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0005089DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic08.11.2020 18:34
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.6.0 
Target Version2.8.0Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005089: Preserve grouping information in prefabs
DescriptionSome prefabs can be quite complex, especially considering they were made by somebody else.

I'd like to suggest keeping the current feature of automatically grouping the whole prefab when imported, but implementing that when the imported prefab is ungrouped one finds the grouping that was foreseen by the prefab's author.
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related to 0005175 closedgreebo Add Portable Map Format storing map and additional data in one single file 




22.03.2020 03:43

administrator   ~0012288

This is now possible by choosing the "Portable Prefab" (pfbx) file format when saving the prefab. The grouping info of all objects is preserved after importing, independently of the import setting "Create Group of imported objects".


22.03.2020 22:00

developer   ~0012298

Thank you very much for filling both my feature requests w.r.t. preserving grouping.
Will portable prefabs made in 2.7.1 be openable by earlier versions? (ofc without the grouping)


23.03.2020 04:04

administrator   ~0012300

No, the new files won't be recognised, it's a new format, only 2.7.1+ will be able to read that.


24.04.2020 12:30

developer   ~0012382

Last edited: 24.04.2020 12:32

The new option to export as a portable prefab (.pfbx) is a little too buried for my liking, as mappers may never think of trying to alter the "Save as type" setting. Also, a prefab is by definition "portable", so naive mappers might not realise why they should make a portable prefab instead of just a prefab.

Is there maybe a way to make this backwards compatible, i.e. by extending the .pfb file with additional grouping information that gets ignored by earlier DR versions?


24.04.2020 15:01

administrator   ~0012388

Last edited: 24.04.2020 15:02

Can't change the existing PFB format without breaking any older version out there, unfortunately.
I agree that it might not get used at all the way it's listed now... I was tempted to make the PFBX format the new default in DR 2.8.0 onwards when exporting prefabs, but I wasn't sure if it was confusing for mappers. Do you see any downsides in making the portable format the default?


24.04.2020 15:53

developer   ~0012390

The new .pfbx is better in every way than .pfb, so the .pfb export setting is only needed to make .pfb's that can be opened in older DR versions. Also, unlike map files, I don't think TDM cares if there's an x at the end of the prefab file format. That speaks for making this the new default.

The downside is that not everyone's up to date with their DR version, but all that'll happen is they won't see those new prefabs, and with time they'll hopefully update.


24.04.2020 15:59

administrator   ~0012391

Ok, I'll see to making pfbx the default.

TDM itself cannot load that new format, but it doesn't care anyway. The only place where prefabs are loaded is the editor itself.

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DarkRadiant: master d4c5277b

2020-04-24 18:41:39


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0005089: Make the pfbx file format the default when exporting prefabs.
Plus some refactoring in the FileChooser class - it is still an unpleasant if-else construct.
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