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0004767DarkRadiantModelspublic09.01.2020 19:25
ReporterSpooks Assigned Togreebo  
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OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product Version2.5.0 
Target Version2.6.0Fixed in Version2.6.0 
Summary0004767: Re-exporting .ase models screws up their normals
DescriptionExporting an .ase model from the "Export selected as model" DR option that has an .ase model func_static (alone or alongside brushes, patches, etc.) in it will cause the then-new exported model have its normals screwed up UNLESS the func_static's orientation aligns with the world orientation.
Steps To ReproduceCreate model, eg. models/darkmod/architecture/chimneys/chimney_metal_pipe_tall.ase

Make sure the func_static aligns with world directions -- Y is up, X is right in top orthoview.

Select it, Export selected as model, choose .ase.

Note that it looks fine in-game under light.

Now rotate the func_static 90 or 180° so that it no longer aligns to world. Re-export.

Reload models in-game, note how the normal has been reversed and now the model is dark when in light.
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related to 0004750 closedgreebo Export Selected as .LWO Model: Exported models loose smooth shading after export. 



02.04.2018 11:06


Confirmed, its most notable on existing cylindrical models (pipes etc)


29.04.2018 03:54

administrator   ~0010410

Tried the above steps, but I can't reproduce this - maybe it's a combination of the export settings and the model plus the sequence.

Can you give me the settings you're using to export the model?
Also, can you confirm, that a DMAP run is not fixing the problem?


30.04.2018 04:14

administrator   ~0010422

Nevermind, I was testing with my intermediate WIP code, which had a different problem overshadowing this one. I can confirm it now, and I know what the reason is.


30.04.2018 05:06

administrator   ~0010423

Should be fixed in f026e57

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DarkRadiant: master f026e576

2018-04-30 06:13:25


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Fix 0004767: Bad lighting when re-exporting models with a non-identity rotation transform. Affected Issues
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