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0000284DarkRadiantGUIpublic17.06.2007 16:03
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.0 
Fixed in Version0.9.2 
Summary0000284: Update clipboard texture display in status bar upon Media tab selection
DescriptionProbably from the fix in 0000258:

Selecting a texture in the Media tab now copies it into the clipboard (great). However, it does not update the clipboard texture listing (at least, that's what I think it is?) in the status bar at the bottom.

very minor
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01.05.2007 17:13

administrator   ~0000605

Hm, this probably will need some redesign of the TextureBrowser/MediaBrowser behaviour, because selecting a shader in the MediaBrowser does not actually "load" the shader into the TextureBrowser.

The status text is referring to the shader in the TextureBrowser, not the one in the clipboard. It is probably the best to change the status bar to display the clipboard contents, not the TextureBrowser selection.


01.05.2007 19:16

administrator   ~0000610

I changed the status bar text to reflect the ShaderClipboard contents instead of the TextureBrowser selection.


15.06.2007 21:25

reporter   ~0000684

Last edited: 16.06.2007 02:47

I might be misunderstanding this one, or there's still the original problem.

Start out with two walls, textureA and textureB. Also, the media tab contains a library of textureA..textureZ.

(1) If you MMB wall 1, textureA is loaded into the clipboard; that is, anything you ctrl-MMB will be painted as such, and the status bar shows, "ShaderClipboard: textureA"

(2) If you MMB wall 2, the same will happen, but with textureB.
"ShaderClipboard: textureB"

(3) Now, if you go into the media tab (not texture tab) and LMB click textureC, you can now use ctrl-MMB to paint any surface with textureC. This would suggest that, similar to (1) above, textureC is now in the ShaderClipboard, is it not? Don't get me wrong, this is a great feature! The only question being raised here is that the ShaderClipboard texture in the statusbar still indicates:
"ShaderClipboard: textureB"

So, even though my LMB click in Media changed my paintbrush to be textureC, the statusbar doesn't tell me. Know what I mean?

Edit: Let me re-emphasize though, this is very minor. If it means breaking any other behavior or loss of performance, it's not worth addressing.



16.06.2007 06:27

administrator   ~0000689

Fixed in SVN.

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