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0005115DarkRadiantModelspublic31.07.2020 20:09
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Summary0005115: Export patches: .lwo loses smooth shading
DescriptionWhile re-exporting models in DR has been working fine, exporting patches as an .lwo creates a model that has lost smooth shading.
Polys count is a bit different than expected, i.e. a 16-sided cylinder patch with 34 vertices & 32 polys will have 34 vertices and 33 polys as an .lwo.

When I import an .lwo derived from a patch into Blender 2.79b, the model suddenly has 96 vertices (=each of the 32 faces has its own 3 vertices). Removing doubles will eliminate 64 vertices.
An .lwo derived from a model will have the correct number of vertices when imported into Blender.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a cylinder patch, give it ship_hull_medium as a texture and change subdivisions to 4 horizontal and 1 vertical. This shape has 34 vertices and 32 polys.
2) Select the cylinder and 'Export selected as model' with these settings

Output Format: .lwo
Center objects around origin
Skip surfaces textured with caulk

The model has no smooth shading ingame.
Additional InformationTested & confirmed in 2.6, 2.7pre2, 2.7pre3
The attached archive and image also contains .ase exports of a patch, as those are also misbehaving. (0005116)
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07.01.2020 10:03


export_patch.jpg (140,171 bytes)   
export_patch.jpg (140,171 bytes)   
export_patch.pk4 (506,808 bytes)


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This issue is still happening as of the latest version of DR, 2.08 pre5

1. create a patch cylinder.
2. select export as .LWO and click 'replace with exported model' when exporting.
3. dmap/map and the exported model has lost all the smoothing.

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