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0003150DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic07.01.2016 13:04
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Target Version2.0.3Fixed in Version2.0.3 
Summary0003150: "angle" spawnarg disappears when it's set to zero and the entity is moved
DescriptionThe "angle" spawnarg on an entity disappears from the properties list when it's set to 0 and the entity is moved.

This is irritating when you move something and have to change "angle" from 0 to something else and it's no longer displayed.
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related to 0000384 closedgreebo Dragged entity loses angle field 




07.07.2012 18:57

viewer   ~0004700

And what's double irritating is when a TDM entity like path_sit assumes no angle if the "angle" spawnarg has been deleted.

So you have a guard approaching a chair, and the path_sit has an "angle/0" spawnarg, the guard turns to angle 0 before sitting down correctly on the chair.

Now move the path_sit. DR deletes the "angle/0" spawnarg, and now when the guard approaches the chair to sit down, he doesn't turn to angle 0 as before. He just arrives at the chair and sits. So he ends up facing the angle he arrived at the chair with, and may not be sitting on the chair at all.

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