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0005116DarkRadiantModelspublic05.09.2021 18:21
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.6.0 
Fixed in Version2.9.0 
Summary0005116: Export patches: .ase has too many verts
DescriptionWhile re-exporting models in DR has been working fine, exporting patches as an .ase creates a model that has too many verts: so i.e. a cylinder with 32 polys will have 96 verts (each poly has 3 own verts). This doesn't seem to have any effect on ingame rendering.

The excess of verts persists when I import the model into Blender 2.79b. In the above example with the cylinder, I'm able to remove 64 verts when removing doubles.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a cylinder patch, give it ship_hull_medium as a texture and change subdivisions to 4 horizontal and 1 vertical. This shape has 34 vertices and 32 polys.
2) Select the cylinder and 'Export selected as model' with these settings

Output Format: .ase
Center objects around origin
Skip surfaces textured with caulk

The model has 3 verts for every 1 poly.
Additional InformationTested & confirmed in 2.6, 2.7pre2, 2.7pre3
The attached archive and image also contains .lwo exports of a patch, as those are also misbehaving. (0005115)
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export_patch.pk4 (506,808 bytes)
export_patch_ase.png (114,055 bytes)   
export_patch_ase.png (114,055 bytes)   
export_patch_lwo.png (114,024 bytes)   
export_patch_lwo.png (114,024 bytes)   


related to 0005115 closedgreebo Export patches: .lwo loses smooth shading 




01.05.2020 12:49

reporter   ~0012444

@Dragofer, might be worth testing this in 2.08 pre5 to see if the issue is still present


17.11.2020 15:36

reporter   ~0012965

Is this related to 0005383?


17.11.2020 18:40

developer   ~0012969

Not really, .ase meshes really do contain too much vertex data. This gets revealed when importing into Blender, where removing doubles gets rid of a ton of vertices (i.e. 96 gets reduced to 32).

But I think TDM has some kind of inbuilt removal of vertex doubles for .ase's, so they still look smooth ingame.


17.11.2020 19:07

reporter   ~0012971

Ok will test it in 2.9pre3 just to see if its still present.


17.11.2020 21:02

reporter   ~0012972

Last edited: 17.11.2020 21:03

I have tested this on a.ASE exported from 2.9pre3 and it looks to be fixed, as the total verts in Blender 2.76 matched what DR is showing (see attached)
blender2.76.png (10,144 bytes)   
blender2.76.png (10,144 bytes)   
unknown.png (26,975 bytes)   
unknown.png (26,975 bytes)   


18.11.2020 02:50

administrator   ~0012973

Yes, this should have been solved along with 0005115


18.11.2020 08:25

reporter   ~0012976

Last edited: 18.11.2020 08:25

Nice work Greebo.


02.02.2021 21:58

developer   ~0013606

Last edited: 03.02.2021 10:18

It looks like I unfortunately have to reopen this one, since DR-exported patch-heavy .ase models still seem to contain many more verts than necessary.

I've attached a .7z of a particularly bad offender, building_sewer_35. It was originally exported as .ase with a much older version of DR with 86376 vertices. Re-exporting in DR 2.11 as an .ase or .lwo, after 5115 and 5116 were resolved, the model chooser tells me the .ase still has 86376 vertices, while the .lwo has 20192 vertices. Blender tells me the .lwo has 86736 vertices, so the model chooser's display seems to be incorrect in this scenario.

The problem might be that the model already existed, so when re-exporting it DR doesn't touch any of its vertices, even though there are far too many in relation to the tri count. However, I noticed that re-exporting old custom .lwo's with DR 2.9+ signifcantly reduces their file size, which does not happen with .ase's.

As additional info, Blender can get this model down to 7k verts with "Remove doubled vertices". But this would make the entire model shade smooth, which would degrade visual quality. Maybe the best approach would be via 5516, which is a request to add an option to remove doubled vertices, i.e. based on a specified smoothing angle like 90°.


02.02.2021 22:07

developer   ~0013608

building_sewer_35.7z (1,018,055 bytes)


03.02.2021 14:14

administrator   ~0013613

Last edited: 03.02.2021 14:16

I'm starting to get confused, so I have to ask. The original issue was about patches having too many verts when exported to .ASE - are you trying to import models and re-export them? That's not the same, as DR doesn't alter model surfaces.

On top of that, the LWO importer in DR does have code to remove duped vertices, so when viewing or re-exporting the shown vertcount might differ - that might explain the numbers you see in the model viewer. Also beware that Blender importers might also do things to your model, so those vertex counts might also be different just by importing them in Blender.

If the things you describe are still affecting patches that are exported from DR as ASE, this issue can be left re-opened, otherwise please open a new issue. Use links to connect historical or previously fixed issues, it's better for version change-tracking too.


03.02.2021 15:50

developer   ~0013616

Yeah I had to figure out what was going on, too.

The problem of this issue - DR exporting patches as .ase's with too many verts - has in fact been resolved successfully.

What I wanted to do was use the latest DR to fix models that were created before this issue was resolved. I was able to do this with lwo's (evidenced by smaller filesizes), but not .ase's, so it looked like the .ase exporter still wasn't removing doubles correctly.

The trap was that I was no longer exporting patches, but existing models, which probably shouldn't be changed by DR's exporters or importers since some modellers intentionally use doubled vertices to control smoothing.

My workaround for fixing .ase models with too many verts is just to re-export them as .lwo's, so it's all good.

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