Choose Skin" button when editing model spawnarg of an existing entity (greebo)
0005112: [GUI] SkinChooser: Expand 'Matching skins' folder right after showing the dialog (greebo)
0005114: [GUI] 2.7pre3: Model selection: materials/verts/polys display always refers to previously selected model (greebo)
0004792: [GUI] Rotation of x-oriented particles in Particle Editor is different than in-game (greebo)
0004840: [GUI] Mouse Binding settings for Aux1 do not work (greebo)
0004841: [Scripting] Blend export script fails (greebo)
0004859: [General] DR thinks an entity name of the form "Cylinder01" is the same as "Cylinder1" (greebo)
0004861: [General] Undo/Redo Does Not Restore Light Color (greebo)
0004876: [Models] No confirmation dialogue box when exporting combined models (greebo)
0004885: [Scripting] Syntax error in "Test for missing targets" script (greebo)
0004904: [GUI] Unmaximised DarkRadiant not remembering main window size and location (greebo)
0004966: [Map Editing] Reload Models option in Create Model dialog window doesn't update the model (greebo)
0004999: [Objectives] Problem with satisfying readable objective "when closed" (greebo)
0005093: [Design/Coding] When no GL context is present, OpenGLModule::assertNoErrors() runs into an endless loop until your memory runs out (greebo)
0005094: [Renderer] Choose Skin dialog will crash in 2.7.0pre2 (greebo)
0005101: [GUI] Model exporter doesn't remember last export location (greebo)
0005104: [Models] Exporting bell_hand.lwo as ASE is producing an invalid model, which will fail to dmap (greebo)
0005113: [GUI] 2.7pre3: 'Choose skin' from model spawnarg: hitting cancel sets model spawnarg as skin (greebo)
0005074: [Documentation] Update Compilation Guide for the latest release (greebo)
0005088: [Map Editing] Hitting cancel in 'Create Speaker' still creates a speaker (greebo)
0005095: [GUI] Search box persists for some seconds after closing window or shifting focus (greebo)
0005117: [Map Editing] Entities with non-existent classnames are shown white instead of blue in orthoview (greebo)
36 issues View Issues
Released 10/05/2018
0004750: [Scripting] Export Selected as .LWO Model: Exported models loose smooth shading after export. (greebo)
0004747: [Map Editing] CSG Make Room operator does not fill the room on 3-edge prism case (greebo)
0004710: [Map Editing] Changing entity class from the spawnargs moves it to the Active Layer (greebo)
0004718: [Map Editing] Undo after changing func_static entity classname results in lost child primitives (greebo)
0004154: [GUI] DR doesn't show readable background image changes (greebo)
0004732: [Saving and loading] DR shouldn't write *.darkradiant files when creating a prefab (greebo)
0004285: [Map Editing] Export patches and lights/func_statics to OBJ (greebo)
0004766: [Models] Make The Model Exporter Respect The "skin" Spawnarg On Export (greebo)
0004767: [Models] Re-exporting .ase models screws up their normals (greebo)
0004774: [GUI] Particle Editor Doesn't Save Colour/Fade Colour (greebo)
0004785: [GUI] Double-clicking an element in MediaBrowser should apply it to the current selection (greebo)
0004583: [GUI] DR doesn't remember location of child windows when placed on secondary monitor (greebo)
0004790: [Design/Coding] Crash on auto map load on application startup (greebo)
0004787: [GUI] Surface brush slection highlighting broken (greebo)
0004788: [GUI] Selected Light entities apearing red: (greebo)
0004793: [Design/Coding] Compilation fails when using wxWidgets 3.1.2 (greebo)
0004582: [GUI] Add a stopwatch tracking your mapping time (greebo)
0004717: [Scripting] Remove legacy "Convert to ASE..." script (greebo)
0004719: [GUI] Grid size number format in status bar is showing unnecessary post-comma zeros (greebo)
0004722: [Scripting] Syntax error in OBJ export script (greebo)
0004723: [Design/Coding] Cleanup VC++ projects and settings (greebo)
0004733: [Compilation/Build] linking of testsuite with boost unit test framework fails (greebo)
0004742: [Compilation/Build] Configure fails with: Cannot find input file Makefile.in (greebo)
0004783: [Design/Coding] Refactor Frontend Renderer (remove the state machine part) (greebo)
0004784: [Design/Coding] Rare crash when shutting down the application right after it comes up (greebo)
0004786: [GUI] Favorite Folders For Textures (greebo)
0002819: [Map Editing] Brushes, patches, entities, etc. change layers on their own (user81)
27 issues View Issues
Released 24/12/2017
0004664: [Selection System] You cannot group/ungroup objects while in Select Group Parts mode (greebo)
0004637: [Compilation/Build] Replace remaining boost libraries with standard C++11 libraries (greebo)
0004638: [Compilation/Build] Replace boost.format with fmtlib (greebo)
0004639: [Map Editing] Add Rank to TDM AI tab. (greebo)
0004640: [GUI] Script input window is receiving duplicate backspace events (greebo)
0004689: [Map Editing] Add GUI for authoring the darkmod.txt/readme.txt files (greebo)
0004695: [GUI] New Game Setup Dialog (greebo)
0002001: [Map Editing] Entity List - sort by # (user81)
0002011: [GUI] Launch associated editor for definitions from context menu (user81)
0002402: [GUI] Camera view gets stuck on axis rotate (user81)
0003256: [Map Editing] DR 1.8.0: slow/freezes when re-loading maps, textures ro filters. (user81)
11 issues View Issues
Released 26/09/2017
0004586: [Scripting] Consider move to pybind11 to replace boost.python (greebo)
0004588: [GUI] GroupDialog is missing tabs in Floating layout (greebo)
0004592: [Map Editing] Add LWO Exporter (greebo)
0004593: [Map Editing] Let user choose between available Model Export Formats for scaled models (greebo)
0004596: [Map Editing] Crash on Undo after saving a map with one or more scaled models (greebo)
0004601: [Map Editing] Intermittent crash when selecting/manipulating lots of patches (greebo)
0004602: [Saving and loading] Snapshots feature ignoring / not notifying about folder size limit (greebo)
0004605: [Models] Add "Export as Model" dialog to save selection as LWO/ASE (greebo)
0004606: [GUI] Add Reload Models and Reload Skins button to Model Selector (greebo)
0004607: [Design/Coding] Replace boost::filesystem with std::experimental::filesystem in GCC (greebo)
0004608: [Scripting] Expose GlobalSelectionGroupManager to Python scripts (greebo)
0004617: [Map Editing] Add option to save map selection in OBJ format (greebo)
0004618: [Map Editing] Add game file for Prey (greebo)
13 issues View Issues
Released 23/07/2017
0004495: [Design/Coding] Option to scale models by a set amount (greebo)
0004506: [GUI] Improved playback options in the sound picker window (greebo)
0004525: [GUI] Various windows won't open (greebo)
0004526: [GUI] Panel sizes not persisted between startups (greebo)
0004527: [GUI] Recent maps menu becomes empty after use (greebo)
0004548: [GUI] Holding down the SurfaceInspector toggle key S leads to crashes in Linux debug builds (greebo)
0004551: [GUI] Group Dialog tabs are broken in SplitPane Layout (greebo)
0004558: [Map Editing] Ability to disable grid snapping when holding down CTRL key (greebo)
0004559: [Map Editing] Hitting ESC during a Model Resize operation doesn't cancel properly (greebo)
0004561: [General] Auto-save XML files to user settings folder when the app is idle (greebo)
0004563: [Design/Coding] Switch to VC++ 2017 tool chain (greebo)
0004564: [Design/Coding] Switch script interpreter to Python 3 (greebo)
0004565: [Saving and loading] Add option to specify an absolute path to a map as startup argument (greebo)
0004567: [Design/Coding] Replace boost::filesystem with std::experimental::filesystem in MSVC 2017 (greebo)
0004570: [Map Editing] In a TDM 2.0 game with no fs_base_path, the PK4 names show up as top level nodes in Sound and Entity Choosers (greebo)
0004490: [Map Editing] Darkradiant crashes when trying to open the prefab menu under file > import prefab. (greebo)
0004566: [GUI] wxWidgets 3.0.x doesn't send wxEVT_MENU_OPEN to the MenuBar (greebo)
0004568: [GUI] DarkRadiant crashes when selecting "insert prefab" (greebo)
0004571: [Scripting] Test invalid visportals script should check for wronlgy parented visportals (greebo)
0004572: [GUI] Add option to draw grid in the RenderPreview (greebo)
0004575: [Map Editing] GUI Selector in Readable Editor doesn't accept the selection (greebo)
0004578: [Selection System] Multiselection with lights offsets the rotation origin (greebo)
0004580: [GUI] RenderPreview windows are not updating in Linux (greebo)
       0004576: [Renderer] MD5 animation viewer does not render properly (greebo)
0004581: [Map Editing] Groups do not persist through func_static cloning (greebo)
0004489: [GUI] Add option to reset keyboard shortcuts to defaults (greebo)
0004500: [Map Editing] You Can Reparent Primitives to any Entity, not just func_statics (greebo)
0004502: [GUI] Rare crash during shutdown when switching GroupDialog tabs (greebo)
0004503: [GUI] Remember last opened GroupDialog tab and re-open it on next startup (greebo)
0004482: [GUI] Filter menu disappears from top bar when editing filters (greebo)
30 issues View Issues
Released 07/02/2017
0004546: [Compilation/Build] Build failure on Fedora 26 (Beta) GCC 7.1.1 (greebo)
0004483: [GUI] Menu Breakage, AboutDialog not accessible (greebo)
2 issues View Issues
Released 07/02/2017
0004481: [Compilation/Build] Compilation in Mac OS X (greebo)
0004467: [GUI] Clicking Entity Pane Columns Messes Up Spawnarg Order (greebo)
0004468: [Map Editing] Ability to scale models (greebo)
0002753: [Models] Support for shift/scale/rotation keywords of ASE model (greebo)
0004443: [Map Editing] Make rotation manipulator's pivot point moveable (greebo)
0004464: [Compilation/Build] Making all in install/i18n fails when gettext binaries are missing (greebo)
0004469: [Compilation/Build] Tons of g++ 6.2 compiler warnings (greebo)
0004471: [Map Editing] DarkRadiant crashes when "Load last map" option is active (greebo)
0004472: [Map Editing] Worldspawn is not saved as Entity 0 in some scenarios (greebo)
0004475: [GUI] You should be able to snap rotation origin to grid (greebo)
0004479: [Map Editing] Readable Editor not marking the map as modified after hitting "Save and Close" (greebo)
0004480: [GUI] Readable Editor refusing to save xdata file if fs_game is set to an absolute path (greebo)
0004450: [GUI] Sound Chooser doesn't preselect the shader when editing a s_shader spawnarg (greebo)
0004322: [Design/Coding] Problem Playing Speaker Sounds in Entity Inspector Choose Sound Dialog. (greebo)
0004452: [GUI] Add indicator to Layer Dialog to show whether anything in the current selection is part of this layer (greebo)
0004453: [GUI] Add Layer Usage Breakdown tab to Map Info Dialog (greebo)
0004454: [GUI] Crash in S/R ClassEditor when right-clicking a Response (Linux) (greebo)
0004455: [GUI] Crash when closing S/R editor in Linux (greebo)
0004456: [Design/Coding] Crash during shutdown due to resources still held by S/R module (greebo)
0004457: [Design/Coding] Startup warning "unable to create settings path" in Linux (greebo)
0004035: [GUI] Stim/Response Editor partly doesn't work, also crashes DarkRadiant (greebo)
0004360: [General] crash in boost::phyton (greebo)
0004458: [GUI] Layer submenu items in OrthoContextmenu not working in wxGTK (greebo)
0004459: [Map Editing] Rare crash opening Texture Tool (greebo)
0004460: [Design/Coding] Rewrite MenuManager implementation (greebo)
0004461: [Compilation/Build] Crash at startup in std::string constructor (g++ 5.3) (greebo)
0004462: [GUI] LayerControlDialog's Hide/Show All button is not graying out correctly (greebo)
0004377: [GUI] Conversation Editor GUI Improvement (greebo)
0004444: [Map Editing] Colour of grouped objects should be customisable (greebo)
0004445: [Map Editing] Removing worldspawn from the map prevents new brushes from being drag-created (greebo)
0004447: [Design/Coding] Crash due to concurrent XMLRegistry accesses from multiple threads (greebo)
0004448: [GUI] Add option to validate that Conversation actors are existing in the map (greebo)
0002303: [Design/Coding] Measurement tool for distance (greebo)
0004366: [Compilation/Build] Linux './configure' script WARNING (greebo)
0004421: [Compilation/Build] Linux build failure (greebo)
0004449: [Design/Coding] Build failure on Arch Linux (greebo)
36 issues View Issues
Released 18/11/2016
0004416: [Map Editing] Remove Cycle Cap Texture command (greebo)
0000021: [Map Editing] Parenting or grouping (greebo)
0004386: [Map Editing] Projected lights don't rotate around their origin anymore (greebo)
0004373: [General] Connecting lines are created in Default layer (greebo)
0004280: [General] Aspect ratio displayed incorrectly in particle editor (greebo)
0004355: [GUI] Problem with starting a new conversation with the conversation editor (greebo)
0004380: [GUI] Allow EntityInspector to select/copy/paste multiple spawnargs at once (greebo)
0004381: [GUI] Add a clickable Checkbox next to boolean-valued spawnargs in EntityInspector list (greebo)
0004387: [Selection System] Invert Selection problems (greebo)
0004388: [Map Editing] Undo does not respect grouping/ungrouping operations (greebo)
0004396: [GUI] Error message when opening S/R editor (greebo)
0004397: [Map Editing] Python Script to check for invalid visportals (greebo)
0004404: [Design/Coding] The health field on the AI tab is capped at 1000. (greebo)
0004411: [Map Editing] Crash when saving a particle that is already used by a map entity (greebo)
0003870: [Map Editing] Label showing number of currently selected entities (greebo)
0004189: [Map Editing] Thickening patches can create extra, glitchy patches (greebo)
0004365: [Design/Coding] llvm/clang static source code analysis (greebo)
0004391: [General] Aimed particles have incorrect orientation or shape (greebo)
0004407: [Design/Coding] build error using latest git (greebo)
0004410: [General] Ring size being reset in particle editor (greebo)
0004413: [General] Leaving fs_game/fs_game_base blank causes particles to be saved in DarkRadiant's base folder (greebo)
0004321: [Map Editing] Patch tesselation code produces strange normals on some patches (greebo)
0004313: [GUI] Dark spots/areas on patches when exporting to ASE (greebo)
0004325: [Map Editing] Empty func_static entity after switching classname and hitting undo (greebo)
0004333: [Design/Coding] 3d view port shortcut to pan while not in free look (greebo)
0004344: [Design/Coding] Redesign Preference and corresponding UI framework (greebo)
0004345: [GUI] Double-clicking tree view items should expand/collapse them (greebo)
0004334: [Design/Coding] Update dependency libraries and VC++ toolchain (greebo)
0002882: [General] DR pre8: at startup, the screen is painted before pane contents are cleared (greebo)
0004034: [Map Editing] Show AAS areas (greebo)
0004375: [General] Moving objects to a hidden layer doesn't cause them to immediately disappear (greebo)
0004072: [GUI] Cant change partcle on func_emitter (user81)
32 issues View Issues
Released 04/06/2016
0000230: [Map Editing] Rotation of multi-ent objects problematic (greebo)
0000389: [Map Editing] Find and replace textures ignores texture alignment (greebo)
0004282: [Map Editing] Crash when selecting an object after loading a new map (greebo)
0004294: [GUI] The AI tab shows visual AND audio acuities ranging from 0->1.00. They should range from 0->100. (greebo)
0004298: [Design/Coding] Crash when reloading def files while having a map loaded (greebo)
0004305: [GUI] Cannot set negative speed values in particle editor (greebo)
0004295: [Design/Coding] Animation viewer keeps demanding more memory (greebo)
0004307: [GUI] Have to double click to select and unselect any item on ortho. (greebo)
0004308: [GUI] New brushes have texture at lowest scale (greebo)
0004309: [GUI] Delay redraw when manipulating brushes or patches (greebo)
0004310: [GUI] Continues scrolling in orthoview: (greebo)
0004312: [GUI] Moving texture/vert points in texture tool: always moves two grid lines at a time (greebo)
0004314: [Scripting] Move Wavefront OBJ exporter code to Python (greebo)
0004315: [GUI] Color-related spawnargs should have three points of decimal precision instead of two (greebo)
0004316: [Map Editing] Patches + Incorrect Shader Paste operations breaks the 3D viewport (greebo)
0004317: [Map Editing] Rotating brushes flings them around randomly when Rotate Objects independently is on. (greebo)
0004320: [Design/Coding] Error compiling in Linux after latest commit to git. (greebo)
0004324: [GUI] Increasing/decreasing camera speed during freelook mode exits freelook (greebo)
0004328: [Saving and loading] Add support for loading older Q3 map format (greebo)
0004329: [Map Editing] Pasting Shaders from Patch To Brush Does Not Keep Texture Scale and Alignment (greebo)
0004331: [Map Editing] Target lines don't disappear from buttons if they are turned into worldspawn (greebo)
0004332: [Design/Coding] Failure to compile recent git commits in Linux. (greebo)
0004276: [Design/Coding] Path connections disappear when one endpoint is not visible (greebo)
0003570: [Map Editing] Multiple func_statics, when rotated, leave origins untouched (greebo)
0004031: [Map Editing] Intermittent crash in Prefab Selector (user81)
0004323: [GUI] Windows focus, popup/alert when selecting function off main window (user81)
0004330: [GUI] Can't move brushes and cant scroll-drag brushes: (user81)
27 issues View Issues
Released 30/12/2015
0004141: [Models] Reload models unhides hidden models (greebo)
0004089: [GUI] When clicking on the Layer Control Dialog, the scroll bar jumps to the bottom (greebo)
0004017: [Renderer] Distant geometry renders in front of closer geometry (depth test fail)
0004217: [Renderer] Portal Sky texture is transparent (again) (greebo)
0004194: [General] please update boost.m4 to avoid build failure with gcc-5 (greebo)
0004192: [General] spelling error in sound module (greebo)
0004196: [Design/Coding] Please add Keywords to desktop file (greebo)
0004208: [GUI] STIM_MOSS not listed in S/R editor (greebo)
0004261: [GUI] Startup crash in release builds when .pid-file is present (greebo)
0004187: [General] configure.ac: needs call to AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, does not find de.po (greebo)
0004264: [Shader System] texture browser not updating on media load (greebo)
0004265: [GUI] Crash in Freezepointer code, during ParticlesChooser (greebo)
0004091: [Objectives] Objective Component always reverting its value to 1 when selected (greebo)
0004126: [Objectives] Instability in Objective Editor (greebo)
0004134: [GUI] Readable Editor not working in SplitPane layout (greebo)
0004171: [Design/Coding] Rare crash during startup due to duplicate worker threads (greebo)
0004111: [Selection System] 'select group parts' toolbar button stuck (greebo)
0004142: [Models] Changing model on an entity with a skin reverts skin to default (greebo)
0004172: [GUI] TextureBrowser Setting "Max shadername length" ignored in Preferences (greebo)
0004173: [Map Editing] Feature request: saved paths in prefab inspector (greebo)
0002881: [General] Texture pane isn't initialized when a new map is started (greebo)
0004029: [GUI] Text box focus issue when creating new layer (greebo)
0004032: [Map Editing] Target Lines are rendered in every preview if names happen to match (greebo)
0003822: [Models] Choosemodel fails to display models when realtime lights are enabled (greebo)
0004047: [Map Editing] Improve ModelSelector / RenderPreview navigation and rendering (greebo)
0004049: [GUI] Fit texture spin controls too narrow (greebo)
0004052: [Scripting] Running non-existent script file crashes DR (greebo)
0004062: [Sound System] Slashes in sound shader names / shader file decls problematic (greebo)
0004065: [Map Editing] Add "Select/deselect elements using this shader" to MediaBrowser context menu. (greebo)
0004066: [GUI] ESC key does not propagate as shortcut when a tool window's text control is focused (greebo)
0004067: [GUI] ModelSelector forgets last selected model when hitting Cancel (greebo)
0004068: [GUI] Light Texture Chooser does not display the currently active texture (greebo)
0004082: [GUI] Preload ModelSelector tree after startup (greebo)
0004087: [Models] XreaL: MD3 models are loaded without texture (greebo)
0004080: [Design/Coding] Startup Performance Improvements (greebo)
       0004069: [Sound System] Offload sound shader loading to separate thread (greebo)
       0004081: [Design/Coding] Make logging subsystem thread-safe (greebo)
       0004093: [Design/Coding] Parse .def, .gui, .mtr and .sndshd files in separate threads during startup (greebo)
0004086: [GUI] Add Find & Replace Textures command to the main menu (greebo)
0004088: [Map Editing] Layers: after "Hide All", showing a single layer doesn't make it the default layer (greebo)
0004092: [Objectives] Objectives Editor should remember its size and position (greebo)
0004096: [GUI] Show the keyboard shortcut in the toolbar button help texts (greebo)
0000384: [Map Editing] Dragged entity loses angle field (greebo)
0000692: [GUI] Find and Replace - seek to material (greebo)
0003150: [Design/Coding] "angle" spawnarg disappears when it's set to zero and the entity is moved (greebo)
0003306: [Map Editing] func_door issues with models (greebo)
0003675: [GUI] find and replace texture dialog box. using mouse 3 (greebo)
0004100: [Map Editing] Crash when moving single PatchNode over 512 units away from origin (greebo)
0004102: [Map Editing] Crash when closing an additional XY view window (greebo)
49 issues View Issues
Released 10/01/2015
0003901: [GUI] Need option to browse prefabs from non-FM paths as per DR 1.8.1 (greebo)
0003915: [General] Activating filters under some conditions crashes DR (greebo)
0003916: [GUI] Light Shader preview sometimes shows just a grey box (greebo)
0003917: [Map Editing] Entity list takes ages to show (greebo)
0003918: [Map Editing] Search field in Entity list (greebo)
0003921: [Map Editing] Crash when loading a new map with non-empty entity selection (greebo)
0003923: [GUI] GroupDialog Notebook is referenced by two different wxSizerItems at the same time (greebo)
0003935: [GUI] Can't type into the SelectionSet dropdown box. (greebo)
0003936: [Map Editing] Crash when deleting a selection containing both child primitive and parent entity (greebo)
0003937: [Map Editing] When switching to Group Part selection mode, try to keep func_static selections (greebo)
0003938: [Design/Coding] DR not remembering ortho layout of SplitPane View after closing DR (greebo)
0003940: [GUI] Ctrl+Tab sometimes does nothing (greebo)
0003965: [GUI] Application getting out of focus when closing inspectors (greebo)
0003975: [Map Editing] Drag-manipulated func_statics can go off-screen with only origin left for drawing (greebo)
0003976: [GUI] Arrow key events in Preference Dialog get propagated to the main window (greebo)
0003977: [GUI] Many treeviews are not sorting alphabetically (greebo)
0003978: [GUI] Some mouse operations are breaking when cursor is moved beyond the view (greebo)
0003994: [GUI] Switching on realtime rendering might cause irresponsiveness of Camera (greebo)
0003995: [Design/Coding] Redesign mouse interaction code used in 3D- and orthoviews (greebo)
0003999: [Renderer] Texture Tool sometimes not drawing, render area is just grey (greebo)
0002251: [Design/Coding] DR 1.3.1: Any items dragged snap back to original location (greebo)
0003860: [Map Editing] Rotated light volume can not be resized properly (greebo)
0003997: [GUI] Particle editor broken in 2.0.2 pre3 (greebo)
0003998: [General] Feature request: for 2.0.2 - Adjustable drag/scrolling speed in orthoview (greebo)
0004001: [Design/Coding] scene::Node destruction issues, PatchNode destructor never invoked (greebo)
0004003: [Map Editing] Crash in FaceInstance::selectedChanged (debug build) due to invalid callback (greebo)
0004019: [GUI] "Wrong type" error window spam in certain menus (greebo)
0004024: [GUI] EntityInspector doesn't react to type-ahead search (greebo)
0004025: [GUI] SoundChooser doesn't scroll to the selected sound shader (greebo)
29 issues View Issues
Released 15/11/2014
0003851: [Shader System] Backslash in sound shaders fools DR (greebo)
0003898: [Design/Coding] Rewrite global shortcut handling (greebo)
       0003895: [GUI] Layers window is not propagating shortcuts to the main window (greebo)
       0003897: [GUI] PropertyEditor buttons are not propagating key events to the main window. (greebo)
0003900: [GUI] Prefab Selector showing non-prefab files, plus attempts to open folders (greebo)
0003908: [GUI] SurfaceInspector controls will continue firing their events when moving the mouse away (greebo)
0003909: [GUI] Orthographic view incorrectly displays the position of an object (greebo)
0003911: [Map Editing] Can select "Add Model" while a brush is selected, leads to odd behaviour (greebo)
0003910: [GUI] Light inspector copies textures from one light to another (greebo)
0003874: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown in TextureBrowser::destroyWindow() (greebo)
0003875: [GUI] SplitPane window layout crashes DR at exit (greebo)
0003880: [GUI] TreeView can sometimes hold bad selection references (greebo)
0003887: [GUI] DarkRadiant doesn't react when clicking around rather fast (greebo)
0003894: [GUI] Some windows are inresponsive to mousewheel events (when not in focus) (greebo)
14 issues View Issues
Released 10/10/2014
0000141: [GUI] File dialog Name sorting is case sensitive (orbweaver)
0003833: [GUI] Can't set the Actor in a conversation (greebo)
0003864: [GUI] Particle editor opens collapsed (greebo)
0003778: [GUI] Some default keyboard shortcuts not working (greebo)
0003779: [GUI] Floating camera view position is not saved (greebo)
0003781: [GUI] Lighting preview is not enabled (greebo)
0003783: [Selection System] Filtering entities doesn't deselect them (greebo)
0003787: [GUI] Media preview pane not showing editor preview image (greebo)
0002381: [GUI] Fast/slow camera movement switch (greebo)
0003651: [Design/Coding] Discontinue support for VS2010 (greebo)
0003687: [Selection System] Filter editor colum width borked (greebo)
0003688: [Selection System] Can't re-order shortcut keys list by column (greebo)
0003743: [General] Following def file causes particle editor to exit unexpectedly (greebo)
0003777: [Design/Coding] Migrate GTK and GLib code to wxWidgets 3.0 (greebo)
0002077: [GUI] Unable to ctrl-click multi-add properties at top of list (greebo)
0000084: [GUI] Wireframe from behind patches (orbweaver)
0001909: [GUI] Open dialog boxes hide behind floating windows after the user presses the Alt+Tab command in order to return to DarkRadiant (greebo)
0003676: [GUI] fast texturing shortcuts (greebo)
       0003794: [Map Editing] Selecting a shader in the TextureBrowser should fill the ShaderClipboard with the shader name (greebo)
       0003795: [Map Editing] Add "Paste Texture Name only" to mouse shortcuts (greebo)
0000272: [Renderer] Rendering of projected lights is not correct (greebo)
0003359: [Map Editing] Light shaders appearing the wrong way around (orientation) in DR campared to in-game. (greebo)
0003798: [GUI] Entity inspector misaligns team spawnarg (greebo)
0003799: [Renderer] Can no longer see edges of selections (greebo)
0003801: [GUI] MediaBrowser preview image can go out of scale (greebo)
0003810: [GUI] Directory Browser not visible on first startup of DarkRadiant (greebo)
0003811: [GUI] Preference Dialog can be resized but no scrollbar appears so controls are unreachable (greebo)
27 issues View Issues
Released 14/07/2014
0003652: [Map Editing] Copy/Paste map elements seems to be broken (greebo)
0003644: [GUI] MD5 Anim Viewer doesn't remove models after trying to preview a missing mesh (greebo)
0003650: [Map Editing] Cant save prefabs (greebo)
0003718: [Scripting] Script to find missing targets (SteveL)
0003628: [Map Editing] Support loading and saving maps in Quake 3 format (greebo)
0003627: [Saving and loading] Save dialog should offer option to write map using different format (greebo)
0003626: [GUI] Make custom bind commands valid targets for keyboard shortcuts (greebo)
0003621: [GUI] Add AI Editing Panel for TDM (greebo)
0003619: [Map Editing] Changing Filters is triggering an Entity List refresh even when it's hidden (greebo)
0003618: [General] Game-specific settings might be picked from the wrong .game file (greebo)
0002019: [General] Skin Chooser on by default (greebo)
0003319: [Map Editing] xreal detal brushes (greebo)
0003062: [GUI] Readable editor not accurate WYSIWYG (greebo)
0003637: [Map Editing] Model Selector shows duplicate (previously selected) model after undo operation (greebo)
0003638: [Selection System] Persist SelectionSets to .darkradiant file (greebo)
0003639: [Map Editing] Crash when hiding two or more selected patches while PatchInspector is visible (greebo)
0003641: [Selection System] Cannot drag selected child primitives when in Group Part selection mode (greebo)
0003642: [Selection System] Cannot drag selected child primitives when "tabbing" through a func_static entity (greebo)
18 issues View Issues
Released 12/10/2013
0002971: [General] Support for pk3dir/pk4dir (orbweaver)
0003480: [Design/Coding] Absolute paths should be supported for game-, mod-path etc. (greebo)
0003273: [Models] Crash when previewing corrupt model (greebo)
0003305: [Map Editing] Animation preview doesn't work (greebo)
0000698: [Map Editing] "Floor" option for models and func_statics (greebo)
0003540: [GUI] "Reload Shaders" in File> menu doesn't reflect actual functionality (greebo)
0003105: [Map Editing] A patch for anyone building darkradiant on a system with glib-2.32 installed (greebo)
0002996: [General] GameManager adds duplicates VFS search dirs (greebo)
0003145: [Renderer] md5meshes viewed from behind (greebo)
0003245: [GUI] Cancel-Button in the Preferences-dialog does not work (greebo)
0003253: [Objectives] Objective States INVALID and FAILED are reversed (greebo)
0003137: [Design/Coding] Darkradiant Segmentation Fault == > MenuManager: Could not find insertPath: (etc.) (greebo)
0003237: [GUI] Dark Radiant: Stim/Response Menu. The "Remove" button is acting like an "Add" button (greebo)
0003242: [GUI] Two textfields in the DR-preferences don't show text upon start (STiFU)
0003243: [Design/Coding] Readable Editor creates XData file duplicates in certain cases (STiFU)
0002942: [GUI] Minimizing Console window minimizes Dark Radiant (STiFU)
0003023: [GUI] Texture browser is empty (STiFU)
0003219: [General] Preferences/Readable Editor failure (STiFU)
0003236: [GUI] Dark Radient: Stim/Response menu. "Type" List repeats 3 times (STiFU)
0003246: [Map Editing] Select All of Type (Shift-A) improvements (greebo)
0003247: [Map Editing] Remove restriction of having exactly one brush selected when constructing a brush prefab (greebo)
0003251: [Design/Coding] make failure using latest git (greebo)
0003003: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown after inserting prefab (greebo)
0003061: [Renderer] Particle preview does not render textures (orbweaver)
0003007: [Design/Coding] Entity > Classname > Choose entity class *Segmentation Fault* XreaL (orbweaver)
0003030: [Translation] Surface Inspector: Vertical Scale has wrong German translation (greebo)
0002939: [Renderer] Strange render artefacts in model viewer (orbweaver)
0002945: [Design/Coding] Upgrade Win32/Win64 GTKmm bindings to a more recent version (greebo)
0002951: [GUI] Grid text is not rendered (greebo)
0002952: [Design/Coding] Can't move or resize brushes (greebo)
0002938: [Selection System] Arrows for manipulating objects not working in Camview (greebo)
0002970: [Design/Coding] VS2010 build missing tools/msvc2010/properties/ftgl.props (greebo)
0002987: [General] Perform MediaBrowser population code in separate thread (greebo)
33 issues View Issues
Released 16/07/2012
0003269: [Models] OBJ export comes out broken (orbweaver)
0002733: [Map Editing] DR renames entities by putting a number 2 on the end. (orbweaver)
2 issues View Issues
Released 26/11/2011
0000006: [GUI] Particle editor (greebo)
0002149: [GUI] Entity Inspector to show Primitive # for selected Brush/Patch (greebo)
0002648: [GUI] Add the ability to filter on entity spawnargs (greebo)
0002738: [Map Editing] Placing a background image in grid window is broken. (greebo)
0002741: [GUI] Add support for Objective Conditions to Objectives Editor plugin (greebo)
0002745: [Design/Coding] Compilation error in g++ 4.5.2 (greebo)
0002755: [Map Editing] Add "Select elements using this shader" option to MapInfoDialog > Shader Info. (greebo)
0002760: [Scripting] Add ModelDefVisitor interface (greebo)
0002763: [Design/Coding] Spawnarg names getting cutoff (greebo)
0002828: [Scripting] ASE export could skip caulk (greebo)
0000203: [Renderer] Translucent textures not visible when selected (greebo)
0001864: [Design/Coding] Streamline model and skin handling for entities (greebo)
0002318: [Renderer] Transparent Decal texture invisable when selected (greebo)
0002836: [Shader System] Many shader keywords not recognised by the parser (greebo)
0002837: [Shader System] Add support for expressions in materials (greebo)
0002838: [Renderer] Add real-time render mode to camera view (greebo)
0002839: [Renderer] Add support for stage-specific texture matrices (greebo)
0002848: [Map Editing] Add support for editor_color directives (greebo)
0001863: [Design/Coding] Slow Registry and ColourScheme lookups in Light render methods (greebo)
0002325: [Map Editing] Generate color picker for "ambient_light" property (greebo)
0002544: [Design/Coding] Brush::buildBRep() performs ColourScheme Manager lookups (greebo)
0002855: [Models] MD5 Animation Preview (greebo)
0002856: [GUI] Particle Previewer Auto-Loop Mode (greebo)
0002857: [GUI] Partice Editor Input Fields not properly keeping direct input (greebo)
0002858: [Design/Coding] Support for multiple scenegraphs (greebo)
0002864: [Map Editing] Entities with models in their def ("eclassmodels") are created in the Default layer (greebo)
0002865: [Saving and loading] No backup of the .darkradiant file is created (greebo)
0002849: [Map Editing] Please add "Filter All" and "Filter None" to Filter options (greebo)
0002868: [Map Editing] Selecting items in a layer also selects hidden ones (greebo)
0002869: [Design/Coding] Upgrade to Boost 1.47 (greebo)
0000617: [Design/Coding] Always-on active layer and related functionality (greebo)
0002494: [Design/Coding] New entities not going into expected layer (Fidcal)
       0002759: [Map Editing] Func_statics created in a non-default layer with the default layer hidden are created in the default layer (greebo)
       0002754: [Map Editing] Clipped brush parts always go into default layer (greebo)
0002602: [Design/Coding] Fedora libboost_system-mt linker error (greebo)
0002831: [Map Editing] Filtering the Entity List (greebo)
0002876: [Saving and loading] Slow code sections in map parsing code (greebo)
0002884: [Map Editing] In .darkradiant files, some nodes might be assigned to non-existent layers (greebo)
0002895: [Design/Coding] EntityClassManager module is using a lot of memory (greebo)
0002896: [Map Editing] DR pre8: imported prefabs can have their parts put into different layers (greebo)
0002899: [Saving and loading] When degenerate brushes are present in the scene, layer information corruption can occur on next map load (greebo)
0002894: [Map Editing] Delete Node + Delete Layer + Undo leaves node in invalid layer ID (greebo)
0002937: [Map Editing] Clipping a worldspawn brush in layer A will make the new clipped brush disappear if the preferred layer is not visible (greebo)
43 issues View Issues
Released 23/04/2011
0002709: [Map Editing] Hidden models are visible but not selectible after the Reload models command (greebo)
0002726: [General] Brushes invisible in prefab viewer (greebo)
0002729: [Map Editing] "Make Visportal" crashes the editor when visportals are filtered. (greebo)
0002735: [GUI] DR crashes upon exit when floating layout is used (greebo)
0002675: [Design/Coding] auto-decal does not deselect failed surfaces (greebo)
0002736: [Scripting] Exported .ase horizontal surface unlit by directional light. (greebo)
0002737: [Renderer] After starting DR in Lighting Mode, switching back to Textured mode crashes the app (debug build) (greebo)
0002215: [Design/Coding] Startup configuration dialog crashes DR when the InstallPath registry key is absent (manual DOOM 3 install)
8 issues View Issues
Released 08/04/2011
0002697: [Translation] German translation contains wrong number of parameters (greebo)
0002710: [Renderer] Entity origins missing/not rendered (greebo)
0002713: [Design/Coding] matrix4_reflection_for_plane45 tmp matrix is unused (greebo)
0002718: [GUI] At grid 4, when you zoom in, but beyond a certain point the grid disappears (greebo)
0002719: [GUI] Some grid lines skipped in OrthoView (greebo)
0002720: [Objectives] Objectives Editor doesn't retain difficulty 2 mission success logic (greebo)
0002592: [Design/Coding] make[2]: *** [darkradiant-Shader.o] Error 1 (greebo)
0002610: [Design/Coding] Redesign Map Import/Export code (greebo)
0002631: [GUI] Add preference option to select SourceView style schemes (greebo)
0002641: [Selection System] Mirroring a func_static with child brushes just leads to (huge) translations (greebo)
0002250: [Design/Coding] DR 1.3.1-1.4.0pre: Single pixel lines showing where joins in brush work. (greebo)
0002574: [Map Editing] Grid cuelines visualy interfere with map objects (greebo)
0002647: [Renderer] Slow Registry lookup in GenericEntity::renderArrow (greebo)
0002649: [Renderer] Eliminate slow dynamic_casts from front end render pass (greebo)
0002653: [Renderer] Convert math classes from double back to float (greebo)
0002656: [Design/Coding] Crash upon importing readables with more than 9 pages (STiFU)
0002657: [GUI] ModelPreview size problems on eyefinity (greebo)
0002658: [Models] Model shaders are showing as "Shader Not Found" on a regular basis (greebo)
0002666: [Design/Coding] Disable Desktop Composition no longer working (greebo)
19 issues View Issues
Released 21/01/2011
0002499: [Models] Xreal: Support MATERIAL_NAME shaders for ASE models (greebo)
0002488: [Models] Crash when opening LWO when sorting textures internally (greebo)
0002490: [General] Xreal: Configurable archive extension (greebo)
0002388: [GUI] Readables editor won't let you type a space in the inv_name (greebo)
0002492: [General] Xreal: Xreal game configuration (greebo)
0002541: [Map Editing] Copy & Paste doesn't work (greebo)
0002534: [Map Editing] Brushes created with 7 faces (greebo)
0002548: [GUI] There are various GUI bugs in the Readable Editor due to the conversion to gtkmm (STiFU)
0002480: [Shader System] Xreal: PNG Support (greebo)
0002394: [General] Upload DarkRadiant in Launchpad to Maverick (orbweaver)
0002399: [Renderer] Particle Renderer and Preview Widgets (greebo)
0002404: [Design/Coding] Reload Particles command (greebo)
0002405: [Renderer] No bumpmaps rendered in lighting mode (greebo)
0002387: [GUI] DarkRadiant crashes when closing Readable editor after clicking "XData Name" (greebo)
0002436: [Design/Coding] itoolbar.h is no longer needed (greebo)
0002451: [Design/Coding] Enable compilation in VC++ 2010 (greebo)
0002415: [Design/Coding] potential segfault (greebo)
0002462: [GUI] Loss of cam real estate to menu bar (orbweaver)
0002320: [Design/Coding] UI code migration to gtkmm (greebo)
0002346: [Map Editing] func_static part selection issue (greebo)
0002314: [GUI] Add Reparent primitives to context menu? (greebo)
0002321: [Map Editing] Jump to selected classname (if any) upon clicking 'Choose entity class...' (greebo)
0002349: [GUI] new XY view crash (greebo)
0002351: [Map Editing] Light entity wireframes not updated, don't reflect actual entity, after rotation (greebo)
0002359: [Design/Coding] Extend IModel interface to provide access to model verts and polys (greebo)
0002353: [Map Editing] Clipper not caulking clipped faces consistently (greebo)
0002357: [Map Editing] func_splinemover should be created with a default spline curve (greebo)
0002322: [General] Semi-consistent crash after starting new map (greebo)
0002375: [Design/Coding] description for light/fog textures does not show (greebo)
0002306: [Map Editing] Create patches in 'axis aligned' orientation (greebo)
0002361: [Saving and loading] Trouble exporting func_statics with ASE export script (greebo)
0002386: [Design/Coding] Add missing parts to make the particle parser feature complete (greebo)
32 issues View Issues
Released 21/07/2010
0002224: [Selection System] Separate selection mode to pick a specific item part of a func_static (greebo)
0002284: [General] Undoing revert to worldspawn causes brushes to grow brighter (greebo)
       0002315: [Design/Coding] Crash in Octree: double insertion after undoing revert to worldspawn (greebo)
0002286: [Map Editing] Thicken patches function produces distorted result for bevels (greebo)
0002300: [Renderer] blend blend images not displaying (greebo)
0002310: [GUI] Entity inspector: window partition keeps moving (user81)
0001715: [Map Editing] (Non-)case sensitivity of entity property keys (greebo)
       0002267: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown in SpeakerNode (greebo)
0002048: [Design/Coding] Expose OrthoContextMenu to plugins (greebo)
0002139: [Selection System] Save selections (greebo)
0002277: [Design/Coding] A couple of gcc warnings (greebo)
0002278: [Map Editing] EntityInspector chooser plugin for selecting vocal set (greebo)
0002285: [Map Editing] Rare crash when drag-creating brushes (greebo)
0002288: [Map Editing] Crashes in debug builds when transposing patches or selecting degenerate ones (greebo)
0002290: [GUI] Crash in PatchInspector after removing Patch control vertices (greebo)
0002293: [Scripting] Support nicer menu titles for script commands (greebo)
0002295: [GUI] No easily noticable feedback on failure to load a map (greebo)
0002299: [GUI] EClassTree too wide in multi-monitor setup (greebo)
0002301: [Design/Coding] Update Win32 libxml2 libraries to 2.7.7 (greebo)
0002279: [Renderer] Snow patch and Moonbeam texture see-through: (orbweaver)
0002289: [GUI] View doesn't update when manipulating patch control vertices in PatchInspector (greebo)
0000620: [General] Transparent speaker volumes (greebo)
       0002292: [Renderer] Add support for rendering entity boxes as transparent (greebo)
0002313: [Map Editing] Seek strings within property names (greebo)
0002311: [GUI] Jump to selected sound (if any) upon clicking Choose Sound (greebo)
25 issues View Issues
Released 20/06/2010
0002274: [Map Editing] If a patch shader is filtered, the patch itself can still be selected/affected (greebo)
0002275: [Design/Coding] Convert to Func_static should be a proper command, accessible via the console (greebo)
0002204: [Map Editing] patches of prefabs don't appear in the viewer (greebo)
0001918: [Renderer] Decal transparency problems in 0.10.0 (orbweaver)
0002248: [General] Ortho views always aligned to Z_Y on startup (greebo)
0002249: [Design/Coding] DR 1.3.1: Dragging in ortho-view - if part of an item offscreen, its invisable untill release.
0002252: [Mapping] DR 1.3.1: Grid miss-alignment issue
0002230: [Map Editing] Portal Sky texture rendering black in rendered view (greebo)
0002253: [General] NURB spline data is broken (greebo)
0002254: [Renderer] Patch Filtering problems with weather textures (greebo)
10 issues View Issues
Released 30/05/2010
0000659: [Map Editing] Prefab layer names are clobbered on load (greebo)
0002216: [Design/Coding] Cloned projected light does not show projection until map reloaded. (greebo)
0002221: [Design/Coding] Thicken cone sidewalls puts vertex at 0,0,0 (greebo)
0002231: [Map Editing] Using Readables Objective feature crashes DR (greebo)
0002232: [Scripting] Python invoked dialog does not trap all key strokes (greebo)
0002207: [GUI] Reversed or customizable splitpane (greebo)
6 issues View Issues
Released 26/05/2010
0002050: [GUI] I18N (greebo)
0002188: [Scripting] Warnings in Console about duplicate commands (greebo)
0002195: [General] Filters are loaded from all .game files instead of just the current one (greebo)
0002197: [Objectives] Add support for COMP_READABLE_* objective components (greebo)
0002201: [Map Editing] Nudge Manipulator should be usable when Clipper is enabled (greebo)
       0002199: [Map Editing] Duplication problem with Clipper on (greebo)
0002222: [Selection System] Click-selecting func_statics sometimes selects items behind them (greebo)
0002200: [Map Editing] New patches should behave like new brushes with regards to layers (greebo)
8 issues View Issues
Released 19/04/2010
0002175: [Map Editing] Entity/Patch/Brush creation not being created at position of last selected entity... (greebo)
0002178: [Saving and loading] keystroke remembered when autosaving (greebo)
0002184: [Design/Coding] Crash in Octree when undoing brush-to-light conversion (greebo)
0002185: [Design/Coding] Refactor function object framework (greebo)
0002103: [GUI] Switch to/from render mode requires explicit mouselook click to display (greebo)
0002148: [General] Nurbs do not set focus when switching views (greebo)
0002186: [Design/Coding] Move ModelPreview to UIManager (greebo)
0002187: [Map Editing] Disable "Update Views on Camera Movement" by default (greebo)
0002113: [Design/Coding] Windows desktop compositing issues (greebo)
0002176: [Design/Coding] Update boost libraries to version 1.42 (greebo)
0002179: [Design/Coding] Replace Signal classes with simpler boost::function equivalents (greebo)
11 issues View Issues
Released 16/03/2010
0002170: [Map Editing] Rare crash in PatchInspector when re-loading map (greebo)
0002171: [Map Editing] DarkRadiant doesn't find fonts in PK4 files (greebo)
2 issues View Issues
Released 12/03/2010
0002141: [Selection System] Invert Selection includes worldspawn (greebo)
0002150: [Map Editing] Negative zero changes between maps (greebo)
0002158: [Design/Coding] Basic Support for Doom 3 GUIs (greebo)
0001481: [General] DarkRadiant cannot parse old brushDef maps (greebo)
0002049: [Saving and loading] BrushTokenIm-/Exporter should go into mapdoom3 (greebo)
0002086: [Models] Need "Reload Selected Models" command (greebo)
0002102: [Scripting] List available scripts in menus (greebo)
0002112: [Map Editing] Crash when moving entire map? (greebo)
0002118: [Design/Coding] Crash when undoing "create entity from brush "atdm:mover_door_sliding" (greebo)
0002129: [Map Editing] "Merge Entities" command (greebo)
0002138: [Design/Coding] ModelFileFunctor is using hardcoded model file extensions (greebo)
0000246: [GUI] "Ctrl-plus" for "Far clip plane in" doesn't work (greebo)
0002115: [GUI] Selecting brushes/entities on linux selects behind first brush/entity (greebo)
0002140: [Selection System] Drag-selecting a func_static can fail (greebo)
0002142: [Map Editing] Target Connection lines stay behind after deleting entities (greebo)
0002147: [Design/Coding] GTKGLext libs should be dynamically linked (greebo)
16 issues View Issues
Released 16/01/2010
0001711: [Map Editing] Mapped texture doesn't match texture tool display (greebo)
0002098: [Models] Lights with models ignore "rotation" upon map reload (greebo)
0002101: [Design/Coding] Octree can end up with orphaned scene::Node (greebo)
0002104: [General] Building darkmod-plugins fails with undefined reference (greebo)
0000575: [Map Editing] Entity dropdown list in EntityInspector is slow in large maps (greebo)
0002006: [Map Editing] OBJ export for patches (greebo)
0002016: [General] Reloading defs won't find new entitydefs (greebo)
0002018: [Design/Coding] Expose Patch interface to scripting (greebo)
0002020: [General] NURBS curves are not displayed correctly (greebo)
0002023: [GUI] Replace XORRectangle with an openGL-based drag-rectangle (greebo)
0002025: [GUI] Add preference option to let DarkRadiant start on a specific monitor (greebo)
0002030: [Design/Coding] Implement a space partitioning system (greebo)
0002045: [Design/Coding] Compile error on Ubuntu 9.10 (missing limits header inclusion) (greebo)
0002046: [Scripting] segfault when hitting "Run Script" button without scripts (greebo)
0002047: [Sound System] segfault in SoundChooser (greebo)
0002051: [Design/Coding] gtk_source_buffer_new_with_language fails (greebo)
0002053: [Map Editing] Add "Fixup Map" functionality (greebo)
0000646: [Selection System] Extreme slowdown when copying pathnodes when entity properties are open and target selected. (greebo)
0000910: [GUI] In "Floating" layout, click X to close Camera view, have to select "Camera View" twice to bring it back (greebo)
0002062: [General] EClassMgr warnings: AttributeSuffixComparator cannot compare ... (greebo)
0002063: [Map Editing] editor_setKeyValue keys are set during map load (greebo)
0002064: [Saving and loading] Show actual progress during map load (greebo)
0002071: [Models] Crash when loading ASE model without *BITMAP line (greebo)
0001680: [GUI] Texture Tool screen goes black after hover text on menu displayed (greebo)
0001914: [Scripting] Cannot create entities due to weak_ptrs being used in the ScriptSceneNode container (greebo)
0001989: [GUI] "Bevel" always creates arches in only one orientation (greebo)
0002004: [Map Editing] Move two models and hit undo: only one is properly undone (greebo)
0002031: [Design/Coding] Win32: assert() expressions evaluated in release builds (greebo)
0002032: [Scripting] Expose a simple dialog framework to scripting (greebo)
0002034: [GUI] Shortcuts not propagated when main window is focused after switching from Embedded to Floating (greebo)
0002035: [GUI] GTK Assertions on keypress/release events (greebo)
0002036: [Design/Coding] Refactor globalDebugMessageHandler code (greebo)
0002037: [Design/Coding] Memory leak when using gtk_combo_box_get_active_text() (greebo)
0000342: [General] XMLRegistry cleansweep without restart upon previously failed startup (greebo)
0001999: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Align - top, bottom, left, right, center (greebo)
0002040: [GUI] MainFrame is activating layout even if it is already active (greebo)
0002042: [GUI] Layer Context Menu items is not sorted alphabetically (greebo)
0001677: [GUI] Inspector window always open/on top upon view mode change (greebo)
0002081: [Map Editing] Can select and drag vertexes on brushes that aren't selected (greebo)
0001708: [GUI] Texture tool: snap brush face vertex to grid (greebo)
0001710: [GUI] Texture tool: Allow resize of brushes (greebo)
0001980: [GUI] Make light volume boxes same color as origin marker (greebo)
0001978: [Map Editing] Supply default s_min and s_max for speakers (orbweaver)
0001972: [GUI] Allow for addition of multiple properties at once (greebo)
0001971: [GUI] Type accelerator is case sensitive (greebo)
0001676: [GUI] Can get stuck without view mode with toggle[viewmode] (greebo)
0001992: [GUI] Ortho view positions are reset to origin upon View mode change (greebo)
0000283: [General] Undo includes texture-to-clipboard function (greebo)
0001983: [GUI] Issue warning upon trying to use the CSG button? (greebo)
0001826: [Design/Coding] Don't preload target property editor (greebo)
0002054: [GUI] Inspector title not matching current tab (greebo)
0000639: [GUI] Maximize cam view toggle hotkey (greebo)
0001652: [General] Texture alignment not always preserved on prefab load? (greebo)
0000693: [Map Editing] Extreme slowness (possible freeze) with mass applying of textures (greebo)
54 issues View Issues
Released 26/10/2009
0001986: [Map Editing] Random crashes when cloning patches (greebo)
1 issue View Issues
Released 24/10/2009
0001945: [Design/Coding] Some gcc 4.4 compiler warnings (greebo)
0001987: [GUI] Patch Inspector properties greyed out even though Patch is selected (greebo)
0001979: [GUI] Drag resizing of speaker distances allows for negative sizes (greebo)
3 issues View Issues
Released 16/10/2009
0001835: [GUI] Deleting a spawnarg doesn't mark the map as "modified" (greebo)
0001856: [Design/Coding] Upgrade Win32/Win64 GTK+ binaries to 2.16.2 (greebo)
0001859: [Map Editing] Changing a property with ColourPropertyEditor doesn't mark the map as saved (greebo)
0001839: [Design/Coding] Remove Node::setSelf() method, use boost methods to do the same task (greebo)
0001895: [GUI] Crash when closing the SkinChooser UI by clicking on the window's X (greebo)
0001908: [General] Filenames without extension crash the VFS FileVisitor (greebo)
0001911: [Design/Coding] "Select Entities only” setting prevents “Duplicate” function from executing. (greebo)
0001912: [Design/Coding] The user has no way of knowing that the duplicated entity is overlapping the original entity or if the entity was not duplicated (greebo)
0001934: [GUI] LayerControlDialog reappears even if closed at shutdown (greebo)
0001937: [Design/Coding] Upgrade (Win32) Boost libs to 1.40. (greebo)
0001943: [Design/Coding] Expose EntityInspector to plug-ins and modules to allow for custom PropertyEditors (greebo)
0001950: [Renderer] Light Entities Not working correctly in render mode (greebo)
0001635: [GUI] Increase max number of layers possible. (greebo)
0001898: [GUI] Surface Inspector options are disabled if patch/brush is already selected when using shortcut (s) (greebo)
0001966: [General] VFS Search Path contains duplicate? (greebo)
0001967: [Map Editing] Crash when loading a map after changing fs_game path (greebo)
0001927: [Design/Coding] Objectives editor won't edit atdm:target_addobjectives (greebo)
0001838: [Map Editing] Drag-resizing brushes to zero size crashes application (greebo)
0001675: [GUI] Cam positions are reset to origin upon View mode change (greebo)
0001974: [GUI] Crash from changing layout mode while in mouselook mode (greebo)
0001829: [GUI] Crash upon resizing splitpane mode dividers (greebo)
0001969: [Map Editing] Symmetrical resize allows for lights with negative dimensions (greebo)
0001973: [Map Editing] Presence of snd_.* key (greebo)
0001857: [GUI] Selected property values don't update when changed by edit tool except by explicit re-click (greebo)
0001870: [Design/Coding] Changing classname of brush based entity loses brush (greebo)
0001749: [General] Reload defs console command (greebo)
0001861: [GUI] Angle UI is too tall, resizes entity inspector divider (greebo)
0001707: [GUI] Texture tool: Allow movement of brush faces by vertex (greebo)
0001830: [GUI] Cannot 'hide/close' splitpane views with divider bar anymore (greebo)
29 issues View Issues
Released 21/06/2009
0000529: [Map Editing] Lights with model-property set should show the model in the editor (greebo)
0001338: [Design/Coding] Cannot rotate func_emitter entities along all 3 axises (greebo)
0001760: [GUI] SkinChooser too large on dual monitor setup (greebo)
0001763: [GUI] Sound Chooser too large on MultiMonitor setup (greebo)
0001770: [Models] "inherit" keyword on modeldefs doesn't allow to override "mesh" keyword (greebo)
0001794: [Map Editing] multiple entities named ... bug (greebo)
0001808: [GUI] Add Script Input Window to Groupdialog (greebo)
0001816: [GUI] Sound Shaders should be listed under their mod folders (greebo)
0001827: [GUI] Entity Inspector not updating the spawnargs after Undo Operation (greebo)
0001828: [Design/Coding] Remove home-grown container classes (and replace with STL counterparts) (greebo)
0000954: [GUI] "Open map" window is way too big on a dual-monitor setup, DR doesn't remember when I make it smaller. (greebo)
0000982: [Design/Coding] libxml2 warnings and errors during shutdown (greebo)
0001682: [GUI] Entity Inspector entry fields can obscure the Group Dialog's tabs (orbweaver)
0001685: [GUI] EntityChooser is too big on Dual-Monitor setups (greebo)
0001713: [Map Editing] Patch Inspector Coordinates changes don't count as map modification (greebo)
0001667: [GUI] Shaders and Models counts on Map Info (greebo)
0001743: [GUI] Models list, sort folders to top (greebo)
0001664: [GUI] snd_* fields should utilitize the 'Choose Sound' UI (greebo)
0001712: [Map Editing] Create bevels upright? (greebo)
0000332: [Map Editing] Option to fix origin when resizing lights (greebo)
20 issues View Issues
Released 12/03/2009
0000216: [Design/Coding] Cleanup of IRadiant interface (orbweaver)
0000344: [GUI] Basic Particle Chooser (orbweaver)
0001683: [Shader System] Some shaders not found (greebo)
0000123: [GUI] Realtime light modification in render mode (orbweaver)
4 issues View Issues
Released 09/03/2009
0000492: [GUI] (version 0.9.5 pre) Using Split view, open T (Texture Browser) doesn't retain size/position between DR sessions. (greebo)
0001646: [GUI] spawnarg description not show if editor_var not before setKeyValue (greebo)
0001651: [GUI] filter on prefab import selects many (greebo)
0001678: [GUI] With 9.11 pre2 texture tool and surface inspector issues (greebo)
0001681: [GUI] Objectives editor shows varied difficulty level numbers (greebo)
0001673: [Map Editing] Arrow key movement suffers from "acceleration effect" (greebo)
0001657: [General] Allow fs_game and fs_game_base to be passed by command line arguments (greebo)
0001668: [General] Crash after Game preference setting during startup (greebo)
0001669: [Design/Coding] Command System to allow for entering console commands (greebo)
0001670: [Design/Coding] Scripting Interface (greebo)
0000094: [GUI] Redesign Mainframe Layout Handling (greebo)
0000341: [GUI] Copy, Cut and Paste properties. (greebo)
0001642: [GUI] Prefab filename being dragged after click (greebo)
13 issues View Issues
Released 06/02/2009
0000696: [Map Editing] Unable to set the subdivisions manually for all selected patches. (greebo)
0000912: [GUI] With Floating, hit Ctrl-Tab and only first ortho (not currently selected one) switchs from Top/Front/Side (greebo)
0001119: [GUI] Provide info when loading prefabs (greebo)
0001570: [GUI] Properties already set are not in the add properties list so description cannot be read (greebo)
0001633: [General] Models not staying on visible layer (greebo)
0000454: [Design/Coding] Move StatusBar stuff into UIManager (greebo)
0001602: [Map Editing] GameManager doesn't accept fs_game base path at startup (greebo)
0001632: [GUI] objN_target_complete and objN_target_failure not saved/read (greebo)
0001638: [Design/Coding] DarkRadiant's DefTokeniser has problems with multi-line concatenated strings (greebo)
0001645: [Map Editing] Cannot edit spawnargs on worldspawn. (greebo)
0001604: [General] Unpredictable behavior adding items with no visible Layer (greebo)
0000571: [General] Object with changed classname uses old identity for 'Add property' until reload (greebo)
0000644: [GUI] Targetn fields lack Target selector (greebo)
0001650: [GUI] Empty first line of EntityList (greebo)
0001608: [General] Viewport lockup perhaps due to uninitialized texture (greebo)
0001649: [General] Crash on deleting first entity (greebo)
0000631: [Map Editing] Revert to worldspawn partial (greebo)
0001452: [Design/Coding] Better naming of autosave files for sake of sort order and auto-complete (greebo)
0001078: [GUI] Prefab viewer (greebo)
0001605: [Design/Coding] Smart string searching for Models and Textures (greebo)
0001606: [Design/Coding] Destroy model displays after closing dialog? (greebo)
0001620: [Models] Filters menu in model chooser is gone (greebo)
22 issues View Issues
Released 30/12/2008
0001548: [GUI] "rename" functionality for layers (greebo)
0001549: [GUI] Add 'make new layer' option to RMB menu in ortho (greebo)
0001576: [Map Editing] cloned speaker initially not showing radius correctly. (greebo)
0001583: [Saving and loading] Loading blackhear_manor crashes after the DDS fixes (greebo)
0001588: [GUI] Layers not sorted in alphabetical order (greebo)
0000680: [Map Editing] Texture alignment method: (greebo)
0001106: [GUI] missing scrollbar in texture browser (greebo)
0001292: [Saving and loading] Textures from model skins disappear on map reload. (greebo)
0001440: [Renderer] Entity derived from "light" with default colour renders as white until colour is changed (greebo)
0001552: [Design/Coding] Need mod of cap cylinder else dedicated cap cone (greebo)
0001590: [Saving and loading] Texture replaced by default (greebo)
0001593: [Saving and loading] Cancelling a map load then saving, overwrites map (greebo)
0001594: [General] Select decal after 'make decal from selected surface' (greebo)
0001554: [Models] Missing models for entities with def_attach and inheritance (greebo)
0001556: [Models] Crash when zooming in Model Viewer without selection (greebo)
0001136: [Map Editing] Support for fs_game_base (greebo)
0001197: [General] Add support for user-defined filter XML file (greebo)
0001577: [Design/Coding] Update GTK libraries to 2.14.5 (Win32) (greebo)
0001578: [Design/Coding] Compilation for Windows x64 target (greebo)
0001585: [GUI] Crash on unloading objectives editor module (greebo)
0001589: [GUI] Filter Customisation GUI (greebo)
0001112: [GUI] Request for "Make Visportal" in RMB menu. (greebo)
0000956: [Saving and loading] Load prefabs into current layer(s) (greebo)
0000460: [GUI] Cannot use 'Choose model' for existing to change skin (greebo)
0001550: [Design/Coding] Disallow single click selection for hidden Layers (greebo)
0001471: [GUI] Smarter string seeking (greebo)
0001466: [Design/Coding] Pre-load texture library as part of app load? (greebo)
0001470: [GUI] Arrows on path lines indicating direction (greebo)
0001398: [GUI] Folders first listing for media tree (greebo)
0000572: [Map Editing] Object with changed classname suffers frobbing changes (SneaksieDave)
0000702: [Shader System] Possible memory leak in material loading and flushing (greebo)
0000697: [Shader System] Proper DDS support for memory and performance (greebo)
32 issues View Issues
Released 08/12/2008
0001557: [Saving and loading] Saving not possible when map open in D3 (angua)
1 issue View Issues
Released 07/12/2008
0000647: [Design/Coding] Strange entity production when trying to exit. (greebo)
0001067: [General] Objectives Editor: Cannot delete objectives (greebo)
0001089: [GUI] Objectives Editor: Should check "Visible" by Default (greebo)
0001091: [Objectives] Objectives Editor: Initial State is reversed (greebo)
0001128: [Map Editing] Creation of a atdm:mover_door entity from a brush causes all worldspawn to become linked (greebo)
0000530: [Map Editing] Editing properties of multiple entities of the same type (orbweaver)
0000599: [Map Editing] Would like to edit multiple lights' properties all at once, such as changing color or shadow casting (orbweaver)
0001454: [Sound System] DarkRadiant Crash upon processing tdm_sfx_impact.sndshd (greebo)
0001247: [GUI] speaker min radius not show if decimal fraction (greebo)
0001534: [Map Editing] DR crashes when show inh props is clicked with multiple entities selected (greebo)
0000417: [Saving and loading] "Save as" unselects everything (greebo)
0000877: [Saving and loading] request "Save Copy As" to pre-populate name of map, either current name or last entered saved copy name (greebo)
0000989: [Map Editing] Creating func_statics does put the origin not at center of selection (greebo)
0000990: [Map Editing] Make it possible to revert to worldspawn with multiple func_statics selected (greebo)
0001134: [Map Editing] Shift-drag box to group select, then deselect large brush on side, convert to func_static, center is OFF (greebo)
0001306: [General] Model Property is missing upon creation of func_emitter (greebo)
0001364: [GUI] Need Objectives insertion (greebo)
0001539: [Map Editing] ctr-z does not restore skin on entity (greebo)
0001100: [GUI] Hang on closing Objectives Editor when entity is selected (greebo)
0000993: [GUI] Conversation Editor GUI (greebo)
0001530: [Design/Coding] libxml2 upgrade to 2.7.2 and WS32_32 dependency (greebo)
0001479: [GUI] Holding down Ctrl-Alt reports "Unknown Event" in the status bar (greebo)
0001363: [GUI] Objectives Editor: Wrong default for missing "mandatory" spawnarg (greebo)
0000860: [Saving and loading] DarkRadiant doesn't show a warning when trying to save to read-only map files (greebo)
0001477: [Map Editing] Thicken Patch Feature: newly created, opposite patch has not the same level of tesselation (greebo)
0001392: [GUI] S/R Editor seems to have problems with >9 response effects (greebo)
0001154: [GUI] Entity Chooser should display the model of the selected entity, if applicable (greebo)
0001553: [GUI] Layer Control Dialog is not remembering its visibility status (greebo)
0001057: [Saving and loading] Loading map from other than project directory fails (greebo)
0001458: [General] Deselecting stops working after deleting brush/patch while components still selected (greebo)
0001508: [GUI] DR automatically adds light texture to entity when Light inspector was open (greebo)
0001455: [Map Editing] Space in entity inspector duplicates entity (greebo)
0001531: [GUI] Don't auto-select row upon entity selection (greebo)
0001147: [GUI] Shift-deselect all in layer malfunction (greebo)
0000660: [Map Editing] Target visual links craziness after save (greebo)
0001060: [Shader System] DarkRadiant doesn't emit a warning when a shader is not found (greebo)
0001097: [Map Editing] Crash when "saving as..." maps with speakers in them (greebo)
0001108: [Models] Models contained in PK4 files are not showing up (greebo)
0001135: [Design/Coding] globalErrorStream is still writing black text to the console (greebo)
0001192: [Map Editing] Entity List is showing the wrong names on creation and cloning (greebo)
0001198: [GUI] Shader Usage Info Dialog (greebo)
0001245: [GUI] Merge ShaderInfoDialog into MapInfoDialog and add Model Statistics (greebo)
0000684: [Selection System] Select All in Layer (greebo)
0000685: [GUI] Show All Layers | Hide All Layers (greebo)
0000985: [Map Editing] Orphaned func_static origin after drag degenerate (greebo)
0000669: [Map Editing] assigning brushes to layers does not make DR show the * reminder to save the map (greebo)
46 issues View Issues
Released 29/08/2008
0000536: [GUI] Entity list panel size not saved (greebo)
0000668: [Design/Coding] Select surface. Convert to func_static. Runtime error (greebo)
0000670: [Selection System] RMB mouse trap in Texture Browser (greebo)
0000672: [Saving and loading] Crash on open if 'reload last map' pref set. (greebo)
0000690: [Selection System] Model screen become un-resizable (greebo)
0000504: [GUI] Selecting object in Entity List moves camera/selection without explicit action (greebo)
0001000: [Selection System] Crash when selecting multiple complex models. (greebo)
0000908: [Design/Coding] Crash at shutdown when Entity List is open (greebo)
0000640: [Renderer] Entity subclasses make slow calls to XMLRegistry::get() during render pass (orbweaver)
0001087: [General] Crash adding new objectives
0000612: [Map Editing] Add a "Make Visportal" feature for automatic texturing of the target brush (greebo)
0000621: [Design/Coding] Replace TextOutputStream with standards-compliant streams (greebo)
0000634: [Shader System] FilterSystem is queried on each render() call to check whether a shader is visible (greebo)
0000635: [Design/Coding] Fix or rewrite Namespace module (greebo)
       0000257: [Map Editing] Bad name increment for entities after saving (greebo)
       0000385: [Map Editing] Don't increment target fields on duplicated entities (greebo)
       0000657: [Map Editing] Properties needing smart increment on load of prefab and duplicate (greebo)
       0000405: [Map Editing] Renaming entities breaks links (greebo)
       0000431: [Map Editing] cloning path entities creates broken connections (greebo)
0000636: [GUI] EntityChooser disappears after clicking on X (greebo)
0000654: [Map Editing] Layer Info destroyed when pasting between maps (greebo)
0000895: [Map Editing] Add "bind entities" command (greebo)
0000957: [GUI] S/R Editor: max_fire_count spawnarg is missing. (greebo)
0000973: [Map Editing] Crash at shutdown when region was active (greebo)
0000003: [GUI] Objectives Editor GUI (orbweaver)
0000911: [GUI] The "Size Info" for brushes shows too many numbers jumbled together, x this and y that and x,y this and that (greebo)
0000905: [Map Editing] Crashes when attempting to split brush using clipper and shift+enter (greebo)
0000716: [Map Editing] Grid size not saved between sessions (greebo)
0000676: [Saving and loading] Crash when changing maps and trying to save the preferences (greebo)
0000641: [GUI] Shortcut for Media Tab (greebo)
0000576: [General] Seek selected entity in entity class tree (greebo)
0000622: [GUI] Buttons and menu items requests - layers and decals (greebo)
0000607: [GUI] Copying a color scheme, then copying again with the same name, then deleting one, you can't delete the other (greebo)
0000450: [Map Editing] Press T to bring up texture browser, would be nice to press T again to close it but it doesn't work (greebo)
34 issues View Issues
Released 07/03/2008
0000583: [Selection System] Select object and hide all other with ctrl+shift+H (greebo)
0000343: [General] Some models not selected/shown in some situations when region and select inside used. (greebo)
0000494: [Renderer] Light volume bounding boxes not shown in 3D view (orbweaver)
0000533: [General] Non-english characters in Windows username causes log creation error (greebo)
0000463: [Design/Coding] Scenegraph Refactor (greebo)
       0000402: [Map Editing] crash on "revert to worldspawn" (tels)
       0000022: [GUI] Layers (greebo)
             0000616: [Map Editing] Func_static brushes are moved back to default layer when reverted to worldspawn (greebo)
       0000242: [General] some models disappear when switching on region (greebo)
0000462: [Models] Skin display gets lost after "Reload Models" command. (greebo)
0000559: [GUI] Difficulty Editor GUI (greebo)
0000609: [Map Editing] Thicken patch feature produces weird patches in-game (greebo)
0000618: [Design/Coding] Memory leaks in XMLRegistry (greebo)
0000615: [General] Crash upon using Entity List (greebo)
0000595: [Map Editing] Visual link between entities lost after duplicating (greebo)
0000561: [GUI] Add ability to have certain commands react on keyup instead of keydown (greebo)
0000580: [GUI] Add GroupDialog to UI Manager interface (greebo)
0000507: [GUI] Showing texture dimensions in the Texture Browser (greebo)
0000495: [Map Editing] Using the Surfaceinspector on grouped brushes without having to select all faces manually (greebo)
0000577: [Design/Coding] Refactor entity Target code (greebo)
       0000537: [General] Crash on closing map with target0 (greebo)
21 issues View Issues
Released 19/01/2008
0000024: [GUI] Visual representation of speaker radius (mohij)
0000416: [Saving and loading] Save causes brief "teleport" of entities (greebo)
0000442: [Map Editing] some editor variable descriptions missing (orbweaver)
0000398: [GUI] Current grid size is not reflected in menu when starting DR (greebo)
0000285: [Models] Changing the "model" key of a DEF-based entity does not updated render (greebo)
0000503: [GUI] Entity List should scroll to selected item (orbweaver)
0000395: [Design/Coding] 'Save As' removes entity filter (greebo)
0000413: [Saving and loading] Need a "Save a copy as" function (greebo)
0000184: [Documentation] Doc me: Texturing in DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000439: [Map Editing] Inherited properties not always displayed in EntityInspector. (angua)
0000423: [Saving and loading] Suggest remove save prevention (greebo)
0000360: [GUI] "Copy shader name" feature for Media Browser (orbweaver)
0000422: [Sound System] Sound Preview sometimes not playing sounds (greebo)
0000425: [Models] Model Selector should provide options for changing Filter Settings (greebo)
0000432: [General] Reload Skins command (greebo)
0000445: [Map Editing] Provide dmap command for DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000451: [General] Reproducible crash on shutdown in Linux (greebo)
0000452: [Selection System] Treemodel used for EntityList is slow and non-portable (greebo)
0000455: [Design/Coding] Move ColourManager into UIManager module (greebo)
0000456: [Map Editing] Default Grid Setting missing in Preferences (greebo)
0000331: [General] Cannot set keypair name after one is selected (greebo)
0000458: [GUI] ESC to clear selection has lost context (greebo)
0000461: [Map Editing] Unknown green dots for models in vertex mode (greebo)
0000459: [GUI] UI-frozen delays each time selecting classname property (orbweaver)
0000465: [GUI] Crash when opening Orthoview in Splitpane layout (greebo)
0000446: [GUI] Clipper tool, request to have the dots also show up in 3D view to help clip odd angles (greebo)
0000375: [GUI] Browse to model/particle/entity as part of 'Choose'? (greebo)
0000387: [GUI] Support to view/change AI skins (greebo)
0000421: [General] Crash on shutdown after using S/R editor (greebo)
0000407: [GUI] Option to disable red highlight on brushes/entities (greebo)
0000374: [GUI] Choose Classname button (greebo)
0000220: [GUI] Filter choices not restored on launch (orbweaver)
0000390: [Map Editing] Choose Model / Particle buttons for model_extinguished, model_lit (orbweaver)
0000449: [Map Editing] Request a special decal placer tool (greebo)
0000448: [Map Editing] Wish for option to have CLIP use texture (and scale) that is already on brush (if uniform)... (greebo)
0000433: [Map Editing] Add a filter for "path" entities (tels)
0000388: [Map Editing] Can't drag func_* origins after they are outside of brush bounds (greebo)
0000376: [Map Editing] Creating model from brush leaves loosely bound brush behind (greebo)
0000406: [GUI] Force alpha sorting in Entity browser (greebo)
39 issues View Issues
Released 02/11/2007
0000381: [GUI] "description" tags from material files are ignored (greebo)
0000382: [Design/Coding] Closing 'choose sound' dialog crashes DR (greebo)
0000372: [GUI] editor_usageX definitions are ignored/not shown (angua)
0000394: [Shader System] Crash on selecting monster_clip texture (greebo)
0000392: [Saving and loading] Invalid floating point values (1.#INF) are created when capping patches (greebo)
0000393: [Saving and loading] Problem with handling 1.#INF values (greebo)
0000338: [Map Editing] Select Complete Tall and Select Inside not selecting some func_statics (SneaksieDave)
0000386: [GUI] Choose Model dialog needs a sort column header (greebo)
0000383: [GUI] Show (other) Materials hierarchy in Media Tab (greebo)
9 issues View Issues
Released 21/10/2007
0000361: [GUI] XY window titles not updated under linux (greebo)
0000358: [General] crash on shutdown (greebo)
0000346: [GUI] one camera default start is at base of player start (angua)
0000334: [GUI] Suggest hot keys for camera speed (angua)
0000357: [General] changes not saved (greebo)
0000347: [Saving and loading] Prefab Loading is broken (greebo)
0000350: [Map Editing] "Move Player Start Here" cannot be undone (greebo)
0000353: [Map Editing] Changing "Fixed Tesselation" values don't mark the map as changed (greebo)
0000356: [Design/Coding] Refactor ModuleSystem (greebo)
0000378: [Shader System] Shader not displayed properly for unknown reason (angua)
0000371: [Design/Coding] Crash on right click in 3d view port when in regular/regular left/split view mode (greebo)
0000368: [Saving and loading] Load error: cannot create entity for NULL entityclass (greebo)
0000273: [GUI] Cam and Entity/Media/Etc windows have lost their Min/Max buttons (greebo)
0000366: [Models] Crash on choosing model (greebo)
0000365: [Design/Coding] Some user keybinds not saved (SneaksieDave)
0000363: [Map Editing] Select complete tall and select inside select hidden func_* (greebo)
16 issues View Issues
Released 06/09/2007
0000010: [GUI] Model Selector bounding box creation (mohij)
0000327: [Map Editing] Hidden func entities can be textured (greebo)
0000340: [Shader System] Shader browser stretches unsquare textures (greebo)
0000306: [Selection System] Model selector crashes after viewing 570+ (orbweaver)
0000278: [Design/Coding] BooleanPropertyEditor is broken (orbweaver)
0000318: [Map Editing] Entity List is cluttered with vanilla D3 entities not relevant to TDM (orbweaver)
0000311: [Map Editing] Curve NURBS and CatmullRom editing support (greebo)
0000307: [Map Editing] Copy & Paste Shader (sometimes) does not copy scale & rotation (greebo)
0000319: [Shader System] Hardcoded image expressions (like _white) not recognised (mohij)
0000323: [Shader System] Skin File Parser bails out on first error and stops parsing (greebo)
0000328: [Map Editing] Select Touching and similar do not handle func_statics correctly (greebo)
0000329: [Map Editing] Undo operations sometimes throw assertions (greebo)
0000326: [Map Editing] Select Touching disregards filter status (greebo)
0000336: [GUI] In the "Arbitrary Transformation" control window, rotate X axis and Z axis are backwards (greebo)
0000325: [GUI] Filter text box on Textures Tab shown when not enabled (greebo)
0000324: [Design/Coding] Request for manual function to sift to texture in Media tab from Textures tab (greebo)
0000312: [GUI] Sort the tree view elements in create entity selector (orbweaver)
0000316: [Shader System] Shadersystem converts shader names to lowercase (greebo)
0000317: [GUI] Counterintuitive selection behaviour in Edge editing mode (greebo)
0000314: [Map Editing] Cannot cycle back to parent after resizing func_* (greebo)
0000284: [GUI] Update clipboard texture display in status bar upon Media tab selection (greebo)
21 issues View Issues
Released 08/06/2007
0000310: [Map Editing] Pre-adjusted wall brushes after 'hollow (greebo)
0000247: [Shader System] Reloadsurface functionality (greebo)
0000282: [Map Editing] When another entity is created for an entity+brush then original entity is not deleted but remains as a black cube in game. (greebo)
0000215: [Design/Coding] Replace templated casting system with dynamic_cast (greebo)
0000308: [Map Editing] Select Children command (greebo)
0000304: [Map Editing] Sound Preview buttons in SoundChooser (greebo)
0000299: [Map Editing] If brush door given door model shape then origin point misplaced in DR grid until map saved (greebo)
0000264: [General] some inherited properties are not applied (orbweaver)
0000301: [Map Editing] Counter discrepancy (only brushcount is displayed in the statusbar) (greebo)
0000309: [Map Editing] Draggable origin for func_* entities (greebo)
0000250: [Map Editing] Delete first or last row / column of vertices of a patch always deletes the same vertices (greebo)
0000076: [GUI] Sound Selector (orbweaver)
0000294: [Map Editing] Missing surfaces from filters (greebo)
0000262: [Map Editing] Apply texture to func_* requires tab after select (greebo)
0000263: [Map Editing] Renaming func_* breaks it (greebo)
0000288: [Map Editing] Trigger texture not automatically applied to triggers (orbweaver)
0000290: [GUI] Select newly added key after addition (orbweaver)
0000240: [Map Editing] Geometry of unknown brush entities not shown (greebo)
0000276: [Design/Coding] Assertion failed on shutdown (greebo)
0000239: [Map Editing] Func_* and their Origins - selection, resizing, rotation treament considerations (greebo)
0000238: [Map Editing] Cannot resize standalone func_* brushes (SneaksieDave)
0000223: [Map Editing] Problems with selecting multi-part func_* with cam view (greebo)
0000224: [Map Editing] Func_* selection not toggled with Invert Selection (greebo)
0000040: [Saving and loading] Export to CM functionality (greebo)
0000228: [Map Editing] Smart incrementing of duplicated and prefab objects and links (greebo)
0000300: [Design/Coding] gtkutil::getLocalPixbuf() implementation tweaks (greebo)
0000268: [GUI] Add "Snap To Grid" command to toolbar and grid menu (greebo)
0000296: [Map Editing] Background image: Using offset with zoom is broken (greebo)
0000281: [Map Editing] Grid values are displayed incorrectly when zoomed out far (greebo)
0000291: [Map Editing] Switching from vertex editing mode back to primitive mode doesn't deselect the vertices (greebo)
0000249: [Map Editing] Add "Player Start here" option to Orthocontext Menu (mohij)
0000293: [General] DarkRadiant crashes when required Doom3 assets are not available (orbweaver)
0000302: [Map Editing] editor_mins/editor_maxs not inherited (e.g. path entities) (orbweaver)
33 issues View Issues
Released 29/04/2007
0000002: [GUI] Map Load Failure Fails To Display Error Message (orbweaver)
0000034: [GUI] Move Menu Structure and Commands into Registry. (greebo)
0000001: [Renderer] Render Mode is broken (orbweaver)
0000016: [GUI] Background Image Overlay in Orthoviews (greebo)
0000015: [GUI] Clickable jump-to-position for camera views (greebo)
0000014: [Map Editing] Camera Position Restore on Map Reload (greebo)
0000011: [GUI] Model Selector makes inefficient use of screen space (orbweaver)
0000279: [General] Crash when loading a new map after displaying LightTexture property editor (orbweaver)
0000088: [Map Editing] Request: Make Caulk default texture for new brushes, instead of 'shader not found'. (greebo)
0000226: [Map Editing] Select all related vertices key (TexTool) (greebo)
0000265: [General] Resolve user.xml collisions/conflicts on upgrade (greebo)
0000267: [Map Editing] LightInspector: Toggle for "parallel" lights (greebo)
0000266: [Map Editing] Loss of significant information when using float (greebo)
0000004: [GUI] Stim/Response Editor GUI (greebo)
0000097: [GUI] Crash when closing 'colors' GUI (orbweaver)
0000189: [Map Editing] Filters not completely functional (greebo)
0000193: [GUI] Some new player equipment models show collision mesh even with filter on (orbweaver)
0000227: [Map Editing] Disable red highlight in cam view for lights? (orbweaver)
0000044: [GUI] Confusion around setting game mode (greebo)
0000126: [GUI] Entity inspector makes poor use of space (orbweaver)
0000236: [GUI] Model viewer rotation is strange (orbweaver)
0000244: [Models] models with .ASE extension not visible in DR (greebo)
0000245: [Shader System] Check and ensure RxGB DDS Support (greebo)
0000132: [GUI] Light Inspector defaults colour to black (orbweaver)
0000138: [Saving and loading] File->Import causes segfault when importing into an existing map (orbweaver)
0000023: [Map Editing] Configurable centre of rotation for multiple entities (greebo)
0000146: [Models] Crash when opening certain ASE exported from Blender on Linux (orbweaver)
0000161: [GUI] Property editor for model keys (orbweaver)
0000168: [Saving and loading] Loading objective_test.map on Linux causes 100% CPU lock at entity 59 (orbweaver)
0000186: [GUI] Model Selector takes too long to load, no feedback (orbweaver)
0000214: [Design/Coding] Removal of CopiedString (greebo)
0000277: [GUI] Displaying AddPropertyDialog breaks PropertyEditor panel (orbweaver)
0000234: [GUI] Entity list settings not remembered (greebo)
0000232: [GUI] Settings settings (greebo)
0000192: [GUI] Crash on opening surf inspector after choose shader (SneaksieDave)
0000270: [Saving and loading] Primitive count is not displayed during worldspawn load (greebo)
0000237: [GUI] ESC to cancel operation now takes very long (greebo)
0000233: [GUI] Unnecessary scrollbars in entity inspector (orbweaver)
0000254: [GUI] New accelerator key for Filter menu requested (greebo)
0000211: [GUI] Strange behavior from undefined fields in entity inspector? (orbweaver)
0000255: [Map Editing] Texture applied with Apply to Selection doesn't count in undo stack (greebo)
0000256: [GUI] Remove selected brush on by default (simple patch mesh) (greebo)
0000258: [Map Editing] Paint whole brush (ctrl-alt-MMB) doesn't always work (greebo)
0000221: [Saving and loading] Map path and Prefab path are same (greebo)
0000260: [GUI] Enter on first field in Entity inspector doesn't apply (orbweaver)
0000259: [Saving and loading] No confirm overwrite without file extension (greebo)
0000261: [GUI] No convenient method for 'Angle' keypair (orbweaver)
0000187: [Map Editing] Light Inspector changes not tracked by the UndoSystem (greebo)
0000159: [Map Editing] Manipulation of func_statics can be broken (greebo)
0000165: [Map Editing] Child Patches of func_statics are not translated along with their Parent (greebo)
0000169: [Map Editing] func_static children are handled incorrectly (greebo)
0000181: [Map Editing] Func_statics incorrectly handled by "Save Region" (greebo)
0000218: [Design/Coding] Refactor ToolbarCreator into subclass of UIManager (greebo)
0000208: [General] Remove old Surface/PatchInspector/TexTool Code (greebo)
0000163: [Map Editing] Patches with infinite vertex coordinates are saved without warning/correction. (greebo)
0000205: [General] Joint rotation Mode for models broken (greebo)
0000005: [GUI] Prefab Insertion (greebo)
0000206: [Map Editing] Enable "Insert Prefab here" command in Orthocontext menu (greebo)
0000212: [Design/Coding] Move UIManager into external module (greebo)
0000248: [GUI] Port DoomEdit's "SuperMal" colour theme to DarkRadiant (greebo)
0000229: [Map Editing] Wrong item selected after duplication (greebo)
0000222: [Saving and loading] Adding new entity doesn't mark dirty (greebo)
0000231: [Map Editing] Rotations depend on grid (greebo)
0000209: [GUI] Refresh Media tree upon Flush and Reload Shaders (greebo)
0000115: [Map Editing] Can't move multi-part func statics selected with entity list? (greebo)
       0000117: [Map Editing] Func_* brushes don't show origin (greebo)
0000125: [GUI] Arrows to navigate folder trees (orbweaver)
0000190: [Map Editing] Region xy is infnitely high (greebo)
0000198: [Map Editing] Locked axis resize has strange minimum distance jump (greebo)
0000204: [GUI] Select Complete Tall and Select Inside don't select lights (from origin?) (greebo)
0000194: [GUI] Default view in model inspector is top down (orbweaver)
0000177: [GUI] Use proper skin in lit or even textured mode (orbweaver)
0000175: [Map Editing] Rotation Modes (greebo)
0000200: [GUI] Hotkey to paint whole brush as selected texture (greebo)
0000196: [GUI] Choose shader dialog doesn't remember position (greebo)
0000197: [Map Editing] Region walls don't enclose everything (greebo)
0000195: [Map Editing] After saving a region, default brush is infinitely tall (greebo)
0000167: [Map Editing] Func_static Origin not moveable (greebo)
0000174: [GUI] Cannot assign Alt-O as hotkey (greebo)
0000142: [Map Editing] No single click to deselect control points? (greebo)
0000199: [GUI] Hotkey to jump to selected texture in media tab (greebo)
0000201: [GUI] Texture apply from Textures tab is broken (greebo)
0000053: [GUI] Held RMB for mouselook in camera view (greebo)
0000059: [GUI] Optional Bounding Walls on Save Region (greebo)
0000119: [GUI] Entity descriptions missing (orbweaver)
0000178: [GUI] Save Region crashes (greebo)
0000166: [GUI] Override entity selection priority for Cam window? (greebo)
0000173: [GUI] Previously opened dialogs return blank after minimizing and restoring (greebo)
0000207: [GUI] "Show all light volumes" does not show projected lights (greebo)
0000107: [GUI] Arbitrary Rotation is impractical (greebo)
0000160: [GUI] Find & replace textures doesn't work (greebo)
0000185: [GUI] Matching skin does not work for multiple models (orbweaver)
0000182: [Map Editing] Refactor Regioning System (greebo)
0000078: [GUI] Splitplane View Dimensions are not saved between Sessions (greebo)
0000110: [Map Editing] Insufficient User Feedback when working with the TexturePaste Tool (greebo)
0000093: [Map Editing] Empty default map is tagged as "unsaved". (orbweaver)
0000098: [Map Editing] Scale Manipulator is not functional, remove? (greebo)
0000100: [GUI] Unify Surface Dialogs (greebo)
       0000131: [GUI] Fix TexTool and incorporate it into new Surface Dialog (greebo)
0000145: [GUI] Remove obsolete controls from Patch Inspector (greebo)
0000180: [Models] ModelSelector crashes on lightgem.ase (orbweaver)
0000122: [Map Editing] Patch Thicken along Axes (greebo)
0000155: [GUI] Not all colors customizable? (greebo)
0000058: [GUI] Select Complete Tall (greebo)
0000130: [Map Editing] Position List for easier Map Navigation (greebo)
0000156: [Map Editing] Problems with scaling calculations on patches (greebo)
0000164: [GUI] Rotation problems for multi-brush entities (greebo)
0000158: [GUI] Names for some entities not shown (greebo)
0000162: [Map Editing] Texture lock not working for special entities? (greebo)
0000063: [Map Editing] Revert to worldspawn function (greebo)
0000153: [GUI] Accelerator keys for messageboxes (greebo)
0000054: [GUI] Translate Mode (w) more friendly functionality (greebo)
0000096: [Map Editing] Locked axis resize mode (greebo)
0000157: [Map Editing] Can't move selected entities (not simple brushes) (greebo)
0000151: [GUI] Use of Patch Inspector spin controls sets focus to textboxes (greebo)
0000139: [Saving and loading] Property changes are not saved (orbweaver)
0000147: [GUI] Unable to locate component - jpeg62.dll (orbweaver)
0000102: [Map Editing] Able to create a brush of zero size (greebo)
0000149: [GUI] Must toggle texture lock twice with S (greebo)
0000128: [GUI] Spin controls for S and T fields on patch properties (greebo)
0000143: [GUI] Position of light properties dialog is not remembered (greebo)
0000103: [GUI] Remember position of Patch Properties (greebo)
0000140: [Saving and loading] Cancelling Open clears the map (orbweaver)
0000144: [Map Editing] Typo in noshadows property (greebo)
0000113: [Saving and loading] Open dialog forgets path after first time (orbweaver)
0000112: [Saving and loading] Save path doesn't default to Load path (orbweaver)
0000120: [Map Editing] Brush remains when creating a patch (greebo)
0000099: [Saving and loading] File Save As dialog does not seem to attach a default .map Extension to Filenames (orbweaver)
0000118: [GUI] Set focus to list items after opening "Create entity..." (orbweaver)
0000114: [Saving and loading] No default key on Save dialog (orbweaver)
0000105: [GUI] Cannot close Light Properties with J (orbweaver)
0000136: [Map Editing] Fan arch vanishes upon Paste Natural (greebo)
0000137: [GUI] Light properties dialog is wasteful of space (orbweaver)
0000124: [Renderer] Many light textures cast no light in render mode (orbweaver)
0000085: [Renderer] Collision filter does not work in cam view (orbweaver)
0000081: [GUI] Entity inspector: sorting not possible (orbweaver)
0000069: [General] Design XMLRegistry to use two internal XML Trees (greebo)
0000074: [Shader System] Enable TexturesCache to use ImageConstructors instead of Callbacks (greebo)
0000075: [Shader System] Prepare Shader System to use TextureConstructors and GLTextureManager (greebo)
0000095: [GUI] Background Image dialog does not work on Win32 (orbweaver)
0000064: [GUI] Patch thicken (greebo)
0000083: [Saving and loading] Crash on opening .BAK file (orbweaver)
0000060: [GUI] Cancel of operation with ESC before committing? (greebo)
0000106: [GUI] Entity list selection jumps to entity? (greebo)
0000082: [Map Editing] Method to invert/mirror a texture (greebo)
0000009: [GUI] Entity Inspector should display custom DEF keys (orbweaver)
0000072: [GUI] Create an accessible GUI for the Background Image (orbweaver)
0000068: [GUI] Model preview window cuts the top off of model. (orbweaver)
0000065: [GUI] Skin Chooser crashes on open (orbweaver)
0000073: [Saving and loading] Map loading cannot be aborted (orbweaver)
0000056: [GUI] Preserved keys between entity selections (orbweaver)
0000041: [GUI] Entity Inspector not accessible by pressing 'N' (greebo)
0000043: [GUI] Browsing textures followed by shutdown gives assertion (orbweaver)
0000042: [GUI] Activating mouselook and changing render modes gives an assertion (greebo)
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Released 26/01/2007
0000038: [Saving and loading] Geometry lost in saved map, leak generated (orbweaver)
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