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0005522DarkRadiantModelspublic21.02.2021 22:05
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Product Version2.11.0 
Summary0005522: DR .ase importer should remove vertex doubles, .lwo importer should not
DescriptionAs recently discovered in Discord, TDM's engine automatically removes a certain amount of vertex doubles from .ase models, but not from .lwo models, which affects smoothing ingame. (This appears to be an oversight, since there's copy-pasted code that should remove doubles from all model types.)

DR does the opposite, as only its .lwo importer automatically removes doubled vertices from .lwo's. This can lead to situations where DR's model chooser overestimates the vertex count for .ase models and underestimates them for .lwo models, potentially misleading modelers and others who are interested in this statistic.

It'd be ideal if DR's .ase importer removed doubles, while the .lwo importer stopped doing so, in order to match what happens ingame.
An alternative option would be not removing doubles from any model, since this would simply show exactly what's stored in the model file.
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03.02.2021 18:20

administrator   ~0013623

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Before diving into this, I'd need to have some tests run against TDM to see what it does to a model with known vertex and poly count (ASE and LWO). I've read the code, but before changing the behaviour I need to be sure what the engine is doing. This way I can also create the corresponding unit tests.


03.02.2021 18:45

developer   ~0013625

I've attached building_sewer_35.ase and building_interior_25.lwo. They are both complex models, and this version was exported before 5115 and 5116 were resolved, so they should both contain thousands of excess verts that TDM or DR would attempt to remove.

86376 verts according to DR
86376 verts according to Blender
20192 verts if turned into an .lwo by DR

28044 verts according to DR
43236 verts according to Blender
5522.7z (995,351 bytes)


21.02.2021 20:36

developer   ~0013709

A complicated model is fine for characterising the behaviour, but I would recommend creating small models for the unit tests to avoid inflating the Git repository size with a 21 megabyte ASE file. You might only need a simple cube to test vertex merging.


21.02.2021 22:05

developer   ~0013710

Yes, that thought occurred to me - fortunately there are already 2 simple .ase and .lwo models that I attached to a related ticket, 0005115, that could be used for the unit test once this has been solved.

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