Released 29/01/2021
0005455: [GUI] Prefab Chooser preview: improvements to initial view (greebo)
0005388: [GUI] Skin Chooser starts with expanded All Skins root folder (greebo)
0005456: [Map Editing] Imported prefabs should be created at cursor (greebo)
0005498: [General] Crash when selecting caulk in Texture Browser, saving, loading map (greebo)
0005506: [GUI] Crash when trying to scroll the list in the favourites tab (wxGTK) (greebo)
0005474: [GUI] Default scale & natural function producing stretched results (greebo)
0005484: [Map Editing] Projected lights don't rotate around their origin anymore (greebo)
0003250: [Map Editing] Extend Search-Feature of browsers (greebo)
0004900: [General] Material parser doesn't recognise materials with no whitespace between name and block (greebo)
0005127: [Map Editing] Managing favorite resources (entities, textures,...) (greebo)
0005469: [Design/Coding] Crash in master on startup (greebo)
0005471: [Map Editing] Collapsing a brush while undoing cannot be undone (greebo)
0005475: [GUI] Missing textures don't appear in the media pane (greebo)
0005482: [GUI] List model definitions in Model Chooser (greebo)
0005491: [GUI] Initial GUI improvements to game connection plugin (orbweaver)
0005493: [GUI] TreeModel column accessed before initialization (greebo)
0005501: [GUI] Request for ai_see added to lights menu (greebo)
0005507: [Objectives] Freeze when trying to edit an objective component (greebo)
0005508: [Saving and loading] Crash in master when loading a map (greebo)
0005511: [GUI] TreeView search box can overlap with the search result (greebo)
0005454: [GUI] Script dialogs don't scale when window is resized (jonri)
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