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0005175DarkRadiantSaving and loadingpublic08.11.2020 18:34
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.7.0 
Target Version2.8.0Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005175: Add Portable Map Format storing map and additional data in one single file
DescriptionSaving data in such a format isn't meant to be used by game engines or the likes, it's merely an interchange format which offers an alternative way of storing the map data. For compatibility reasons and since we're starting from scratch, an XML-based format is suited best.

- A single file is easier to pass around, the .darkradiant file is often forgotten or even getting out of sync.
- When exporting and importing data to/from the clipboard, it's possible to use the portable format to enable storage of grouping and layering information alongside the map geometry (see 0005090).
- XML is extensible and can be extended without having to change existing parsers when storing new data into it
- XML can be loaded and processed by the vast majority of systems
- To possible address 0005089, prefabs could be stored in the portable format to allow for grouping information to be preserved without having to ship .darkradiant auxiliary files.
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related to 0005089 closedgreebo Preserve grouping information in prefabs 
related to 0005090 closedgreebo Preserve grouping information when copy-pasting between multiple open instances of DR 
related to 0005225 acknowledged Preserve layers when importing a map 




11.03.2020 15:08

administrator   ~0012255

Implemented as of 8ba24231


24.04.2020 11:13

developer   ~0012378

Last edited: 24.04.2020 11:17

I just exported a map in the new .mapx format, but when I try:
A) File -> Import map
B) File -> Open map
the new .mapx doesn't get shown. I have to set "Files of type:" from "Map (*.map)" to "All Files (*.*)" in order to be presented with the new .mapx file. Maybe extend the default to show .map and .mapx?


24.04.2020 11:16

developer   ~0012379

Last edited: 24.04.2020 11:20

Also, it doesn't look like layers information is properly transmitted in case A:

A) File -> Import map
Only the Default layer exists and everything is assigned to it.

B) File -> Open map
Working as intended: custom layers get created and assignments are correct.


24.04.2020 14:12

administrator   ~0012385

Yes, Import is not the same as Open. When importing maps or prefabs DR is not trying to preserve layer information, only grouping info. Same holds for importing prefabs.

I'll definitely check out the extensions not being shown in the Open dialogs, it makes sense for them to show up there.


24.04.2020 14:38

administrator   ~0012386

The mapx extension is showing up in the selection dialog now


24.04.2020 22:05

developer   ~0012394

Last edited: 24.04.2020 22:06

Maybe it's because of the name - something made me think if a map file is "portable" because it carries its layers and groupings with it, then "importing" it would preserve that information.

Having a way to transfer objects between maps while maintaining layer assignments would actually be quite useful - I often split up my WIPs into smaller .maps for faster load times, and since I sometimes have objects assigned to multiple layers it's sometimes not easy to merge the .maps together layer-by-layer. It's only a minor thing though, compared to preserving grouping information.


25.04.2020 04:17

administrator   ~0012397

I guess it's possible to add the option of keeping the Layer info when doing an import of another map or prefab. The code so far never even tried, it always settled for discarding the layer info.

Such an algorithm could match the layers only by their name of course, so if you happen to import a map that only incidentally has layers with a matching name, it could mess up your target map. But feel free to open another request for this, analogous to the "preserve grouping info" issue.

Related Changesets

DarkRadiant: master fd31ca40

2020-04-16 04:00:21


Details Diff
Related to 0005175, remove the unused MapEvent listeners from the layer classes. Since all layers are stored in the map root node now, the layer information is automatically discarded along with the host node. Affected Issues
mod - radiant/layers/LayerManager.cpp Diff File
mod - radiant/layers/LayerManager.h Diff File
mod - radiant/layers/LayerModule.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master 77c146f5

2020-04-24 14:19:50


Details Diff
0005175: Portable mapx file extension should be listed in the Map Open file chooser dialogs. Affected Issues
mod - radiant/map/MapFileManager.cpp Diff File

DarkRadiant: master ced0c501

2020-04-24 14:37:57


Details Diff
0005175: FileChooser pre-selects the correct file filter based on a non-empty existing filename Affected Issues
mod - libs/wxutil/FileChooser.cpp Diff File
mod - libs/wxutil/FileChooser.h Diff File

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