Released 10/10/2014
0000141: [GUI] File dialog Name sorting is case sensitive (orbweaver)
0003833: [GUI] Can't set the Actor in a conversation (greebo)
0003864: [GUI] Particle editor opens collapsed (greebo)
0003778: [GUI] Some default keyboard shortcuts not working (greebo)
0003779: [GUI] Floating camera view position is not saved (greebo)
0003781: [GUI] Lighting preview is not enabled (greebo)
0003783: [Selection System] Filtering entities doesn't deselect them (greebo)
0003787: [GUI] Media preview pane not showing editor preview image (greebo)
0002381: [GUI] Fast/slow camera movement switch (greebo)
0003651: [Design/Coding] Discontinue support for VS2010 (greebo)
0003687: [Selection System] Filter editor colum width borked (greebo)
0003688: [Selection System] Can't re-order shortcut keys list by column (greebo)
0003743: [General] Following def file causes particle editor to exit unexpectedly (greebo)
0003777: [Design/Coding] Migrate GTK and GLib code to wxWidgets 3.0 (greebo)
0002077: [GUI] Unable to ctrl-click multi-add properties at top of list (greebo)
0000084: [GUI] Wireframe from behind patches (orbweaver)
0001909: [GUI] Open dialog boxes hide behind floating windows after the user presses the Alt+Tab command in order to return to DarkRadiant (greebo)
0003676: [GUI] fast texturing shortcuts (greebo)
       0003794: [Map Editing] Selecting a shader in the TextureBrowser should fill the ShaderClipboard with the shader name (greebo)
       0003795: [Map Editing] Add "Paste Texture Name only" to mouse shortcuts (greebo)
0000272: [Renderer] Rendering of projected lights is not correct (greebo)
0003359: [Map Editing] Light shaders appearing the wrong way around (orientation) in DR campared to in-game. (greebo)
0003798: [GUI] Entity inspector misaligns team spawnarg (greebo)
0003799: [Renderer] Can no longer see edges of selections (greebo)
0003801: [GUI] MediaBrowser preview image can go out of scale (greebo)
0003810: [GUI] Directory Browser not visible on first startup of DarkRadiant (greebo)
0003811: [GUI] Preference Dialog can be resized but no scrollbar appears so controls are unreachable (greebo)
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