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0005519DarkRadiantGUIpublic03.02.2021 18:12
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Summary0005519: Model chooser displays incorrect vert counts for some .lwo models
DescriptionIt seems that in some cases, DR's model chooser underestimates the number of vertices on an .lwo model. One such case would be models exported before 0005115 was resolved (prior to DR 2.09), where every patch-based tri has its own 3 unique vertices. This makes it more difficult to identify and fix models that are affected by that bug.

I've attached 2 versions of building_interior_25.lwo, which was originally created with an old version of DR. Re-exporting it with DR 2.11 causes the file size to decrease from 1272 KB to 946 KB, and in Blender the vert count goes down from 43,236 to 28,044, but in DR's model chooser both versions of the model are displayed as having 28,044 verts.
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03.02.2021 10:32


building_interior_25.7z (291,651 bytes)


03.02.2021 14:18

administrator   ~0013614

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I'm pretty confident that the LWO loader in DarkRadiant combines duplicated vertices, which might explain the change in numbers. When exporting models DR of course uses the loaded result, so this might be the reason why another export run is changing the vertex count.

The Model Viewer also relies on the loaded mesh, that's why you don't see the higher vertex count in the viewer.


03.02.2021 18:12

developer   ~0013621

Alright, that makes clear that there's no problem with the model chooser. I'll close this issue.

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