Released 14/01/2020
0005092: [GUI] Buttons to change spawnargs can affect entities that aren't currently selected (greebo)
0004874: [Compilation/Build] Compile error with gcc-7 (and gcc-8) (greebo)
0004880: [Models] Bad normals produced by .ASE exporter (greebo)
0004873: [Design/Coding] Game/Project Setup should show recently used custom paths in the mission drop down list (greebo)
0004889: [Models] A method to deprecate models without breaking existing maps: (orbweaver)
0005071: [Compilation/Build] Upgrade VC++ projects to VS2019 (greebo)
0005073: [Documentation] Deploy user guide to (greebo)
0005021: [General] DR gets unhandled exception on start up. (orbweaver)
0005077: [Compilation/Build] Compilation fails in Ubuntu 19.10 (greebo)
0005078: [Design/Coding] Search feature in TreeView controls seems to be broken (greebo)
0005081: [Compilation/Build] Update Xcode project (greebo)
0005082: [GUI] Layers window: first click after opening isn't registered properly (greebo)
0005086: [GUI] In DR 2.7.0 pre2: S/R interface issues with adding stims or responses (greebo)
0005087: [GUI] Connecting lines to targeted entities don't show up if 'Default' layer was hidden (greebo)
0005091: [GUI] Add "Choose Skin" button when editing model spawnarg of an existing entity (greebo)
0005112: [GUI] SkinChooser: Expand 'Matching skins' folder right after showing the dialog (greebo)
0005114: [GUI] 2.7pre3: Model selection: materials/verts/polys display always refers to previously selected model (greebo)
0004792: [GUI] Rotation of x-oriented particles in Particle Editor is different than in-game (greebo)
0004840: [GUI] Mouse Binding settings for Aux1 do not work (greebo)
0004841: [Scripting] Blend export script fails (greebo)
0004859: [General] DR thinks an entity name of the form "Cylinder01" is the same as "Cylinder1" (greebo)
0004861: [General] Undo/Redo Does Not Restore Light Color (greebo)
0004876: [Models] No confirmation dialogue box when exporting combined models (greebo)
0004885: [Scripting] Syntax error in "Test for missing targets" script (greebo)
0004904: [GUI] Unmaximised DarkRadiant not remembering main window size and location (greebo)
0004966: [Map Editing] Reload Models option in Create Model dialog window doesn't update the model (greebo)
0004999: [Objectives] Problem with satisfying readable objective "when closed" (greebo)
0005093: [Design/Coding] When no GL context is present, OpenGLModule::assertNoErrors() runs into an endless loop until your memory runs out (greebo)
0005094: [Renderer] Choose Skin dialog will crash in 2.7.0pre2 (greebo)
0005101: [GUI] Model exporter doesn't remember last export location (greebo)
0005104: [Models] Exporting bell_hand.lwo as ASE is producing an invalid model, which will fail to dmap (greebo)
0005113: [GUI] 2.7pre3: 'Choose skin' from model spawnarg: hitting cancel sets model spawnarg as skin (greebo)
0005074: [Documentation] Update Compilation Guide for the latest release (greebo)
0005088: [Map Editing] Hitting cancel in 'Create Speaker' still creates a speaker (greebo)
0005095: [GUI] Search box persists for some seconds after closing window or shifting focus (greebo)
0005117: [Map Editing] Entities with non-existent classnames are shown white instead of blue in orthoview (greebo)
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