Released 21/01/2011
0002499: [Models] Xreal: Support MATERIAL_NAME shaders for ASE models (greebo)
0002488: [Models] Crash when opening LWO when sorting textures internally (greebo)
0002490: [General] Xreal: Configurable archive extension (greebo)
0002388: [GUI] Readables editor won't let you type a space in the inv_name (greebo)
0002492: [General] Xreal: Xreal game configuration (greebo)
0002541: [Map Editing] Copy & Paste doesn't work (greebo)
0002534: [Map Editing] Brushes created with 7 faces (greebo)
0002548: [GUI] There are various GUI bugs in the Readable Editor due to the conversion to gtkmm (STiFU)
0002480: [Shader System] Xreal: PNG Support (greebo)
0002394: [General] Upload DarkRadiant in Launchpad to Maverick (orbweaver)
0002399: [Renderer] Particle Renderer and Preview Widgets (greebo)
0002404: [Design/Coding] Reload Particles command (greebo)
0002405: [Renderer] No bumpmaps rendered in lighting mode (greebo)
0002387: [GUI] DarkRadiant crashes when closing Readable editor after clicking "XData Name" (greebo)
0002436: [Design/Coding] itoolbar.h is no longer needed (greebo)
0002451: [Design/Coding] Enable compilation in VC++ 2010 (greebo)
0002415: [Design/Coding] potential segfault (greebo)
0002462: [GUI] Loss of cam real estate to menu bar (orbweaver)
0002320: [Design/Coding] UI code migration to gtkmm (greebo)
0002346: [Map Editing] func_static part selection issue (greebo)
0002314: [GUI] Add Reparent primitives to context menu? (greebo)
0002321: [Map Editing] Jump to selected classname (if any) upon clicking 'Choose entity class...' (greebo)
0002349: [GUI] new XY view crash (greebo)
0002351: [Map Editing] Light entity wireframes not updated, don't reflect actual entity, after rotation (greebo)
0002359: [Design/Coding] Extend IModel interface to provide access to model verts and polys (greebo)
0002353: [Map Editing] Clipper not caulking clipped faces consistently (greebo)
0002357: [Map Editing] func_splinemover should be created with a default spline curve (greebo)
0002322: [General] Semi-consistent crash after starting new map (greebo)
0002375: [Design/Coding] description for light/fog textures does not show (greebo)
0002306: [Map Editing] Create patches in 'axis aligned' orientation (greebo)
0002361: [Saving and loading] Trouble exporting func_statics with ASE export script (greebo)
0002386: [Design/Coding] Add missing parts to make the particle parser feature complete (greebo)
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