Released 24/12/2017
0004664: [Selection System] You cannot group/ungroup objects while in Select Group Parts mode (greebo)
0004637: [Compilation/Build] Replace remaining boost libraries with standard C++11 libraries (greebo)
0004638: [Compilation/Build] Replace boost.format with fmtlib (greebo)
0004639: [Map Editing] Add Rank to TDM AI tab. (greebo)
0004640: [GUI] Script input window is receiving duplicate backspace events (greebo)
0004689: [Map Editing] Add GUI for authoring the darkmod.txt/readme.txt files (greebo)
0004695: [GUI] New Game Setup Dialog (greebo)
0002001: [Map Editing] Entity List - sort by # (user81)
0002011: [GUI] Launch associated editor for definitions from context menu (user81)
0002402: [GUI] Camera view gets stuck on axis rotate (user81)
0003256: [Map Editing] DR 1.8.0: slow/freezes when re-loading maps, textures ro filters. (user81)
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