Released 26/11/2011
0000006: [GUI] Particle editor (greebo)
0002149: [GUI] Entity Inspector to show Primitive # for selected Brush/Patch (greebo)
0002648: [GUI] Add the ability to filter on entity spawnargs (greebo)
0002738: [Map Editing] Placing a background image in grid window is broken. (greebo)
0002741: [GUI] Add support for Objective Conditions to Objectives Editor plugin (greebo)
0002745: [Design/Coding] Compilation error in g++ 4.5.2 (greebo)
0002755: [Map Editing] Add "Select elements using this shader" option to MapInfoDialog > Shader Info. (greebo)
0002760: [Scripting] Add ModelDefVisitor interface (greebo)
0002763: [Design/Coding] Spawnarg names getting cutoff (greebo)
0002828: [Scripting] ASE export could skip caulk (greebo)
0000203: [Renderer] Translucent textures not visible when selected (greebo)
0001864: [Design/Coding] Streamline model and skin handling for entities (greebo)
0002318: [Renderer] Transparent Decal texture invisable when selected (greebo)
0002836: [Shader System] Many shader keywords not recognised by the parser (greebo)
0002837: [Shader System] Add support for expressions in materials (greebo)
0002838: [Renderer] Add real-time render mode to camera view (greebo)
0002839: [Renderer] Add support for stage-specific texture matrices (greebo)
0002848: [Map Editing] Add support for editor_color directives (greebo)
0001863: [Design/Coding] Slow Registry and ColourScheme lookups in Light render methods (greebo)
0002325: [Map Editing] Generate color picker for "ambient_light" property (greebo)
0002544: [Design/Coding] Brush::buildBRep() performs ColourScheme Manager lookups (greebo)
0002855: [Models] MD5 Animation Preview (greebo)
0002856: [GUI] Particle Previewer Auto-Loop Mode (greebo)
0002857: [GUI] Partice Editor Input Fields not properly keeping direct input (greebo)
0002858: [Design/Coding] Support for multiple scenegraphs (greebo)
0002864: [Map Editing] Entities with models in their def ("eclassmodels") are created in the Default layer (greebo)
0002865: [Saving and loading] No backup of the .darkradiant file is created (greebo)
0002849: [Map Editing] Please add "Filter All" and "Filter None" to Filter options (greebo)
0002868: [Map Editing] Selecting items in a layer also selects hidden ones (greebo)
0002869: [Design/Coding] Upgrade to Boost 1.47 (greebo)
0000617: [Design/Coding] Always-on active layer and related functionality (greebo)
0002494: [Design/Coding] New entities not going into expected layer (Fidcal)
       0002759: [Map Editing] Func_statics created in a non-default layer with the default layer hidden are created in the default layer (greebo)
       0002754: [Map Editing] Clipped brush parts always go into default layer (greebo)
0002602: [Design/Coding] Fedora libboost_system-mt linker error (greebo)
0002831: [Map Editing] Filtering the Entity List (greebo)
0002876: [Saving and loading] Slow code sections in map parsing code (greebo)
0002884: [Map Editing] In .darkradiant files, some nodes might be assigned to non-existent layers (greebo)
0002895: [Design/Coding] EntityClassManager module is using a lot of memory (greebo)
0002896: [Map Editing] DR pre8: imported prefabs can have their parts put into different layers (greebo)
0002899: [Saving and loading] When degenerate brushes are present in the scene, layer information corruption can occur on next map load (greebo)
0002894: [Map Editing] Delete Node + Delete Layer + Undo leaves node in invalid layer ID (greebo)
0002937: [Map Editing] Clipping a worldspawn brush in layer A will make the new clipped brush disappear if the preferred layer is not visible (greebo)
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