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0004750DarkRadiantScriptingpublic08.11.2020 18:40
Reporteruser81Assigned Togreebo  
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PlatformPC, Windows, x64OSWin 7/8OS VersionSp2/8.1
Product Version2.5.0 
Target Version2.6.0Fixed in Version2.6.0 
Summary0004750: Export Selected as .LWO Model: Exported models loose smooth shading after export.
DescriptionTake any round object (patch, FS & .LWO model) and use the above function. The exported model then losses all the smooth-shading, the edges of the tessellation become hard-edged (see attached screenshot.
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related to 0004766 closedgreebo Make The Model Exporter Respect The "skin" Spawnarg On Export 
related to 0004767 closedgreebo Re-exporting .ase models screws up their normals 
related to 0005115 closedgreebo Export patches: .lwo loses smooth shading 



17.03.2018 20:02


Capture.JPG (65,328 bytes)   
Capture.JPG (65,328 bytes)   


17.03.2018 20:03




01.04.2018 11:43

reporter   ~0010341

From my testing, it seems that this problem only occurs with the .lwo export option. Ase exports look fine and smooth.


01.04.2018 12:55


Changed title, thanks for spotting that Spooks.


27.04.2018 18:07

administrator   ~0010404

LWO2 surfaces are now exported with a smoothing angle set. This is only noticeable on surfaces where vertices are shared across polys, something which is no longer lost during export. So, when exporting one or more selected models to an LWO or ASE model, their topology is now preserved such that surfaces aren't split up into separate triangles.

I tested this re-exporting or scaling the models/kitchen/bottle02.lwo file, and the output turned out as smooth as the source model.


27.04.2018 18:30


Greebo you a little star, this will save me having to redoo a lot of work on my large city mission.


27.04.2018 19:27


Atm to put the smoothing back on a previously exported model I have to export .ASE, I assume the above fix in the next version of DR will work the same way..?


11.05.2018 09:53

reporter   ~0010462

This has not been fixed, far as I can see.

Even re-exporting bottle02.lwo, for control test purposes, made the bottle have hard edges. A screenshot of another test, with my custom model, here:


06.12.2018 20:51

reporter   ~0010841

The linked thread seems inconclusive; should this be reopened? At the moment simple patchwork can look very unsmoothed after export.


01.08.2020 20:28

developer   ~0012709

The problem has been partially solved, now the exporter problems are only when exporting patches as models, while existing models can be re-exported fine without losing smooth shading (assuming they were smooth to begin with). I've opened more specific tickets for this, of which one is linked to this ticket. So this ticket doesn't need to be reopened.

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