Released 07/12/2008
0000647: [Design/Coding] Strange entity production when trying to exit. (greebo)
0001067: [General] Objectives Editor: Cannot delete objectives (greebo)
0001089: [GUI] Objectives Editor: Should check "Visible" by Default (greebo)
0001091: [Objectives] Objectives Editor: Initial State is reversed (greebo)
0001128: [Map Editing] Creation of a atdm:mover_door entity from a brush causes all worldspawn to become linked (greebo)
0000530: [Map Editing] Editing properties of multiple entities of the same type (orbweaver)
0000599: [Map Editing] Would like to edit multiple lights' properties all at once, such as changing color or shadow casting (orbweaver)
0001454: [Sound System] DarkRadiant Crash upon processing tdm_sfx_impact.sndshd (greebo)
0001247: [GUI] speaker min radius not show if decimal fraction (greebo)
0001534: [Map Editing] DR crashes when show inh props is clicked with multiple entities selected (greebo)
0000417: [Saving and loading] "Save as" unselects everything (greebo)
0000877: [Saving and loading] request "Save Copy As" to pre-populate name of map, either current name or last entered saved copy name (greebo)
0000989: [Map Editing] Creating func_statics does put the origin not at center of selection (greebo)
0000990: [Map Editing] Make it possible to revert to worldspawn with multiple func_statics selected (greebo)
0001134: [Map Editing] Shift-drag box to group select, then deselect large brush on side, convert to func_static, center is OFF (greebo)
0001306: [General] Model Property is missing upon creation of func_emitter (greebo)
0001364: [GUI] Need Objectives insertion (greebo)
0001539: [Map Editing] ctr-z does not restore skin on entity (greebo)
0001100: [GUI] Hang on closing Objectives Editor when entity is selected (greebo)
0000993: [GUI] Conversation Editor GUI (greebo)
0001530: [Design/Coding] libxml2 upgrade to 2.7.2 and WS32_32 dependency (greebo)
0001479: [GUI] Holding down Ctrl-Alt reports "Unknown Event" in the status bar (greebo)
0001363: [GUI] Objectives Editor: Wrong default for missing "mandatory" spawnarg (greebo)
0000860: [Saving and loading] DarkRadiant doesn't show a warning when trying to save to read-only map files (greebo)
0001477: [Map Editing] Thicken Patch Feature: newly created, opposite patch has not the same level of tesselation (greebo)
0001392: [GUI] S/R Editor seems to have problems with >9 response effects (greebo)
0001154: [GUI] Entity Chooser should display the model of the selected entity, if applicable (greebo)
0001553: [GUI] Layer Control Dialog is not remembering its visibility status (greebo)
0001057: [Saving and loading] Loading map from other than project directory fails (greebo)
0001458: [General] Deselecting stops working after deleting brush/patch while components still selected (greebo)
0001508: [GUI] DR automatically adds light texture to entity when Light inspector was open (greebo)
0001455: [Map Editing] Space in entity inspector duplicates entity (greebo)
0001531: [GUI] Don't auto-select row upon entity selection (greebo)
0001147: [GUI] Shift-deselect all in layer malfunction (greebo)
0000660: [Map Editing] Target visual links craziness after save (greebo)
0001060: [Shader System] DarkRadiant doesn't emit a warning when a shader is not found (greebo)
0001097: [Map Editing] Crash when "saving as..." maps with speakers in them (greebo)
0001108: [Models] Models contained in PK4 files are not showing up (greebo)
0001135: [Design/Coding] globalErrorStream is still writing black text to the console (greebo)
0001192: [Map Editing] Entity List is showing the wrong names on creation and cloning (greebo)
0001198: [GUI] Shader Usage Info Dialog (greebo)
0001245: [GUI] Merge ShaderInfoDialog into MapInfoDialog and add Model Statistics (greebo)
0000684: [Selection System] Select All in Layer (greebo)
0000685: [GUI] Show All Layers | Hide All Layers (greebo)
0000985: [Map Editing] Orphaned func_static origin after drag degenerate (greebo)
0000669: [Map Editing] assigning brushes to layers does not make DR show the * reminder to save the map (greebo)
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