Released 30/12/2015
0004141: [Models] Reload models unhides hidden models (greebo)
0004089: [GUI] When clicking on the Layer Control Dialog, the scroll bar jumps to the bottom (greebo)
0004017: [Renderer] Distant geometry renders in front of closer geometry (depth test fail)
0004217: [Renderer] Portal Sky texture is transparent (again) (greebo)
0004194: [General] please update boost.m4 to avoid build failure with gcc-5 (greebo)
0004192: [General] spelling error in sound module (greebo)
0004196: [Design/Coding] Please add Keywords to desktop file (greebo)
0004208: [GUI] STIM_MOSS not listed in S/R editor (greebo)
0004261: [GUI] Startup crash in release builds when .pid-file is present (greebo)
0004187: [General] needs call to AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION, does not find de.po (greebo)
0004264: [Shader System] texture browser not updating on media load (greebo)
0004265: [GUI] Crash in Freezepointer code, during ParticlesChooser (greebo)
0004091: [Objectives] Objective Component always reverting its value to 1 when selected (greebo)
0004126: [Objectives] Instability in Objective Editor (greebo)
0004134: [GUI] Readable Editor not working in SplitPane layout (greebo)
0004171: [Design/Coding] Rare crash during startup due to duplicate worker threads (greebo)
0004111: [Selection System] 'select group parts' toolbar button stuck (greebo)
0004142: [Models] Changing model on an entity with a skin reverts skin to default (greebo)
0004172: [GUI] TextureBrowser Setting "Max shadername length" ignored in Preferences (greebo)
0004173: [Map Editing] Feature request: saved paths in prefab inspector (greebo)
0002881: [General] Texture pane isn't initialized when a new map is started (greebo)
0004029: [GUI] Text box focus issue when creating new layer (greebo)
0004032: [Map Editing] Target Lines are rendered in every preview if names happen to match (greebo)
0003822: [Models] Choosemodel fails to display models when realtime lights are enabled (greebo)
0004047: [Map Editing] Improve ModelSelector / RenderPreview navigation and rendering (greebo)
0004049: [GUI] Fit texture spin controls too narrow (greebo)
0004052: [Scripting] Running non-existent script file crashes DR (greebo)
0004062: [Sound System] Slashes in sound shader names / shader file decls problematic (greebo)
0004065: [Map Editing] Add "Select/deselect elements using this shader" to MediaBrowser context menu. (greebo)
0004066: [GUI] ESC key does not propagate as shortcut when a tool window's text control is focused (greebo)
0004067: [GUI] ModelSelector forgets last selected model when hitting Cancel (greebo)
0004068: [GUI] Light Texture Chooser does not display the currently active texture (greebo)
0004082: [GUI] Preload ModelSelector tree after startup (greebo)
0004087: [Models] XreaL: MD3 models are loaded without texture (greebo)
0004080: [Design/Coding] Startup Performance Improvements (greebo)
       0004069: [Sound System] Offload sound shader loading to separate thread (greebo)
       0004081: [Design/Coding] Make logging subsystem thread-safe (greebo)
       0004093: [Design/Coding] Parse .def, .gui, .mtr and .sndshd files in separate threads during startup (greebo)
0004086: [GUI] Add Find & Replace Textures command to the main menu (greebo)
0004088: [Map Editing] Layers: after "Hide All", showing a single layer doesn't make it the default layer (greebo)
0004092: [Objectives] Objectives Editor should remember its size and position (greebo)
0004096: [GUI] Show the keyboard shortcut in the toolbar button help texts (greebo)
0000384: [Map Editing] Dragged entity loses angle field (greebo)
0000692: [GUI] Find and Replace - seek to material (greebo)
0003150: [Design/Coding] "angle" spawnarg disappears when it's set to zero and the entity is moved (greebo)
0003306: [Map Editing] func_door issues with models (greebo)
0003675: [GUI] find and replace texture dialog box. using mouse 3 (greebo)
0004100: [Map Editing] Crash when moving single PatchNode over 512 units away from origin (greebo)
0004102: [Map Editing] Crash when closing an additional XY view window (greebo)
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