Released 16/01/2010
0001711: [Map Editing] Mapped texture doesn't match texture tool display (greebo)
0002098: [Models] Lights with models ignore "rotation" upon map reload (greebo)
0002101: [Design/Coding] Octree can end up with orphaned scene::Node (greebo)
0002104: [General] Building darkmod-plugins fails with undefined reference (greebo)
0000575: [Map Editing] Entity dropdown list in EntityInspector is slow in large maps (greebo)
0002006: [Map Editing] OBJ export for patches (greebo)
0002016: [General] Reloading defs won't find new entitydefs (greebo)
0002018: [Design/Coding] Expose Patch interface to scripting (greebo)
0002020: [General] NURBS curves are not displayed correctly (greebo)
0002023: [GUI] Replace XORRectangle with an openGL-based drag-rectangle (greebo)
0002025: [GUI] Add preference option to let DarkRadiant start on a specific monitor (greebo)
0002030: [Design/Coding] Implement a space partitioning system (greebo)
0002045: [Design/Coding] Compile error on Ubuntu 9.10 (missing limits header inclusion) (greebo)
0002046: [Scripting] segfault when hitting "Run Script" button without scripts (greebo)
0002047: [Sound System] segfault in SoundChooser (greebo)
0002051: [Design/Coding] gtk_source_buffer_new_with_language fails (greebo)
0002053: [Map Editing] Add "Fixup Map" functionality (greebo)
0000646: [Selection System] Extreme slowdown when copying pathnodes when entity properties are open and target selected. (greebo)
0000910: [GUI] In "Floating" layout, click X to close Camera view, have to select "Camera View" twice to bring it back (greebo)
0002062: [General] EClassMgr warnings: AttributeSuffixComparator cannot compare ... (greebo)
0002063: [Map Editing] editor_setKeyValue keys are set during map load (greebo)
0002064: [Saving and loading] Show actual progress during map load (greebo)
0002071: [Models] Crash when loading ASE model without *BITMAP line (greebo)
0001680: [GUI] Texture Tool screen goes black after hover text on menu displayed (greebo)
0001914: [Scripting] Cannot create entities due to weak_ptrs being used in the ScriptSceneNode container (greebo)
0001989: [GUI] "Bevel" always creates arches in only one orientation (greebo)
0002004: [Map Editing] Move two models and hit undo: only one is properly undone (greebo)
0002031: [Design/Coding] Win32: assert() expressions evaluated in release builds (greebo)
0002032: [Scripting] Expose a simple dialog framework to scripting (greebo)
0002034: [GUI] Shortcuts not propagated when main window is focused after switching from Embedded to Floating (greebo)
0002035: [GUI] GTK Assertions on keypress/release events (greebo)
0002036: [Design/Coding] Refactor globalDebugMessageHandler code (greebo)
0002037: [Design/Coding] Memory leak when using gtk_combo_box_get_active_text() (greebo)
0000342: [General] XMLRegistry cleansweep without restart upon previously failed startup (greebo)
0001999: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Align - top, bottom, left, right, center (greebo)
0002040: [GUI] MainFrame is activating layout even if it is already active (greebo)
0002042: [GUI] Layer Context Menu items is not sorted alphabetically (greebo)
0001677: [GUI] Inspector window always open/on top upon view mode change (greebo)
0002081: [Map Editing] Can select and drag vertexes on brushes that aren't selected (greebo)
0001708: [GUI] Texture tool: snap brush face vertex to grid (greebo)
0001710: [GUI] Texture tool: Allow resize of brushes (greebo)
0001980: [GUI] Make light volume boxes same color as origin marker (greebo)
0001978: [Map Editing] Supply default s_min and s_max for speakers (orbweaver)
0001972: [GUI] Allow for addition of multiple properties at once (greebo)
0001971: [GUI] Type accelerator is case sensitive (greebo)
0001676: [GUI] Can get stuck without view mode with toggle[viewmode] (greebo)
0001992: [GUI] Ortho view positions are reset to origin upon View mode change (greebo)
0000283: [General] Undo includes texture-to-clipboard function (greebo)
0001983: [GUI] Issue warning upon trying to use the CSG button? (greebo)
0001826: [Design/Coding] Don't preload target property editor (greebo)
0002054: [GUI] Inspector title not matching current tab (greebo)
0000639: [GUI] Maximize cam view toggle hotkey (greebo)
0001652: [General] Texture alignment not always preserved on prefab load? (greebo)
0000693: [Map Editing] Extreme slowness (possible freeze) with mass applying of textures (greebo)
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