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0002494DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic11.10.2012 19:03
ReporterFidcal Assigned ToFidcal  
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version1.4.0 
Target Version1.7.0Fixed in Version1.7.0 
Summary0002494: New entities not going into expected layer
DescriptionCreate test map to evaluate exactly what is happening. While only one or a few layers are visible, aAfter cloning or creating new models, entities, etc I find eg, new item perhaps in hidden layers - default or in some recently used layer, often an origin goes in default while the rest of a brush entity goes in the visible layer.

It might need a 'set current layer' button or similar so the mapper chooses where all new stuff goes whether visible or not.
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parent of 0002754 closedgreebo Clipped brush parts always go into default layer 
parent of 0002759 closedgreebo Func_statics created in a non-default layer with the default layer hidden are created in the default layer 




26.04.2011 04:34

updater   ~0003823

One situation is to use clipper. First part remains in its layer but new sections go into default even if hidden.


12.05.2011 12:29

administrator   ~0003840

I've resolved the Clipper case - is there any other situation where this is occurring?


12.05.2011 17:43

updater   ~0003841

There may be. I've often had situations where origins are in a different layer to the primitive(s) in an entity. But I've not been able to define when this happens. I've just been experimenting with reparenting and reverting etc but without error. That might be human error to do with filtering though. I'll keep monitoring the situation. This entry can either remain open or be closed and re-opened later if needed.


15.05.2011 14:00

updater   ~0003843

The *origins* of Func_statics (and other entities?) *created* in a non-default layer with the default layer hidden are created in the default layer while the primitive(s) are in the non-default layer.

Create a test layer and hide default so only test shows.
Drag out a brush and convert to func_static.
The brush and its origin all show as though they are all in the test layer.
Hide the test layer and show the default then select default and an origin is highlighted but no brush.
Hide default, show test layer.
Select test and the brush is highlighted with no origin. If you select the brush normally however it does show the origin.


27.05.2011 13:55

administrator   ~0003861

Ok, the entity issue 0002759 is resolved now too.


29.09.2011 16:24

administrator   ~0004049

With the recent changes to fix layer issues, I'll set this one to resolved too. If it still happens, let's re-open a new report.

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