Released 26/09/2017
0004586: [Scripting] Consider move to pybind11 to replace boost.python (greebo)
0004588: [GUI] GroupDialog is missing tabs in Floating layout (greebo)
0004592: [Map Editing] Add LWO Exporter (greebo)
0004593: [Map Editing] Let user choose between available Model Export Formats for scaled models (greebo)
0004596: [Map Editing] Crash on Undo after saving a map with one or more scaled models (greebo)
0004601: [Map Editing] Intermittent crash when selecting/manipulating lots of patches (greebo)
0004602: [Saving and loading] Snapshots feature ignoring / not notifying about folder size limit (greebo)
0004605: [Models] Add "Export as Model" dialog to save selection as LWO/ASE (greebo)
0004606: [GUI] Add Reload Models and Reload Skins button to Model Selector (greebo)
0004607: [Design/Coding] Replace boost::filesystem with std::experimental::filesystem in GCC (greebo)
0004608: [Scripting] Expose GlobalSelectionGroupManager to Python scripts (greebo)
0004617: [Map Editing] Add option to save map selection in OBJ format (greebo)
0004618: [Map Editing] Add game file for Prey (greebo)
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