Released 18/11/2016
0004416: [Map Editing] Remove Cycle Cap Texture command (greebo)
0000021: [Map Editing] Parenting or grouping (greebo)
0004386: [Map Editing] Projected lights don't rotate around their origin anymore (greebo)
0004373: [General] Connecting lines are created in Default layer (greebo)
0004280: [General] Aspect ratio displayed incorrectly in particle editor (greebo)
0004355: [GUI] Problem with starting a new conversation with the conversation editor (greebo)
0004380: [GUI] Allow EntityInspector to select/copy/paste multiple spawnargs at once (greebo)
0004381: [GUI] Add a clickable Checkbox next to boolean-valued spawnargs in EntityInspector list (greebo)
0004387: [Selection System] Invert Selection problems (greebo)
0004388: [Map Editing] Undo does not respect grouping/ungrouping operations (greebo)
0004396: [GUI] Error message when opening S/R editor (greebo)
0004397: [Map Editing] Python Script to check for invalid visportals (greebo)
0004404: [Design/Coding] The health field on the AI tab is capped at 1000. (greebo)
0004411: [Map Editing] Crash when saving a particle that is already used by a map entity (greebo)
0003870: [Map Editing] Label showing number of currently selected entities (greebo)
0004189: [Map Editing] Thickening patches can create extra, glitchy patches (greebo)
0004365: [Design/Coding] llvm/clang static source code analysis (greebo)
0004391: [General] Aimed particles have incorrect orientation or shape (greebo)
0004407: [Design/Coding] build error using latest git (greebo)
0004410: [General] Ring size being reset in particle editor (greebo)
0004413: [General] Leaving fs_game/fs_game_base blank causes particles to be saved in DarkRadiant's base folder (greebo)
0004321: [Map Editing] Patch tesselation code produces strange normals on some patches (greebo)
0004313: [GUI] Dark spots/areas on patches when exporting to ASE (greebo)
0004325: [Map Editing] Empty func_static entity after switching classname and hitting undo (greebo)
0004333: [Design/Coding] 3d view port shortcut to pan while not in free look (greebo)
0004344: [Design/Coding] Redesign Preference and corresponding UI framework (greebo)
0004345: [GUI] Double-clicking tree view items should expand/collapse them (greebo)
0004334: [Design/Coding] Update dependency libraries and VC++ toolchain (greebo)
0002882: [General] DR pre8: at startup, the screen is painted before pane contents are cleared (greebo)
0004034: [Map Editing] Show AAS areas (greebo)
0004375: [General] Moving objects to a hidden layer doesn't cause them to immediately disappear (greebo)
0004072: [GUI] Cant change partcle on func_emitter (user81)
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