Released 23/07/2017
0004495: [Design/Coding] Option to scale models by a set amount (greebo)
0004506: [GUI] Improved playback options in the sound picker window (greebo)
0004525: [GUI] Various windows won't open (greebo)
0004526: [GUI] Panel sizes not persisted between startups (greebo)
0004527: [GUI] Recent maps menu becomes empty after use (greebo)
0004548: [GUI] Holding down the SurfaceInspector toggle key S leads to crashes in Linux debug builds (greebo)
0004551: [GUI] Group Dialog tabs are broken in SplitPane Layout (greebo)
0004558: [Map Editing] Ability to disable grid snapping when holding down CTRL key (greebo)
0004559: [Map Editing] Hitting ESC during a Model Resize operation doesn't cancel properly (greebo)
0004561: [General] Auto-save XML files to user settings folder when the app is idle (greebo)
0004563: [Design/Coding] Switch to VC++ 2017 tool chain (greebo)
0004564: [Design/Coding] Switch script interpreter to Python 3 (greebo)
0004565: [Saving and loading] Add option to specify an absolute path to a map as startup argument (greebo)
0004567: [Design/Coding] Replace boost::filesystem with std::experimental::filesystem in MSVC 2017 (greebo)
0004570: [Map Editing] In a TDM 2.0 game with no fs_base_path, the PK4 names show up as top level nodes in Sound and Entity Choosers (greebo)
0004490: [Map Editing] Darkradiant crashes when trying to open the prefab menu under file > import prefab. (greebo)
0004566: [GUI] wxWidgets 3.0.x doesn't send wxEVT_MENU_OPEN to the MenuBar (greebo)
0004568: [GUI] DarkRadiant crashes when selecting "insert prefab" (greebo)
0004571: [Scripting] Test invalid visportals script should check for wronlgy parented visportals (greebo)
0004572: [GUI] Add option to draw grid in the RenderPreview (greebo)
0004575: [Map Editing] GUI Selector in Readable Editor doesn't accept the selection (greebo)
0004578: [Selection System] Multiselection with lights offsets the rotation origin (greebo)
0004580: [GUI] RenderPreview windows are not updating in Linux (greebo)
       0004576: [Renderer] MD5 animation viewer does not render properly (greebo)
0004581: [Map Editing] Groups do not persist through func_static cloning (greebo)
0004489: [GUI] Add option to reset keyboard shortcuts to defaults (greebo)
0004500: [Map Editing] You Can Reparent Primitives to any Entity, not just func_statics (greebo)
0004502: [GUI] Rare crash during shutdown when switching GroupDialog tabs (greebo)
0004503: [GUI] Remember last opened GroupDialog tab and re-open it on next startup (greebo)
0004482: [GUI] Filter menu disappears from top bar when editing filters (greebo)
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