Released 10/05/2018
0004750: [Scripting] Export Selected as .LWO Model: Exported models loose smooth shading after export. (greebo)
0004747: [Map Editing] CSG Make Room operator does not fill the room on 3-edge prism case (greebo)
0004710: [Map Editing] Changing entity class from the spawnargs moves it to the Active Layer (greebo)
0004718: [Map Editing] Undo after changing func_static entity classname results in lost child primitives (greebo)
0004154: [GUI] DR doesn't show readable background image changes (greebo)
0004732: [Saving and loading] DR shouldn't write *.darkradiant files when creating a prefab (greebo)
0004285: [Map Editing] Export patches and lights/func_statics to OBJ (greebo)
0004766: [Models] Make The Model Exporter Respect The "skin" Spawnarg On Export (greebo)
0004767: [Models] Re-exporting .ase models screws up their normals (greebo)
0004774: [GUI] Particle Editor Doesn't Save Colour/Fade Colour (greebo)
0004785: [GUI] Double-clicking an element in MediaBrowser should apply it to the current selection (greebo)
0004583: [GUI] DR doesn't remember location of child windows when placed on secondary monitor (greebo)
0004790: [Design/Coding] Crash on auto map load on application startup (greebo)
0004787: [GUI] Surface brush slection highlighting broken (greebo)
0004788: [GUI] Selected Light entities apearing red: (greebo)
0004793: [Design/Coding] Compilation fails when using wxWidgets 3.1.2 (greebo)
0004582: [GUI] Add a stopwatch tracking your mapping time (greebo)
0004717: [Scripting] Remove legacy "Convert to ASE..." script (greebo)
0004719: [GUI] Grid size number format in status bar is showing unnecessary post-comma zeros (greebo)
0004722: [Scripting] Syntax error in OBJ export script (greebo)
0004723: [Design/Coding] Cleanup VC++ projects and settings (greebo)
0004733: [Compilation/Build] linking of testsuite with boost unit test framework fails (greebo)
0004742: [Compilation/Build] Configure fails with: Cannot find input file (greebo)
0004783: [Design/Coding] Refactor Frontend Renderer (remove the state machine part) (greebo)
0004784: [Design/Coding] Rare crash when shutting down the application right after it comes up (greebo)
0004786: [GUI] Favorite Folders For Textures (greebo)
0002819: [Map Editing] Brushes, patches, entities, etc. change layers on their own (user81)
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